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									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                            A How -To Guide To Online Photo Printing
                                                                  By MJ Johnston

   Do you have a digital camera? Have you taken loads of digital photos? If so, sooner or later you will
probably want to print your photos. Did you know that online photo printing is one of the best, most
economical ways to print your photos? Its’ really easy to do, and the results are outstanding. Here’s
how. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Take Good Pictures

 The results of digital photo printing will only be as good as the pictures you take. If your pictures are
poorly framed, or blurry, they won’t look good no matter how good your online photo printing service is.
These days, simple point and shoot cameras can produce outstanding images with a minimum of fuss.
All you have to do is understand a little bit of how the autofocus and auto exposure work—and when
they won’t work. Auto focus has a hard time with moving targets; it sends a beam of light to the object
you want to photograph and adjusts the lens, then checks again; this can cause it to adjust focus again
and thus be blurry or wrong. The key thing you need to know about auto focus is where the actual
focus will be. Generally you will have to consult your camera’s manual for that, but usually there’s
some sort of indicator in the viewfinder screen. Those two basic technical considerations will help you
get your pictures technically correct, but the aesthetics are up to your talent and imagination.

2. Put Your Pictures Online, Perform Any Necessary Editing

 The next step is to choose an online photo gallery. Make sure your choice of online photo galleries
offers the features you need. The most important ones are unlimited storage for your photos, and, of
course, online photo printing. Storage is important because photo files are very large, and they will
quickly fill up even a quota that seems far more than adequate. These days many sites offer free
unlimited online storage so there is no excuse for not having enough storage.
 Many online photo galleries offer photo-editing tools in their online galleries, so you can get the best
out of your image before online photo printing. Generally the tools will be quite simple—cropping, some
simple color correction, etc. for most hobbyists, this will be quite adequate. If it is adequate for you, you
will be able to use it for free on sites that offer this and you won’t have to learn a complicated and
expensive photo editing software suite like Adobe Photoshop in order to improve your images for
online photo printing.

3. Order Your Prints

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 The next step is the easiest. Use the online form to order prints. Decide the size, and decide whether
you want glossy or matte finish, make sure you can afford the price of the prints, give them your credit
card number over their secure websites and click go. The prints will be near-photo quality on photo
quality paper, considerably better and in the long run, cheaper than you could print at home using an
unreliable inkjet printer.

MJ Johnston writes for a variety of websites, including http://Freeonlinephotoalbum.org (
http://www.freeonlinephotoalbum.org), a site that offers advice on the quickest and easiest way to build
a free online photo album.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                          Online Photo Printing Can Save You Money
                                                             By Carl Walker

 Today you don’t have to go to the photo store or drug store to get your digital prints. You don’t even
have to get into the hassle of printing it all at home at high costs. Check out online photo printing option
that is the best and economical choice for you. let us analyze some of advantages and the available
online photo printing service.

Using online photo printing service is very simple. You can edit your photos, fix red eye, crop or resize
the images using your photo editing software or download free software from the online service. Select
the images you want to be printed, upload to the photo site and you’ll get your prints in high quality
photo paper in 2 – 5 days time! Of course you’ll have to pay for shipping so it is advisable to aggregate
all your prints and send it out as a bulk. Print costs for 4 x 6 inch photos range from 19 – 29 cents on
an average. If you are worried about paying shipping costs, you can try Wal-Mart’s online printing
services because you can pick up the prints from any of their outlet and don’t have to pay for shipping.

Transferring your images to the online photo printing site can take a little while as it depends on the
internet connection you have. Broadband or DSL cable will be faster.once you have uploaded your
pictures you can create your own online photo gallery, share your digital photos with your loved ones
and friends and even get them printed on to personalized gift items like mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and

The best online photo printing service that I have found to be useful is the online service called
Snapfish.com. Here you can sign up free, edit, upload your photos to a free online album and get long
lasting film quality prints in different sizes delivered right to your home! Shutterfly is another good
online photo printing service that offers you an economical way to get your photos printed and

Now let us see the advantages of online photo printing and the steps involved. First step is to upload
your image files or digital photos to the online photo service website you had selected. Most sites offer
a simple upload screen interface and you can just click to upload your photos. Most of the sites allow
you to create secure digital photo albums once you had uploaded them. You can create customized
photo albums and share your family events photos with your family and friends.

Another advantage of online photo printing service is you can edit your photos, fix photo problems
using free tools that you can download from their site. Personally, I like the sharing feature, which
allows you to share your photos with friends. You don’t have to jam your friends’ email boxes but just
send email links to your customized photo albums that you had created!

With so many options for online photo printing, you no longer have any excuse to leave your digital
photos in the memory card or on the hard disk of your computer. So go ahead and explore the fun and
enjoy the convenience of online photo printing!

Carl Walker is the publisher of http://photo-printers-hq.com/onlinephotoprinting.php Photo Printers HQ,
your resource for digital photo printing including online photo printing.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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