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                                                      17 Warning Signs of Excess Debt
                                                           By John E. Simmons

   There are various red flags which can warn of debt problems. Knowing how to identify them can
help you ward off trouble before it gets even worse. Consider whether any of the following warning
signals apply to your current financial situation:

1) You regularly make only the minimum monthly payments on your credit card balances.

2) One or more of your credit card balances hover near the maximum limit.

3) You often use credit cards to pay for basic necessities.

4) 20% or more of your income is used to repay your unsecured debts.

 5) You are regular in paying your debts but make little headway because of interest charges, and
perhaps penalties and late fees.

6) You borrow from credit cards, savings, or friends and relatives, to pay other bills.

7) You don't have any idea of how much debt you are actually in.

8) You've resolved to pay off your credit cards but continue to make purchases on them.

9) You sometimes pay bills late or miss payments entirely.

10) Much or all of your paycheck is spent before you receive it.

 11) You dread or avoid opening bills you've received, or answering your phone, to avoid debt

 12) You get depressed and/or lose sleep when you think about your financial situation, and you think
about it for many of your waking hours.

13) You hide the truth about your debts from friends or family.

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14) You apply for new credit cards because your existing cards are maxed out.

15) You are declined when you apply for additional lines of credit.

16) You have no savings available to fall back on, in case of emergencies.

17) You spend more than you earn.

 The more these symptoms are true in your case, the greater your risk of soon being in over your head
in debt, if you aren't already.

 It's important that you take positive action to deal with your debt problem as soon as possible,
because the longer you put it off, the worse financial condition you'll end up in.

 Not only may additional costs continue to accrue, but your credit rating can be damaged, and
collection efforts (not to mention stress and worry, among other negative consequences) are most
likely to continue.

 The first step toward solving a problem is admitting that it exists, instead of denying it or trying to
justify it (as many people do in order to cope with the stress). Sticking our head in the sand and
ignoring our debts will not make them miraculously go away but will only make your financial situation

Be honest with yourself: Admit that you have a debt problem, and then resolve to get rid of it.

 Fortunately, all is not lost. The fact that you've taken the time to read this is a good sign that you want
to solve your debt problem.

 Take heart. You can (and should) take action toward becoming debt free. It's not as hard as you might
think, as many other people have discovered. And the rewards can be substantial, making it well worth
the effort.

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                   Credit Card Debt Elimination - When To Consolidate Credit Card Debt
                                                          By L. Sampson

 Maybe you have a few too many credit cards, or perhaps you just can't keep your financial paperwork
organized. When it seems like the bills are becoming overwhelming, you may want to consider
consolidating your credit card debt. Here are some warning signs of debt overload:

You can't keep track of your bills.

If you have four, six or eight different account statements coming to your mail every month, it may be
hard to keep track of when all the payments are due. Although an organized bill-paying
system--including a calendar and central bill-paying location--can help, sometimes folks are just too
busy or too overwhelmed to cope with all the paperwork. A debt consolidation service can help you
organize your bills and limit your paperwork to just one single monthly payment.

You've stretched your budget.

Sometimes it might be a matter of spreading your money too thin. Have you ever waited to pay one bill
because you needed the money to pay another bill? Have you ever borrowed from one credit card to
pay another credit card company? If so, chances are your credit is overextended. If that's the case, a
debt consolidation service can often help lower your interest rates and your minimum monthly
payment, making it easier for you to pay your bill each month.

The phones have started ringing.

No matter what the reason--lack of organization or a stretched budget--once creditors start calling you
and demanding payment, it's time to take a close look at your financial situation. At this point, you may
have damaged your credit history and lowered your credit score. However, you can repair the damage
with a debt consolidation company. The service can help you get your monthly payments back on
track, and they can negotiate with your creditors so that fewer black marks are put on your credit

If you see any of these warning signs of debt overload in your own personal life, you may want to
consider credit card consolidation. By utilizing a debt consolidation service--or consolidating your debt
on your own with a loan--you'll improve your credit history, help avoid negative marks on your credit
report and increase your chances of getting a favorable loan or credit card in the future.

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