Credit Repair Truth Or Dare

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    Credit repair counseling can be employed in many directions; to prevent debt, to get out of debt, and to stay out
       of debt. Credit repair takes place over a couple of months and there are various steps involved in order to
                                                increase your credit score.
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                                                        Credit Repair Truth Or Dare
                                                                  By Jim Kemish

   Credit Repair and the Credit Bureaus

 The credit reporting system is inherently unsound. It’s up to you to uncover the truth. A nationally
recognized credit repair expert offers some astonishing information about the hidden world of the credit

Credit Repair and the Great Illusion

 Credit repair is a discovery process. The vast majority of consumers in the United States are
intimidated by the thought of credit repair. The credit bureaus are viewed in the same light as the
Internal Revenue Service; a temperamental and potentially ruthless big brother. Oddly enough, this
perception could not be farther from the truth. It turns out that the credit bureaus are quite tame and
even reasonable, if you know how to manage them.

Protecting the Myth

 Like the Wizard of Oz, the credit bureaus live happily behind the curtain of illusion, benefiting from the
aura of power. Let’s dispel the myth a bit to spark your credit repair efforts. The credit bureaus are not
government entities, nor do they have any government blessing. They are big business, and exist to
make money. And they do a great job of it. They are well managed, well focused, and extremely
profitable. And in spite of the fact that they have become indispensible intermediaries and guardians of
your precious credit score, any communication from you is an unwanted burden on their bottom-line.

Credit Repair and the Truth

 So, what went wrong? If the credit bureaus are doing such a great job of running their operations why
are there so many errors in consumer credit files? Why is credit repair even needed? There is no
contradiction here. Profitability and competence in no way guarantee an accurate product. In fact, by
moderating the effort that goes into quality control the credit bureaus demonstrate their business savvy
and bolster their bottom line. Does this seem outrageous? After all, your financial life depends on your
credit scores. Shouldn’t the credit bureaus be held to the highest level of accuracy when it comes to

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

such important data? Yes and no.

Legislation Cuts Both Ways

 Because of the importance of the product they offer, the credit bureaus have been on the business
end of countless lawsuits. In fact, a day does not go by when a non-compliance lawsuit is not filed
against one of the three major credit bureaus. The importance of credit repair and the groundswell of
consumer concern have not escaped the notice of federal lawmakers. The law that governs the credit
reporting industry and provides legal leverage used by professional credit repair services is called the
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). There is much in the way of consumer protection built into the
FCRA, but there is just as much protection for the credit bureaus.

Credit Repair to the Rescue

 The law simply demands of the credit bureaus that reasonable steps be taken to maintain quality. And
here is the essential point for all of those interested in credit repair to be aware of; reasonable steps
may be determined by the credit bureaus based on the costs associated with implementation. In other
words, if it costs too much to fix, it’s going to stay broken. But, not to worry, you are not without a
remedy. Credit repair to the rescue.

Credit Repair and the Bureaucracy

 As frustrating as it may be to discover that there such a margin of error allowed in an industry that has
so much power over your life, there are ways you can make sure that your credit report shines. All the
credit repair tools you need are built into the same tome of law, the FCRA. Many people think of the
FCRA as the consumer protection law that was designed to force the credit bureaus to provide more
accurate data. It’s not so.

Looking More Closely

 A close reading will reveal the fact that the overriding focus of the consumer protection built into the
FCRA provides consumers with basic legal rights to rectify credit reporting errors. This is a radical
difference from forcing the bureaus to be accurate. The true message of the FCRA is, look out for you,
because no one else will.

How Bad is it?

 If the FCRA puts so much of the burden of accuracy on the consumer, it means, by inference, that in
the absence of consumer participation credit reports are likely contain errors. And that is exactly what
has occurred. Fully seventy-five percent of consumer credit reports contain errors and require credit
repair. Fifty percent contain errors significant enough to cause those afflicted to pay premium interest
rates and even get denied for loan requests.

The Law is Your Sword

 Credit repair, as a result, is as an essential process in your life as a regular physical examination or
tuning up your car. Credit repair is far more than a credit rejuvenation for those with past credit issues,
it is a necessity for everyone. If you don’t have the time to manage the credit repair process on your
own, hire a professional. It’s important, it’s your credit, take care of it. Good luck!

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Copyright © 2008 James W. Kemish. All Content. All Rights Reserved.

Jim Kemish, a nationally recognized credit repair expert, is the president of Sky Blue Credit, a leading
credit repair service since 1989. For more infomation visit

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                                   Free Credit Repair Advice - Credit Repair Programs
                                                               By Dana B. Smith

Bad credit can make you feel as though you are drowning in a turbulent sea. This is actually quite
understandable because in truth credit is like a wild and unpredictable sea. If you want a better credit
score, you may want to consider choosing a credit repair program. So what do we mean by a credit
repair program? This article will detail the many different credit repair programs. You can use different
programs, even something as simple as an outline to help fix your credit. This article details the various
credit repair programs and how the consumer can use and benefit from credit repair programs.

 To start with, a class or seminar is a good way to get acquainted with credit repair programs. These
seminars are conducted by credit repair firms that offer credit counseling. The reason these firms are
initiating these types of programs is most likely because they are attempting to get you to hire them for
their credit repair needs. Some universities and colleges offer similar services as well as some state
and local organizations.

 To begin with, these credit repair classes teach how important it is to know your credit score, how to
read a credit report, and how to take action if you are having serious credit problems. These classes
usually last for a whole day and the classes give you the tools you need when it comes to using you
credit and keeping track of your credit. They help you formulate a financial plan to fix your credit and
also teach you how to remain debt free.

 When we begin to talk about what type of program to consider when trying to repair your credit is
impossible not to also mention using computer software. There are many software programs related to
credit repair that one can find easily. These programs claim to be able to help you fix your credit with a
simple click of the mouse. Many of these computer programs do not cost a lot and they are compatible
with most operating systems.

 Some of the claims these programs make can be vague but if you look at such magazines as
Consumer’s Digest, you will find that a large percentage of these programs can help you solve your
credit problems. These programs can help you pinpoint discrepancies in your credit report and help
correct them. These programs can also help keep you on track once you have created a credit repair

 There are many credit repair software programs that have a money-back guarantee and have a free
trial period so that you can be sure that the software truly suits your needs. It is important to take
advantage of the trial period so that you can determine whether the software suits all of your needs.

 There are many advantages to using credit repair programs. You have the same resources as credit
counseling at a small cost within the comfort of your home. Also you do not have to visit credit
counselors on a regular basis.

Get more free information and tips on self credit repair as well as insiders secrets to fix bad credit
report repair when you visit

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