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Are Keywords Important For Better Search Engine Ranking-


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                             Are Keywords Important For Better Search Engine Ranking?
                                                            By Markus Skupeika

  For better search engine optimization you have to always look for better targeted keywords.
Keywords play the primary role for the SEO wok. That’s why most of the SEO tips moves around the

 SEO Keywords are so important that it can change the rank of the website for certain keyphrase.
That’s why the webmaster give so much importance to keywords while designing a site or optimizing a

 Many SEO experts think that due to presence of lot of flash files SEO keywords longer have great
value. But you should remember that the search engine spiders first look for the keywords and other
meta tags and then crawl in the rest of the page. SO we can say that if title tag is the caption for the
site then SEO keywords give the overall scope of the information contained in your website.

 To start any optimization work what you need most is the SEO targeted keywords. These keywords
are the foundation of the optimization work for the site.

Here you will find some useful suggestion to have a strong SEO keywords base in the website:

 1) Use the keyword analysis tool and search the keywords which have more than 1500 searches per
month and also have not more than 6000 competing websites in the SERP (search engine result
page). You will find various trial and free version keyword analysis tools in internet. Take help of these

 2) Try to have individual web-pages for individual keywords. This will help you for better optimization.
Put the keywords which are best suitable for the page in the meta title, meta description, header, alt
tags and also try to put them in the body of the page i.e. content of the page.

 3) Once these on page work is over then try to involve these keywords in off page work. For example
in Link building. Try to get relevant links from different sites with these keywords. This will help to
improve search engine rank of the keyword for the site.

4) Next is writing article for the site with the help of the keywords. After writing the article submit it to

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

various online article directories. This will help to boost the keywords for keyword ranking and also
fetch visitor from these directories to the site. These visitors will get converted into their customers.

 5) Write Press Release with latest happenings and news about the company. Feed the keywords in
the Press Release and link your url from the keyword. Then submit it to various online press release
directories. Besides boosting the keywords for keyword ranking it will also fetch visitors.

6) Submit the site to the different good web-directories online with that targeted keywords.

 7) Submit the site in various social bookmarking sites with the targeted keywords. Social bookmarking
sites bring huge traffic.

 8) Try to get blog links with the keywords. This will definitely help the keyword to rank better in leading
search engines.

 If you follow these steps and give time then you will definitely see the optimized web page in the top
10 of the search engine result page (SERP) for the respective SEO tips keywords that you were using.

So we can see that for better search engine ranking you should have proper targeted keywords.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                      Keyword Effectiveness
                                                           By Scott F. Geld

Keyword Effectiveness by Scott F. Geld

As marketers we all understand the importance of search engine rankings. Around 85% of all web
users search for web sites using a search engine, with many users not venturing past four or five
pages of subsequent search results on their keywords to find what they are looking for. Achieving a
high ranking on popular search engines is therefore vital to the success of any web site in the quest to
attract visitors & sales. Keyword selection and optimizing the site using those keywords contribute
immensely to this goal.

How it works

When you submit a web site to a search engine you will be instructed to list keywords for the site.
These keywords are used by the search engine in their ranking algorithm, and will take into account
keywords specified in meta tags and the density of keywords found within normal sentence constructs
of your content. Indexers will look for a high degree of relevance between keywords you specify and
the appearance of keywords in your content to insure that they work in harmony. If the keywords do not
reveal themselves in high enough density then your ranking will be penalized. Using techniques to hide
keywords or spam the engine will also result in ranking penalties.

Be the 'Buyer'

Keywords should therefore be thoroughly researched and carefully selected. Think how your target
buyer would think when using a search engine to find products & services you are selling. For
example, if you are selling lawnmowers, keywords a buyer may use could include the brand of mower,
the region of the country/state they are located in and words like 'buy' and 'shop'. It is quite likely that
you will come up with a long list of potential keywords to use, and this will need to be reduced to
around a maximum of 10-20. To help you select keywords, use programs such as those found on to check on a keyword's popularity. The more popular a chosen keyword is
then the more likely it is that it will bring you the results you want.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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