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                                                        Dallas Car Insurance
                                                             By Shay West

   Reader's Question:

 Can anyone tell me what steps to take to get a lower rate on my Dallas auto insurance rates? I have
two cars, both about 5 years old and nothing too fancy, both are American made in good shape and


Dallas, TX

 Answer: Hi Cheryl, you will be happy to know that there are tons of options available to you get help
you reduce your current auto insurance premiums. Dallas Texas is a great place to live in terms of
negotiating a lower rate and getting better coverage. Do you quality for any of these discount

 1. Are you in the military or retired military
 2. Are you member of a credit union or other large organization like a teachers labor union?
 3. Are you a student with good grades
 4. Do you have good credit, increasing your credit score can improve your chances of a better auto
insurance rate.
 5. Are you an AARP member or senior citizen
 6. Can you combine your other insurance products into one? Combine home and auto together will
reduce your rates generally
 7. Are you a good driver, safe drivers obviously will get lower rates
 9 .Do you only use your vehicle for driving short distances, like just to go to work. This is called
"limited use".
 10. Are you married, make sure your agent knows if you are. Your rates are likely to decrease by
getting hitched.

 The internet makes things so easy these days, so my recommendation is to start online and compare
rates there. Some websites offer multiple rate comparisons at the same time. This is very helpful and
will show you very easily and quickly the differences in coverages and costs. I would also recommend

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you do not use your home phone number or your main email address when you fill out the quote form
just so you don't get hassled with phone and email solicitations.

 Increasing your deductible amount is probably the single biggest factor in lowering your rate. Carry a
deductible as high as a $1,000 if you can, you will see a dramatic savings over the years. Remember
you only pay the deductible amount when you file a claim AND your insurance carrier is responsible for
paying out the claim. If you get into an accident and the other driver is responsible, you do not pay a

 If you are a good driver with a clean driving record, you should have nothing to worry about and will
enjoy the huge savings on your annual premiums. If you are a high risk driver....you might want to start
putting some extra money aside to cover your deductible amount when the time comes.

 There is one site that I highly recommend to get a rate quote, and it was the easiest and fastest I
found on the Internet....so you might want to try it out for yourself. The economy is tough, but that does
not mean you have to pay more than you should, and good chance that is what you have been doing.

So why are you still over paying for car insurance when comparing rates is so easy and free? You
gotta try this site today. http://www.sr22-dallas.com

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                                Dallas Condo Insurance: What Is It And Do You Need It?
                                                                 By Amy Thomas

 Are you in the process of moving to the Dallas area? If you are, have you decided that you would like
to buy a Dallas condo? If so, you are definitely not alone. Each year, a large number of individuals who
move to the Dallas area consider buying their own condos. If you have reaffirmed your decision to buy
a Dallas condo, you may be working out all of the “kinks,” or be in the process of getting all of your
arrangements in order. If that is what you are doing, have you started to examine insurance?

When it comes to owning a Dallas condo, there are a large number of individuals who do not know
whether or not they need to buy a Dallas condo insurance policy. If you are in the mist of purchasing a
condo, it is definitely something that you will want to examine. In fact, you might not only find that
having insurance coverage for your Dallas condo is recommended, but you may also find that it is
required. Perhaps, the best way to determine whether or not condo insurance is required or is just
optional is to contact your local Dallas condo association for more information.

Although there is a good chance that you will be required to have condo insurance for your Dallas
condo, you might not actually be required to do so. Even if you aren’t legally forced to have condo
insurance coverage, it is still advised that you do. In a way, condo insurance can be compared to
renter’s insurance, although you are actually the owner of your condo not a renter. For instance, should
your condo complex suffer wind damage from a storm and you have belongings that were damaged
because of that wind, it is your responsibility to replace or repair your belongings. Unfortunately, there
are too many condo owners who believe that their belongings would be taken care of or paid for by the
condo association or the owner in charge of running the Dallas condo complex. This is not how it works

If you are interested in obtaining condo insurance for your Dallas condo, you will want to speak with an
established insurance agent. These insurance agents can often be found locally or online, with a
standard internet search. For the best quality of service, you are advised to approach the insurance
company that handles your car insurance, should you have an insured vehicle. There are a large
number of insurance companies, maybe just like yours, who offer coverage for a wide variety of
different items, including condos, homes, and vehicles. No matter who you choose to seek condo
insurance from, it is important that you do. As previously mentioned, without condo insurance for your
Dallas condo, it would then be your responsibility to pay for all repairs and replacements, without any
help from an insurance company.

In addition to purchasing your own Dallas condo insurance policy, you may also be required to
contribute to another insurance policy. Most condo complex associations require that insurance
coverage be carried for common grounds. These common grounds, such as picnic areas, swimming
pools, and so on, are the grounds which you and the other condo owners own together. Depending on
which Dallas condo complex association you have to deal with, you may be required to pay this
insurance on a yearly basis or in small increments each month. If you have yet to officially buy a Dallas
condo, this is an important question that you may want to ask ahead of time, before making your
purchase offer.

Although having and knowing the important of Dallas condo insurance is important, condo insurance
isn’t the only thing that you will need to examine and prepare for, before buying a Dallas condo. For

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more information on buying a condo in Dallas, you are advised to examine Condodomain.com.

Living in Texas is a dream when you own your own
http://dallas.condodomain.com/user/user_home.php. And we can help you find some of the best
http://dallas.condodomain.com/user/user_home.php that Texas has to offer. Visit today and save

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