CoverLetter by chrstphr


									   Top Ten Tips for Creating A Winning Cover Letter

A cover letter’s main purpose is to get the employer to read your resume
immediately and schedule an interview. The cover letter is also a way to
personalize your resume when it is mailed to prospective school districts in
response to advertisements or to inquire about possible interviews.

  1. Keep it short. A concise letter
     demonstrates that you are             6. State the position. The person
     focused and have strong                  who reads your letter may be
     communication skills.                    hiring for several positions.
                                              The first paragraph should
  2. Use quality 8 ½” x 11” paper.            arouse the reader’s interest.

  3. Address it to a particular            7. Be positive. The body of the
     person by name. Make sure                cover letter should indicate
     that the spelling and title of the       what you can offer the district
     individual are correct.                  by stating how closely you
                                              match the employer’s needs. A
  4. Proofread carefully. Correct             genuine show of enthusiasm
     English, spelling, spacing,              and knowledge will set you
     paragraphing, margins, and               apart from those sending
     above all, flawless typing is a          generic form letters.
     must. Using a spell checker is
     not enough.                           8. The last paragraph should
                                              request action. Ask to be
  5. Match, but don’t reiterate               considered for an interview.
     your resume. When you
     explain the ways you can              9. The letter should end with the
     contribute, mention one or two           formal salutation (Sincerely
     strong qualifications for the            yours,). Below the salutation,
     position. Refer to an                    type your name and then add
     experience or skill on your              your signature.
     resume to show how you will
     add value to the district.            10. Consider a follow-up letter or
                                               e-mail if you sent the letter
                                               and resume electronically.

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