What does the Community Care Advisory Council (CCAC) do?

The CCAC is a joint council focusing on issues in residential care or
assisted living facilities and certified family homes. The Council is
charged to make policy recommendations regarding (1) the
coordination of licensing and enforcement standards; and (2) the
provision of services to residents. The Council is also involved with
advising the Department regarding the development of new rules, and
providing feedback for proposed rules.

Who Serves on the CCAC?

The CCAC is composed of 22 members appointed by various
government, industry, advocacy, and consumer groups.

When does the CCAC meet?

All meetings are held at the Medicaid Office located at 3232 Elder St.
Conference Room D, in Boise, Idaho. Meetings begin at 9:00 AM
Mountain Time.

      January 21, 2009
      April 8, 2009
      July 29, 2009
      October 14, 2009

How can I get involved?

Please attend our meetings as a guest. Guests are welcome to
observe, and are invited to submit agenda items. Time is usually
alloted for an Open Forum in which guests can address the Council.
Contact Licensing & Certification at for more

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