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                                                       All About Article Directories
                                                                 By Bewthavorn

   Undoubtedly, Internet is touted as the best source to look up for help and information on any topic
under the sun. Internet is the source where one can easily locate thousands of thousands of articles on
a plethora of topics easily. This is made possible because of the concept of article directories. Article
directories are basically a place where a number of writers/bloggers on the web can put their articles
on display. These articles are posted here so that they can be easily made available to the targeted
audience. The main aim of posting articles on an article directory is that once the visitors will chance
upon a number of articles at a common platform, which are written by a writer. They can automatically
then, contact the writer by tracking him down till the writer’s own website. Writers expect that these
visitors will automatically visit their website and make purchases, as in for particular software and other

 Article directories only authenticate those authors who can submit their own creative articles rather
than blandly plagiarizing someone else’s work. Most of the article directories do not promote affiliate
marketing through the articles, which are being posted on their site as this simply nulls the purpose of
posting articles in the first place. People look up the net and read these articles in order to learn
something new and gain information on a variety of topics. But, if each article starts being ended up by
links to other professional websites and URL’s of other sites which deal in the product or service being
discussed in the article is not promoted at all by the article directories. None of the article directory will
happily promote the process of affiliate marketing. While submitting an article, a writer must ensure that
the article is duly submitted in any one of the categories, rather than being posted in several categories

 Article directories expect the writers to keep the general guidelines in their mind before writing an
article for them. These include keeping track of the word count and ensuring that it is within the
specified word limit. It could be possible that a number of article directories may be having strict
guidelines regarding the usage of capital letters and other specific instructions, such as inclusion of a
title, summary, font style, etc. in an article which a writer will be expected to adhere to. Article
directories are also very specific about the use of HTML and other languages and formats in which an
article is submitted with the directory. An authentic article directory will never support articles, which
are live examples of keyword spamming.

Though the guidelines may expect the writer to include a keyword a limited number of times but

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overstuffing the article with keywords is strongly discouraged and will be branded under the category of
spam. Also, they will only allow articles, which have made use of correct grammar and sentence
structure in their content, which can assure the readers that the article has been submitted by an
experienced and highly educated writer.

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                                       3 Criteria For Ranking Article Directory Sites
                                                              By Jerret Turner

 Article marketing is becoming more popular as webmasters realize the value in their content. Because
of article marketing's popularity, there are literally thousands of article directories all over the internet,
with new ones being launched every day. Today, finding the right article directory can seem to be a
daunting task.

So, the question becomes, how do you determine which article directories are the best?

Though there are several websites where you could find hundreds of article directories ranked
according to popularity, it is best that you make your own evaluation based on your niche as well as
your personal preference. Here are a few factors for you to consider when ranking article directory

1) How old is the site?

With the launch of the Wayback Machine, it is now possible for anyone to check web pages that have
been archived since 1996. Enter the names of the article directories you are considering and find out
how old they are. In this case, the older the better. Google looks at site age for trustworthiness.

If you can't find a site in the Wayback Machine, try doing a whois search. This will give you the date the
domain was first registered.

2) Find Google and Yahoo backlinks

If you have already submitted articles to various article directories, enter the title of a few of your older
articles and do a Yahoo as well as a Google search.

See where your article is ranked in the search. The articles that are in the top few spots would have
been submitted to well-established directories or what Google considers to be the best content display.

The higher up an article directory is listed on Yahoo and Google, the more effective it is.

3) Look at PageRank

PageRank is the numeric value that Google assigns to every web page and is an indication of the
importance of a website. The numbers range from 0- 10, with 10 being the most important. Submitting
your articles to directories with higher PageRanks can increase your exposure manifold. will get you higher search engine rankings through one way linking

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