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                                                 SEO Copywriting
                                               By Carolyn Clayton

   There is a difference between true copywriting and simple content writing. Professional SEO
copywriting is the technique of writing text on a webpage so that it is meaningful and useful for the
visitor and also so it is visible in the search engines. Creating this delicate balance is tricky and should
only be attempted by a professional copywriter.

 The main reason for copywriting is for advertising products and services. It is done to increase visitors
to your website as well as increasing revenue. The articles need to be completely unique and well
versed. Professional SEO copywriters are specialised writers who will be able to write about any
subject and turn out well versed quality copy each time.

 SEO Copywriting has the ability to make a website successful. It will help bring people from the search
engines to your website. As long as your website is professional and easy to navigate you should see
an increase in your sales. Your website also has to have a dedicated page for each keyword. So if you
are targeting the keywords ‘car hire’ and ‘car leasing’ you need two pages focused solely on those
keywords. If your copywriter is writing articles to post around the article directories with a link back to
the page they are promoting then need to ensure they use the keywords in the hyperlinks to the pages.
This adds even more weight for those all important keywords. Check my bio below for an example

 Your website needs to be ‘search friendly’ for copywriting to help you. There is little point writing good
copy and putting it on your site where no-one including the search engines can find it. You need to
ensure you have a dedicated page about what you are writing about. Relevance is all important here.
There is no point putting an article on ‘pet training’ on a page that is to do with ‘pet food’. Your copy
needs to go on a page about ‘pet training’. The same can be said for the syndication of articles to
directories. Each article has to go in the correct category or it will be more or less valueless.

 Articles or webpage content need to have the right keyword density so that the article reads well and
is visible to the search engines. Getting this right can be tricky because over use of the keywords will
not read well and article directories will not accept them. Too few keywords and the article will not be
optimised enough. Striking the balance is the hard part which is why it’s best to hire a professional

 Copywriting is good for any online business that needs more traffic and better search engine
positioning. Most SEO campaigns have copywriting as part of their service as it is a proven strategy

How To Increase Keyword Saturation
Search engine copywriting techniques.
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for increasing traffic and sales. Copywriters can be expensive so make sure you looking around to find
the best deal. Or you could enlist the help of an SEO company and see what copywriting they offer as
part of any SEO campaign work for your site.

Carolyn Clayton is an SEO Expert and webmaster of Search Solutions Ltd offering SEO Copywriting Services.

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             SEO Copywriting – Five Secrets Revealed for More Effective SEO Copywriting
                                                           By Irina Mahahind

When you are writing content for the web there are five secrets to doing it the right way! When you use
these five SEO copywriting techniques, you will always write great copy and your services will be
sought after by many.

SEO Copywriting is a way of writing for search engines. This new kind of writing involves writing
content in a way that the search engines like. SEO writing is based on some specialized keywords
which relate to the website which is being written about. This type of writing is done for both human
readers and search engines.

First SEO Secret - Keywords
In SEO copywriting services, keywords are absolutely essential, and you need to know them begfor
you start your writing. When you know what your keywords are and what words you are optimizing for
your writing becomes easier. When you write for SEO, you need to incorporate these keywords or
phrases into your writing throughout the entire body.

Second SEO copywriting Secret - Keyword Frequency
Just as important as the right keywords is the frequency with which you repeat those keywords or
phrases. As general guide most SEO copywriting services use about a 3% keyword density. This
means that 3% of the words in your content should be your keywords.

The balance is delicate here, because you want this density for the search engine directories, but at
the same time your objective is to interest and sell your reader, so you cant repeat so frequently, that
you make the content boring and repetitive. On the other hand, you don�t want to
repeat your keywords so infrequently that they are not even considered keywords.

Third SEO Secret - The Right Content
As one of the best SEO copywriting services you need to know what you are writing about, and on
what web site your content will be placed. You need to know who your content is written for. Once you
know who your target audience is and what your keywords are, you are ready to write your content.

Fourth SEO Copywriting Secret - The Right Language
When SEO writing, it�s very important that you keep your language simple, and
easy to follow, and try to avoid using complicated language, or words that are difficult to understand.

Fifth SEO Secret - Length of Your Article
You need to keep your article long enough and yet not too long. A good rule of thumb is to keep your
articles between 300 to 600 words. This way you keep your keywords relevant, without appearing like
you have keyword stuffed your article.

If you keep all of the above aspects in mind when SEO content writing then your new found SEO
content writing services should become very successful in no time at all.

Irina provides useful services on SEO Copywriting Services. Find more information about Seo

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