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                                                Be Careful of Vendor Finance Scams
                                                                  By Paul Sharp

   There are some vendor finance scams out there have become a nightmare of the people who want
to choose vendor finance as a way to start their own businesses. In order to make sure you get the
right opportunities from vendor finance, you need to know what to look for with scams.

 You may say that there is no way you would ever be taken advantage of like that. Yet you need to
realize these scam artists are very good at what they do. They have carefully studied the methods of
legitimate vendor finance programs. They likely have even been to many of those presentations. Every
move the make is very calculated so you are drawn in. They want to make it as realistic for you as they
can. Then when you make your down payment they will be able to run with it and leave you with
nothing in return.

 Another common scam is that they will include fees and clauses in the contract that will result in them
getting a huge chunk of your profits. While you may not be agreeing to this upfront, if you sign the
contract then you are bound by the terms of it. No court of law is going to accept the excuse that you
didn’t read it all or that you didn’t understand it.

 You need to know all you can about the vendor finance company before you work with them. How
long have they been in business? What are their goals and their methods used for increasing their
business? What is in it for them to help you with the funding you need for your own business? Take the
time to read independent reviews online from other people that have worked with them. You also need
to check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been logged.

 You should reconsider whether you would work with them if you can’t find any information on them at
all. It could mean they continue to start up under a new business name, scam people, and then change
the name to stay ahead of the game. With a reputable vendor finance program you should be able to
come across plenty of good information about it.

 Read all of the information careful before you sign on the dotted line. The paperwork for vendor
financing can be lengthy and it can also be boring. Yet you don’t want to commit yourself to anything
without fully understanding what you will be required to do. Otherwise you set yourself up to be taken
advantage of. Financially, it could destroy any chance you have of a successful business.

It may be a good idea to have an attorney look over the documents for you. If you aren’t sure of what

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some of the terms and conditions mean, then ask the attorney explained to you. This extra precaution
on your behalf can prevent you from getting involved with the wrong vendor finance company. If you
feel that the company is pressuring you to hurry up and sign it then take that as a red flag that it could
be a scam.

 Anyone can be taken for a ride from a vendor finance scam so doesn’t let you become a victim. By
knowing what to look for and common tactics they use you can be better guarded against it. Should
you become the victim of such fraud make sure you report it to local law enforcement. Too many
people are embarrassed to do so. Yet that only gives these con artists more power to continue doing it
to other people. Vendor finance is a kind of way will help property buyers. Vendors provide
finance based on a pre-determined set of terms and conditions which are often stated in the contract of
sale. Once you use vendor finance the title to the property stays in the vendor's name until you have
made all your repayments and fulfilled your obligations under the sale contract.

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                                            Common Vendor Finance Questions
                                                             By Paul Sharp

There are plenty of questions that people will have while mentioning vendor financing. You may be
upset over conflicting information you have come across out there. For example a question that comes
up is if this type of financing is really a good idea. You will get both sides of the coin on that particular
issue. Here you will get honest and straightforward answers to your questions.

 Vendor financing can be a great idea if you go about it correctly. By taking the time to find out what the
options are, to evaluate the program, and to read all of the documents about the program before you
commit to it you can get the funds you need. You will also be well aware of the cost involved such as
your monthly payments. However, if you rush into vendor financing you may discover you didn’t have
all the facts and that you aren’t working with the best company out there. In that case then no, vendor
finance wasn’t a good idea at that point in time.

 The concept of finding a good program is another common vendor finance question. There are many
ways you can accomplish this. First, think about what it is that you will need for your business. Next
you can go online and find those companies that could offer it. Explore what they have to offer as well
as their reputation with vendor finance programs. From this research you can narrow down your
selection to the top few. Setting up free consultations with them will help you to further narrow down
your choices.

 A very good question and one you need to be well aware of is that how the loan for vendor finance will
be structured. The answer to this is more difficult though as it will vary by program. Generally speaking
though you will get a maximum dollar amount for equipment and supplies that you can access. You will
get a set interest rate to go along with it. Based on the amount that you access, your monthly
payments will be determined so only buy the equipment and supplies that you can’t do without.

 While you will have every intention of making payments, what if you can’t? Working with the program
is the best place to start. By letting them know what is taking place they may have some options for
you. If it is impossible for you to pay, some companies will write off the debt. Others will take it to
collections and even repossess the equipment and supplies that the money was allocated for. Do your
very best to not let things get to this point.

 If you ask about the cost for you with a vendor finance program, the answer will be that the total cost is
going to vary by program. However, they should be able to give you all that information during the free
consultation. Ask for it in writing so you have documentation for your records. This will also make it
easier for you to compare the different programs.

 In addition to these common vendor finance questions, you may have some that are specific to what
you wish to accomplish for your business. Try to find those answers online but if you aren’t successful,
contact some of the companies out there that offer such programs. They can give you an in depth idea
of how certain things are going to affect your particular business.

 With all of this information in your hands, it is going to be easier to see that vendor finance may be a
viable option for you to consider. At the same time you can feel confident about going about it in the
right way. You won’t be taken advantage of or be left out in the dark. There are plenty of benefits with

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vendor finance so don’t let the opportunity slip by you without careful consideration. Vendor finance is a kind of way will help property buyers. Vendors provide
finance based on a pre-determined set of terms and conditions which are often stated in the contract of
sale. Once you use vendor finance the title to the property stays in the vendor's name until you have
made all your repayments and fulfilled your obligations under the sale contract.

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