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                                                Ambush Google and Create Wealth
                                                                By Keith Junor

   It's not enough to use Google anymore. You have to control it, make the Google guys do your

 That means you have to know how to get your PPC ads in the right spots, grab the high-converting
clicks and invade markets like a juggernaut. Can you?

 I don't know if you can on your own, but with Google Ambush you most certainly can be the 800
pound gorilla in days, maybe a few weeks at the outside.

The whole story's right here, including the incredible saga of how Andrew and Steven came up with
Ambush in the first place:

 I've told you about Google Ambush before, but it's busting ClickBank wide open now. The hordes are
pouring in, and the price will be going up soon, as promised. It's now or never.

 So I want you get one number in your head. No, it's not some income figure, although the results they
show on that page are insane. Instead, it's a work figure...


 That's a long time. It's also the typical length of time it takes people to create Pay Per Click campaigns
as complete, as optimized and as profitable as what Andrew and Steven's software can pump out in
literally minutes.

Imagine slaving away for 10 full-time weeks to get the job done.

 Most people never do that. They dive in with enthusiasm, but after a couple weeks they take one of
two paths.

Some just drop it. It's a TON of work, and it's easy to get frustrated and bag the whole thing.

Most people, though, fire up the campaign while it's still held together with loose screws and duct tape.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Then they hope for the best.

 The result? Almost always extreme disappointment, high cost and broken dreams. Then they quit in
frustration just like the early quitters, but these folks are a lot poorer.

 It's a shame, really, because lots of these people quit right before they start seeing some decent

 That's why Google Ambush is quite possibly the "killer app" for PPC. It takes all of the frustration
away, and cuts the time required to the bone.

 First, the software digs into the hottest niches on the planet by looking at what's actually selling like
crazy. That research along could take you weeks.

 Then the software spies on the competition in that niche and (I swear this is perfectly legit) figures out
which keywords you can hit like a ton of bricks and beat all comers. Seems like cheating, but it's really
just being smart. And the software does it automatically.

Then this almost magic tool virtually locks in your profits by finding the ads in your niche that are
ALREADY profitable so you can copy them.

 That's the key...finding what's already making money and doing the same thing. Why waste time
figuring out what works when your competition will tell you without even knowing they're doing it?

 And finally, Google Ambush will translate all of that work into a separate, beautiful, high converting
landing page for each keyword. Have 250 of them? No sweat. You'll get 250 pages at the press of a
button. Have 5,000? Just as easy.

 Imagine spending a few minutes with Google Ambush and raking in over $20,000 in 24 hours. There's
no guarantee you'll do that every time, but since it takes nearly no time at all to get up and running in a
niche, you can try a few before you strike gold. It's painless!

 Can you see the possibilities? I know you can, and it's why people were chomping at the bit to get
their hands on this.

Don't wait, though. The introductory price IS going up soon, if they even keep the doors open at all.

Why keep sweating for your profits when they can be as close to push-button easy as you'll ever get?

==>> Google Ambush

Here's to Ambushing Google,

Google Ambush

Keith is an internet consultant that helps people make a great living on the internet. Check out

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                  Google Ambush - A Marketers Secret Weapon?
                                                        By Creztor Tessel

Are you searching for a simple solution that packages the ClickBank marketplace, Google keyword tool
and a a wide variety of other frequently used PPC marketer tools into a single interface? If you
answered yes, then Google Ambush could be the very next weapon for your marketing arsenal.
Google Ambush is the latest set of tools aimed to give PPC marketers an a leg up over the

For people who are familiar with using PPC to selling products on the internet, they realize that the
common process of steps required to go through from choosing what to sell, researching keywords,
uploading your PPC campaign details, creating an optimized landing page and then launching the
campaign. Google Ambush attempts to make these steps much easier by utilizing the power of many
frequently used tools into one interface. From product research to tracking and everything in between
you'll find all the tools necessary in the Google Ambush interface. You won't need to have multiple
websites and applications open and running as you research markets and keywords. With a simple
click of your mouse, you'll have access to a wide range of tools to make your life easier.

One thing that makes Google Ambush so useful, and basically this is the primary function of it, is that
the most frequently used internet marketing tools are in one interface. There are five main areas in the
interface - Product Finder - Keyword Research - Campaign Loader - Landing Page - Tracker. Product
Finder gives you easy access to the ClickBank marketplace. Keyword Research gives you access to
the Google keyword suggestion tool. Campaign Loader essentially allows you to edit and upload your
adwords campaigns. Landing Page makes the creation of review style landing pages very fast and
easy for anyone and Tracker assists in helping marketers track profitable keywords and clicks. Every
section mentioned above can be accessed from the Google Ambush web interface. This is possibly the
greatest advantage of of Google Ambush. Several tools that can all be accessed via a single interface.

The best thing about Google Ambush, giving marketers a simple interface packed with features, is
where it fails to offer value. Google Ambush is a tool intended to assist PPC marketers by greatly
speeding up the steps that one needs to go through when picking, setting up and promoting a new
ClickBank product. While there is a multitude of tools in the interface, they are all available online for
free. To gain access to the ClickBank marketing, you just need to open up a free account with
ClickBank. The Google keyword tool is also free and available to anyone. Even though tracking
profitable keywords and website design typically scares most people, it won't take you long to find out
how to track profitable keywords using one of many free solutions and even landing page creation can
be done for free or very little cost. The second worrying thing about Google Ambush is that all of the
tools and your campaign data (such as tracking of profitable keywords) are stored online. Some people
may take a great disliking to this as it may mean their private and most sensitive PPC campaign
information could potentially be accessed by a third party.

The primary goal of Google Ambush is to make the life a PPC marketer easier by speeding up the
necessary steps in PPC campaign creation. It would be safe to say that it does succeed. With so many
tools available in one interface, most people would be hard pressed to say that it doesn't save them
time. Thanks to Google Ambush, you will be able to quickly find new ClickBank products, setup
campaigns and then easily track profitable keywords to improve the performance of your campaigns.
The biggest problem with Google Ambush from a PPC marketer's point of view is that all your

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

campaign data is stored online and potentially at risk. For people who would like a simple and easy
way to get access to a majority of the frequently used tools in PPC marketing, Google Ambush may
just be just what they require.

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