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   Digital Signage comes in various varieties, and commercial signs are there to identify or attract business for the
     store, building or vehicle displaying the sign. Signage, as most graphic design, is a form of communication.
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                                                                 Banner Vinyl
                                                                      By shonto

   Signs are usually classified as either permanent or temporary. Permanent signs are made out of
aluminum and are usually large. These signs are normally permanently displayed outside of a location,
but due to the light weight of aluminum, many people display these custom signs at conferences,
conventions or other events.

When you are preparing for a conference, whether it is an annual event attended only by your
employees, or if you are attending a conference full of other businesses, you will need to decide what
type of sign you will need.

Temporary signs are typically made of banner vinyl. While the material of these signs is durable, they
are classified as temporary because they are easy to move and reuse in other locations. The custom
vinyl banners typically have a life span of at least five years and allow you greater options for display.

When deciding on the type of material that is best suited for your signage needs, there are a few
important points that you will need to consider.

How often do you plan to use this custom banner? If you need a sign for a one-time event, a
permanent sign will not be the best choice for your needs. In this case, a vinyl banner will be more cost
effective and easier to remove at a later time.

If you plan to use a vinyl banner many times, and you don't need to change the information frequently,
an aluminum sign would be a good investment. While these signs are harder to transport, they will be
more economical over the long term if you plan to use them frequently. However, if space is a factor a
custom vinyl banner to transport to an event may be a lot easier.

Decide on what information you need to display. If your sign needs are general in nature, such as your
company name, or the name of a product that you intend to keep selling frequently, a permanent sign
will work well. The added cost of purchasing the more durable material can be offset by the years of
use you will get out of the sign.

On the other hand, if you plan on using a sign for one year or one event only, a temporary solution
would be a better fit. This will allow you to display more information about a specific product or a sale,

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without worrying about having to re-use the sign in the future.

What kind of event will you be attending? If your conference is just for your company, chances are you
will be able to get away with a more temporary solution. If you plan on displaying your custom vinyl
banner inside, it will last for several years and be more cost effective.

If you need to attend an event where other companies are using professional signs, or aluminum signs,
then it is a good idea to follow suit so that your company does not stick out.

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                                            Vinyl Banner Design Tips
                                              By Rick Hendershot

 Vinyl banner design is about as easy as it gets for the non-professional graphic designer. Generally
speaking, a vinyl banner is easy to design, and anybody with a little bit of graphic design experience
can do it.

Even if you have no experience, your supplier can point you in the right direction, or even design your
banner for a small charge.

Here are some things to watch for when designing a vinyl banner...

1. Use a software that handles CMYK full color output. There are at least three kinds of software you
can use:

- Image editors like Photoshop, PhotoPaint, or PhotoImpact

- Page Layout programs like Quarkxpress, Pagemaker, or InDesign

- Illustration programs like Illustrator or CorelDraw

Generally speaking, programs that are designed for consumers or general office applications are not
recommended: e.g., Word, Wordperfect, Publisher, Excel, etc. If you have a specific inquiry, don't
hesitate to ask your vinyl banner supplier. A good source of information is the contact person at your
supplier (see below).

2. The best designs contain two or three basic elements. Usually, these will be a photograph, a large
headline, and an "identifier" such as your company name, logo, or phone number.

3. Use bright colors. The most striking vinyl banners have lots of bright colors.

4. Design your vinyl banner so it is readable for your target audience. If it is going to be placed on a
building or beside a road on a fence, or on an outfield fence at a baseball or soccer field, make sure
your most important message is easy to read.

5. Make sure your images have sufficient resolution. For some advice on image resolution, see the
FAQ link below.

6. Make sure your vinyl banner fits the area where you're going to mount it. Don't guess the size. Most
people who are not familiar with signage will UNDERESTIMATE the required size.

7. Consider alternative methods of mounting your vinyl banner. Grommets are the default method of
mounting a banner on a wall or fence. But often "pole pockets" are simpler and more efficient.

Rick Hendershot is a writer and founder Linknet Promotions - Vinyl

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banners supplier ==> Vinyl Banner FAQ ==>

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