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edgar cayce eurocongress


edgar cayce eurocongress

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									                          Danish Edgar Cayce Society
                        Adress: Lundby Hovedgade 69, DK-4750 Lundby, Denmark.
                                        Phone: +45 55 76 33 55
                           E-mail: Homepage:

                  Edgar Cayce EuroCongress
             August 26th – 28th 2005 in Copenhagen
               Deadline for registration: June 1st 2005.
After the above deadline: Please call or mail us for possible available seats.

Congress fee and excursions. New! Only 1 or 2 days? € 80 per day             Yes / Price in        Euros
Note: All prices are in Euros. (You may pay in $). See below.                No    Euro            in total
Euro-Congress, includes dinner Friday night, lunch Saturday-Sunday                   1 day: € 80
                  th                                       th                        3 days:
Friday August 26 at 4:PM through Sunday August 28 at 5:PM
Please write which dates you want in case of, one or two days:                            € 240 €
Dinner in Tivoli Saturday Evening (Dinner, wine, entrance to Tivoli)                 €       50 €
Canal Tour in Copenhagen Friday morning 26th                                         €        8 €
Round Trip in Copenhagen Thursday 25th The Little Mermaid, Hamlets
Castle Kronborg in Elsinore, North of Copenhagen (incl. bus & lunch)                 €       55 €
Total of the above                                                                           €
Do you want a room at         Arrival     Depar-       Number Total price in       Euros in total
the CabInn? Then place                    ture         of Nights Euro per Night
your order here:                                                 for the room:
Single room                                                      1 person €     65
Two bedroom                                                      2 persons €    80
Tree bedroom                                                     3 persons €    95
Four bedroom                                                     4 persons €   110
Breakfast per person/day:                                        Per person € 4,75
Vegetarian??                                           Yes:      No:
Congress & sightseeing’s,
hotel & breakfast:                                              Total             
When registering, please enclose a non-refundable Euro (or $) check for 75% of the above total Euro
cost and send it to us. Or transfer the amount to: Euro account: Swifts code; FBBKDKKK and
account number, Iban: DK1654710009693469 (For Euros only).
For Americans: Ask your bank for the Euro exchange currency and transfer the amount in US Dollars
Then use this $ account: Swifts code FBBKDKKK Iban: DK4454710009693450.
Name on the account: D.E.C.S. v/Lilly Larsen. Name of the bank for both accounts:
Forstaedernes Bank, Address: Jerismosevej 3, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark.
And our treasurers private address: Lilly Larsen, Munksoegaard 32, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark,
Please state what kind of room you’ll need: A single room? A double room? Or a room for tree or four, with
the following person/persons:
Write name/s, address, phone number or e-mail address of yourself and the person or persons here:

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