Choosing the right Recruitment Software for your Recruitment Agency

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                   Choosing the right Recruitment Software for your Recruitment Agency
                                                   By Louise G

    When starting a recruitment agency or expanding your existing infrastructure, it is very important to
make sure that you are choosing the right recruitment software. By choosing the right recruitment
software for your recruitment agency you can be sure that you will get the finest quality for both your
clients and potential employees. Good software allows you to keep databases clean and secure and
will provide your employees with convenient access in order to make proper matches between the
client and candidates. In this way, choosing the right recruitment software for your recruitment agency
is paramount to your companies success.

There are a variety of companies that specialize in recruitment software, specifically geared towards
recruitment agencies. Many of these companies fail to institute the proper procedures within their
software and do not provide you with adequate solutions to your software needs. When searching for a
company to supply your recruitment software make sure you find a reputable and responsible company
that offers cost-effective solutions. When choosing the right recruitment software for your recruitment
agency it is important to learn all the facts.

Recruitment software can come in a variety of packages with different designs. When attempting to
upgrade or install this software make sure you have a set of parameters that you would like to meet.
Decide if you like your present recruitment software and what you like about it. Identify the faults that
the recruitment software has and how it has impacted your business as a recruitment agency. Figure
out what your employees strengths are and how well they can handle different formats. Where has the
software negatively impacted your business structure and what can be done to improve the situation to
find success. These are important questions to ask when choosing the right recruitment software for
your recruitment agency.

With all of these challenges in place look for a company that has dedicated itself to finding the proper
solutions that will meet the changing needs of today's recruitment agencies. It is understood that in this
economy a recruitment agency can be of vital importance to workers and the community and we a
recruitment agency is only as good as its recruitment software. Many reputable designers and
developers have implemented vast application improvements to their software for 2009. Packages
should give you the best solutions for your organization at a very cost-effective price point.

Choosing the right recruitment software for your recruitment agency can be a difficult challenge. Look
for a company that will tailor their packages and software to meet the changing landscape of recruiting

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and your company as well as an after sales and support service.

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                                                        Cheap Recruitment
                                                          By Brett Horth

One would think it to be extremely difficult to find cheap recruitment, especially in today's economy.
Online recruitment has definitely been able to lower the overall costs incurred for recruitment fees by
skipping the personal interaction with a recruitment agent and assuming the role of the middleman.
Recruitment advertising is taking the online recruitment world by storm by allowing employers to submit
job postings without breaking the bank. This also allows potential future employees to gain access to a
wide range of respectable and sought after jobs without leaving their desks.

iEmploy have taken this one step further by introducing their fixed price recruitment initiative. By
offering employers a set figure that will encompass all their recruitment needs, budgets are able to be
met while service is still being delivered. The advantages of utilising online recruitment are not only
confined to a monetary point of view. Other benefits include the elimination of the stress associated
with recruitment and recruitment advertising, as well as saving employers vast amounts of time. Cheap
recruitment using the internet is thus not only about money, but is also about the mimimum expenditure
of time and effort.

All the posted information that pertains to your recruitment advertisement is easily accessible online
and employers can check up on the visibilty and validity of their postings, much the same as you would
be able to buy a newspaper and see your advert in print. The only difference is that with online
recruitment, your advert will go live immediately after payment is verified, which could be within
minutes of you enlisting the services of a company like iEmploy. Candidates for employment also
benefit from this instantaneous recruitment advertising by being able to keep track of new listings as
they arrive, ensuring that their applications are first in line.

iEmploy's ideas to offer fixed price recruitment are definitely paving the way forward in the recruitment
world. Much as internet based recruitment was once a novel and inspirational concept, so too is cheap
recruitment easing the burden of cost for all employers.

Entrepreneur, Brett Horth has been creating, building and selling businesses since 2006. With a wealth
of experience in the―>recruitment advertisement industry, he is presently the
founder and Managing Director of the recruitment company Aprion Sales Recruitment Ltd, which he set
up in 2006. Aprion specialises in the recruitment of permanent sales people in both the UK and
Europe. In July 2008, Horth sold his 100% stake in the online Job Board, CV Ltd to the
Liberty Bishop Group for an undisclosed sum. In early 2009 he set up a new
―>online recruitment solution called which offers a cheap /cost effective online
recruitment alternative on a competitive fixed fee / flat fee basis.

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