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Basic Facts About the Stock Market


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                              Basic Facts About the Stock Market
                                                            By Arkaitz Arteaga

   You can’t go far in today’s world without hearing something about the stock market. Unfortunately,
the media take for granted that all of us in the audience understand the stock market. The good news if
you don’t have a clue how to interpret all of those stock symbols running in the ticker at the bottom of
your screen you’re not alone.

But that’s about to change. Below is an overview of some of things you need to know about the stock

Stock Market Background

 The purpose of the stock market is to allow businesses to grow and to let investors have a way of
earning money. Let me give you an example on a very small scale. Your child opens up a lemonade
stand in your neighborhood for a week. She earns a decent profit and decides to open up a second
stand at her grandparent’s house. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough money for the expansion.
Other kids could pitch to cover the costs and receive a portion of the profits she makes.

 That’s exactly what happens every day in the stock markets all over the world with thousands of
different companies and millions of stockholders.

How to Invest in the Market, Stock Purchasing Guidelines

 If you want to purchase stocks, you’ll want to form a relationship with a stock trader. These are
individuals who work in the stock exchange, through virtual stock exchanges, or with trading software.
You’ll give them your money, tell them what you want to buy, and they’ll complete the transaction on
your behalf. For this service, they do receive a commission on the transactions.

 Some people also use their traders for stock advice. However, you can make your own choices about
which stock to buy. Obviously, the secret to making money is to purchase stock at a lower price and
sell it at a higher price. That may sound overly simplistic but it’s this thinking that drives all investors.

 Another idea to understand is supply and demand because this affects the prices in the market; stock
prices go up and down based on this basic principles. For example, if lots of investors realize that big is

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happening for a company they may all decide to purchase stock in that company. That decision
increases demand for that stock thus raising the price. On the other hand, if the same company has a
poor financial quarter many investors may start selling off stock which means the supply is increasing
and the price drops.

Earning Money from Stocks

 Another question you might have is how you earn money from the stocks. As a stockholder, you
receive a portion of the company’s profits. When the company determines their earnings and deduct all
of their expenses, they are left with their profit. That profit is divided by the number of stockholders and
each receives a portion. For example, if you own 1% of a company which generated $2 million in profit
then you would earn $20,000 for your stock. If the company doesn’t make any profits, however, you
don’t receive anything.

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                                         Where Can I Learn About the Stock Market?
                                                           By Banjo Smyth

When I was younger the biggest question I had was working out where can I learn about the stock
market? I brought up by two amazing parents who gave me all of the love and support that any child
could ask for but unfortunately they knew nothing about investing. This is a common problem for lots of
children that are interested in subjects that their parents of family have very little knowledge in. So what
is a person supposed to do they want some stock market advice or a few stock market books?
Basically I want to know ‘Where can I learn about the Stock Market?’.

 Well I am here to tell you that we are living one of the most amazing times in history. Every single
person in the western world has access to the internet. If you can’t afford it at home then most cities
have public libraries that will offer free access. What does this have to do with learning about the stock
market and stock market information? Everything!

 No one should ever need to ask where can I learn about the stock market any more because there is
enough quality free stock market information available on the internet for everybody to get stock
market help. If you want stock market programs or stock market reports they are available for free on
line. If you are interested in a particular stock market book or a stock recommendation chances are
they will be available online. Do you follow the asx stock or the dow stock, do you live in Japan or
Denmark? It simply doesn’t matter because with the internet you will be able to find high quality
information about the share market of your choice.

 So rather than asking where can I learn about the stock market, perhaps you should be asking what
can I learn about the stock market? Let’s have a quick look at the different levels of stock market
educations available.

1. The most basic ‘where can I learn about the stock market’ questions are for complete beginners eg.
What is the share market? What are stock shares? How do I buy stock?

 2. The second level of ‘where can I learn about the stock market’ education is to start looking at some
stock market strategies. For instance should you simply buy and hold or are there better ways to make
bigger and safer profits? You can also start looking at some analysis and stock market graphs or stock
market software. At this stage you should definitely start keeping an eye on a group or stocks and the
stock market prices

 3. The last level of ‘where can I learn about the stock market’ education is to start thinking about
buying actual stocks and implementing strategies. For instance there are many companies that will
give you a complete stock market report or a particular stock report. There are plenty of websites that
send out a free daily stock market update. These reports are incredibly beneficial to the novice investor
as it allows them to start understanding the language and beliefs of a professional investor.

So what are you waiting for? I never want to here the question where can I learn about the stock
market again. Simply get on the internet and start researching the stock market today.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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