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      Credit Score is an important factor considered by creditors and money lenders. This score is studied and the
        risk involved in lending money to you is evaluated. This puts you in one of the two categories, high risk
                                            borrower and a low risk borrower
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                                                    Credit Repair Tips For Everyone
                                                                  By Jim Kemish

   Are You Ready?

 Are you ready to get your credit repair effort in gear? There is no time like the present. Here is a
collection of powerful tips from a nationally recognized credit repair expert that you can use right away.

Using Your Credit Cards

 There is nothing wrong with using your credit cards. Credit cards allow you to manage both purchases
and unforeseen events over time. There is also nothing particularly wrong with running your balances
up to the limit - unless you need your credit scores to be at their best in the short term.

Credit Repair and Your Credit Card Balances

 The FICO scoring model recognizes five different credit card usage levels and adjusts your scores
accordingly. These levels are 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 percent; the lower your balance the higher your
score. This should not be taken lightly. Changing your credit card balances can cause a swing of over
100 points on your credit score. If you are applying for a loan every point on your score counts, so
keep those balances down.

Store Cards Can be Good Business

 Everyone likes a good deal. So when a cashier at a department store offers a discount in exchange for
opening a new store card, it can be tempting. Sometimes accepting the offer is the right thing to do. It
can be good business to save a little money. But in the world of credit repair, timing is everything.
When that store card hits your credit report it will put a big dent in your credit score.

The Problem with Store Cards

 Store cards contain three credit score hits in one little package. First is the inquiry, second is the new
account, and third, almost inevitably, your new balance will be close to the card’s limit. If you don’t
need your credit score anytime soon there is no problem, but if you will are applying for a loan, or are
in a credit repair program, think twice before opening that new store card.

Credit Repair Solutions
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

How Many Credit Cards

 Too many credit cards are not great, so a bit of financial simplification may be in order, but don’t get
carried away. Many people start a credit repair program and decide to tidy up their life by closing all but
one credit card. This can send your credit score into a tailspin. If you have more than five open cards,
go ahead and trim down, but otherwise leave them open. Your credit scores will thank you.

Rebuild Your Credit Now

 After a period of financial difficulty many people find themselves with no open accounts. You need to
have open accounts to build your credit scores. Credit repair takes time. Don’t wait until you have
cleaned up the old derogatory information on your credit reports before applying for your new credit
cards; start building now.

Secured Credit Cards for Credit Repair Success

 If you can’t get approved for regular credit cards, get secured cards. Secured cards require a small
saving account which will secure your new credit line. Open two secured accounts, keep the balance
under twenty percent of your limit and you will see big credit repair results before you know it.

Authorized User Accounts – The Good News

 Authorized user accounts provide two benefits. First, they are easy to get; anyone can add you to their
account as an authorized user. Second, you inherit the benefit of the primary card holder’s payment
history on that account. So, assuming they have a good history, your credit score will increase
accordingly. A great credit repair trick - or is it?

Authorized user Accounts – The Bad News

 The problem with authorized user accounts is that Fair Isaac and Company has removed the credit
score inheritance benefit from the new version of the FICO software. The credit bureaus will be
adopting the new software over the next year or so and the score benefit will be gone. It’s time to build
real credit. If you cannot get unsecured credit cards, apply for secured cards. Take action today.

Don’t Ignore Collection Letters

 The last thing you want to find in your mailbox is a collection letter. It is tempting to ignore it.
Unfortunately, if you ignore that collection letter for more than 30 days you have lost a golden credit
repair opportunity to validate the debt. If you read the collection letter carefully you will see a notice that
you have 30 days to challenge the collection. Don’t miss your chance.

Credit Repair and Debt Validation

 Collectors are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which says that if challenged they
must, upon request, provide proof of their legal right to collect and an accounting of the amount due.
This accounting should come from the original creditor. If the collector cannot provide the requested
documentation they must cease collection efforts and not report to the credit bureaus.

Credit Repair & Collection Agencies
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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Start Your Credit Repair Project Today

 Every point on your credit score matters. Credit repair takes time. You cannot afford to delay. Just
make sure to do your homework. Educate yourself. There are great resources on the web. If the
project seems daunting, hire a professional. Expert credit repair services are very affordable and
should include everything you need to optimize your credit score.

Copyright © 2008 James W. Kemish. All Content. All Rights Reserved.

Jim Kemish, a nationally recognized credit repair expert, is the president of Sky Blue Credit, a leading
credit repair service since 1989. For more infomation visit

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                               What a Credit Repair Services Company Can Do For You
                                                              By Joseph Feross

There are so many people that don’t have good credit for various reasons. Most people know that in
order to get some of the best credit cards and to buy things on credit, your credit score has to be good.
One way that you can increase your credit score is to get credit repair help. There are credit repair
services available that can help people who find themselves in that situation.

 Credit repair can help those not only just to increase their credit score, but it will also assist them in
getting lower interest rates on loans, credit cards, etc. A company that specializes in credit repair
services can help with that. The process can be done through different entities or agencies that
specialize in this.

 You will find different companies and related entities on the internet that specialize in credit repair, but
even with that you must be on your Ps and Qs. They should be checked out thoroughly to make sure
that they are legitimate and reputable. Anyone can advertise online for credit repair services, but they
are not necessarily the real deal.

 Once you find a reputable credit repair company, they will work with you to get your credit scores
where they need to be. Most if not all that offer credit repair services will charge a fee. It’s usually a
onetime enrollment fee. The counselors will go over your credit report with you and determine what
needs to be done. This service is not an overnight fix; it can take some time to get your credit where it
should be and to increase your credit score.

 Credit repair services companies that specialize in credit repair know the laws and they have to abide
by them, just like everyone else. They work to remove items from your report that should not be there.
In particular, any negative items that should not be there are some of the first to go. Your credit will
remain the same if they are allowed to stay on your report.

 A credit repair services company will engage in credit repair for the consumer where the credit
bureaus may not bother to touch. They will work for the consumer to get them a higher credit score.
The higher your score, the better chance you have of getting credit and loans.

 Since it will take a while for the consumer to see results, they will need to be patient during the credit
repair process. A credit repair services company will work to get the derogatory information from your
credit report, but there is a matter of making correspondence to the credit bureaus for assistance. The
bureaus are given 30 days to follow up. By then, they will need to show their findings of any inquiries
and credit disputes.

 You will also have to do your part by helping in the credit repair process. The only way a credit repair
services company can help you is for you to provide them with the information that they need. The
more information you provide to them, the better chance you will have of cleaning up your credit.

This article is brought to you by Joseph FeRoss and the credit repair experts at MSI Credit Solutions
as well. For more information about credit repair services please visit

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