8 Keys to Successful SEO

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   Keywords are a very important aspect in implementing any search engine optimization. SEO companies spend
   a considerable amount of time and human resources just to determine the important, relevant keywords as they
                                       uniquely apply to a specific market
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                                                    8 Keys to Successful SEO
                                                          By Seomul Evans

   If you’re the owner of a company that does any business online, you should make search engine
optimization (SEO) a top priority. After all, you can’t turn visitors into customers if you can’t get the
visitors in the first place. SEO is simply a matter of optimizing your webpage so that interested parties
can find you quickly and easily, and it is typically managed by ensuring that your website is at the top
of the list when potential customers search for keywords relating to your business on a search engine.

 While SEO professionals can help make the job quicker and easier for you, completing SEO on your
own is not an altogether impossible task. In fact, simply using these 8 keys will help people find your
website quickly and easily.

 1. Keyword Research. This is probably the most important aspect of successful SEO. Think about
what words your potential customers are typing into a search engine when they’re looking for a product
or service like the one you offer. Then make sure your content and meta tags contain those words. Use
can also use a tool that suggests appropriate keywords for your business.

 2. Write Good Content. Update your content frequently, at least every few days, and make sure you’re
sharing information that potential customers will find useful and relevant. Inbound links are pertinent for
high search engine rankings, and the best way to get those inbound links is to write content that others
will want to link to.

 3. Avoid Flash. Search engines only read text, so using Flash is the equivalent of not having a
webpage at all. Splash pages can also keep search engines from seeing your information. If you feel
you simply must use images, make sure your alt descriptions are full of keywords.

 4. Use a Clear Title. Your titles should relate to your content and contain your keywords. Search
engines reward pages with titles that relate to content with higher search engine rankings. You should
also include your title in your title tag and in your h1 tags.

 5. Use Clean Code. Search engines have an easier time crawling code that is clean and clear.
Connect your tags to the appropriate information, and transfer everything into a cascading style sheet
(CSS) file. This will ensure that search engines have an easier time indexing your information.

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 6. Robots.txt. This is a file on your page that tells search engines what parts of your site to index.
Read more about them online to find out how you can use them to your benefit when you’re optimizing
your page.

 7. No Fancy Stuff. There are plenty of ways to try to trick search engines into giving you higher
rankings in the search engine results, but you should stay away from them. They may give you results
at first, but it won’t take long for the search engines to figure out what you’re up to. When that happens,
you risk being banned completely from the search engine results.

 8. Don’t Forget Your Audience. It used to be that search engine optimization consisted primarily of
loading up content with keywords and key phrases that would attract search engines. But search
engines now read content just as humans do. They want to see clear, relevant, useful information, just
like the human visitors that come across your website. So write for humans, not for robots. It might take
some time before you see real results, but be patient.

 If you find that you’re still having difficulty wrapping your head around SEO, don’t hesitate to call upon
an SEO professional. These professionals have years of experience working with search engines and
companies to make sure that online businesses get the rankings they need and deserve. You don’t
have to go it alone, so get the help you need to make your business succeed!

Seomul Evans is a search engine optimization specialist for SEO 1 Services links
http://www.seo-1-marketing-services.com http://www.seo-marketing-guide.org

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                    What is the Key to Making Your Home Based Business Successful?
                                                          By Jason Fulton

Do you know what it takes to make your home based business successful? There are a couple of
different keys to becoming successful. You need to know what these keys are because if you don’t
know them than you will struggle like a lot of other people do to make your business the success that
you want it to be. Here are the keys to having a successful business.

 One: Education – This is imperative to having a successful home business. You need to educate
yourself on advertising a home based business, tools for your business and many other things. The
more you are willing to educate yourself the faster you will find the success that you want. You can’t
start a business from home and just expect to make money right away without knowing how to do it. So
always take a little time each day to educate yourself on one thing.

 Two: Advertising – This is an obvious one but most people don’t realize how much advertising they
are going to have to do to be successful. You need to have 5 to 7 methods of advertising working for
you at all times. Start out with just one method and when you feel comfortable using that method you
can add another one until you have the 5 to 7 methods. This is also where you need the education
because you will have to educate yourself on each method of advertising.

 Three: Be different – How can this help you be successful with your own home based business? With
so many businesses online you have to find a way to make your business stand out over all the others.
There are a lot of different ways that you can do this but you will need to put some thought into it. Find
out what others are doing and this will give you some ideas of how you can be different.

 Four: Hard work and time – Building a successful home business is not as easy as most people make
it out to be. You will have to work hard every single day and put in as much time as needed if you plan
on achieving success for your home based business. This is one key that a lot of people don’t like to
do but one thing they never think about is that if you don’t do it you will never find the success and
freedom that your home business can provide for you.

 These are not the only keys to having a successful home based business but they are the most
important ones. If you can do all of these different things than you will soon find yourself on the road to
success with your home business.

 Summary: Do you have your own home business that you want to make successful? If you do then
you need to know what the keys are to making your home based business successful. These keys are
imperative to your success. Find out what they are now.

Jason Fulton is a successful internet marketer and home business mentor. Visit his home based
business website at http://www.OnlineMoneyMakin.com and he will personally help you succeed with
your own online business.

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