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                                                   10 Tips To A Successful Website
                                                                By Paul Guzman

   1. Make and develop your own website. Do NOT copy or get websites that have absolutley no
value. Always write and create good content for your website visitors. It will be much easier to write,
make and develop a website about what you already know.

Build a website with lots of good original content....this is what almost all "Internet Marketing Guru's"
will tell you. It's also called Niche Marketing.

 2. Find your niche. What do you do for a living? What are your interests, your hobbies, your love. Do
you like sports? What about working and tinkering with cars/trucks. Do you like skateboarding,
gardening, are you a wizard at math, electronics, computers. Do you enjoy the outdoors, traveling,
gambling, and music. Why shoot even the 9th grade math expert can tell others about their algebra

 3. Once you have that in mind start writing it down. Yes... take a pen and put it on paper. You will
probably have tons of content for your website. This is what people want, and more importantly what
"google" and the rest of the search engines are craving for. Think about it! More and more people turn
to their computer to find a solution to their problem. And you may have the answer.

 4. Find a good webhosting company. Do your best to learn HTML Once you have a good working
knowledge of that start with CSS, PHP, and others. The main one is HTML. A good domain will cost
you as little $2.00 bucks. Webhosting as low as $5.00 bucks a month. When looking for a domain
name be sure to use the .com extension and not the .net or the .org extensions. The .com is what most
people will remember. What would you rather have? or Most folks will remember Their are thousands of
websites that will help you with all of the above and many of them are free.

 5. Find a good graphics program. The two best are Paint shop Pro and Adobe photoshop. PSP is alot
cheaper. You can even find good simple free templates, you don't need to be a graphics genius.

 6. S.E's love good simple HTML & CSS content. Once you have that start putting your adsense or
affiliate links in place. You don't even need an HTML editor, there is already one in your computer it is
called "Notepad".

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 7. You have probably heard this before but I will say it again. do NOT slap on a bunch of banners, and
unrelated links on your page. Stay away from link farms, black hat search optimization tricks and
anyone that says "make thousands/millions in 2 months " IT WON'T HAPPEN". Stay away from the
"Get rich quick mentality".

8. Read everything positive! Yes read and acquire the knowledge that will help you get what you want.
Don't procrastinate. Start today who knows you may someday make enough to quit your day job.

9. Here are 2 words that have helped me with my successful site: Persistence and Determination.

 10. Visit and participate in forums, blogs and websites that have valuable information concerning your
niche. Write original articles about your niche and submit them to article directories. Remember just
type whatever problem you may be having in that little search engine box and "whala" you will probably
get the answer!

Paul Guzman is the author of this article: He is the webmaster of You can use this article on your website as
long as the author bio box is left intact.

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                                            Top 10 Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips
                                                      By Charles Boustany

 I like tips articles. I also like the articles that provide a numbered list. In this article we will do both by
giving you the top 10 affiliate Internet marketing tips to help you become more successful with your
affiliate marketing business.

1. Choose the right product. Without it you will never make any money. Find something that you are
interested in and people are spending money on, and then sell that.

2. Start your own website or blog. You stand a better chance to make more sales if you are driving
traffic to a pre-sell page branding yourself and not the affiliate company represent.

3. Capture names for future follow up. Since most people do not buy on their first visit, you need to be
able to get back with them and this is the way to do it. Follow up is one of the most important parts of
being successful with affiliate Internet marketing.

4. Automate your follow by using a quality auto responder. This might include such companies as
Aweber or Get Response.

5. Preprogram your autoresponder with prewritten messages that reveal a little bit about yourself as
well as the product that you represent. Continue to add to your autoresponder, which makes your
follow up automatic for many months or even years to come.

6. Work with the list that you develop. Not everyone will be interested in every product that you sell, but
as you branch out you may come up with something that appeals to them.

The best affiliate marketers are ones that develop relationships with their list. You earn this one e-mail
at the time.

7. Be sure your profitable with one affiliate website before starting another. One big mistake affiliate
marketers make is they jump around and never make any money from one product to the next.

8. Understand that to make a full time income on the Internet with affiliate marketing you will probably
have to sell more than one product in more than one niche.

9. Become an Internet spy and look at what your competition is doing to be successful. Try to emulate
what they're doing to be more successful yourself.

10. Don't give up if at first if you are not successful. Affiliate marketing is a marathon and not a sprint.

This is 10 affiliate Internet marketing tips that anyone can follow be successful on the Internet including
you. Whether you do it or not will ultimately come down to your skill level and your work ethic.

Charles is the webmaster of  and an avid article writer.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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