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book proposal information


book proposal information

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									                                KTI International

                                  NEW BOOK PROPOSAL

Please read the aims and scope of the appropriate book series for your book.
Complete this short proposal form together with any appropriate, supporting
information that may be helpful for our assessment.
   Dr.Nigel Hollingworth, Publishing Director at


      Provisional Book Title:

      Author(s)/Editor(s) Name, affiliation and full contact details:
      If an Edited book, list any of the contributors, even if provisional.

      Description of Book:
      What is this book specifically about, the main thrust, what are the core topics and
      what are the main/key features that will make it different and distinct from other
      books. What are the main competitive books? Be sure to read our series aims and
      scope and let us know how this book will comply.

      Who are the: 1.Primary target audience and 2.Related audience for the book.

      Approximate Number of pages:
      Assume an average of 500 words per page is the average, final formatted count.

      Manuscript submission details:
      We require a Word or Latex file with appropriate formatted figures and illustrations.
      See our author instructions on the website. Please confirm you can meet these. Also,
      if you expect that language editing/polishing will be necessary, please indicate at this
      stage, so we can budget time and resources to enable this requirement. The content
      needs to be understood by the non-specialist so it will need to be written in an
      accessible and understandable style.

      Completion date:
      When do you expect to deliver the completed manuscript?
      It is best to be realistic, rather than over-ambitious in estimating this. Typically,
      authors take between 12-24 months, but we are not restrictive, other than asking that
      the content when completed is up-to-date.

      Sample of your writing:
      If your book has progressed to the point that you have a Chapter, even if provisional,
      please send this. Otherwise, send a sample or link to a book or article that you have


      Biographical Data:
      Please tell us about the main author(s)/editor(s) involved in compiling the book.
      Send CV’s / Resume’s and mention any previous publishing experience of books and

      Your space:
      Please include anything else here you would like to bring to our attention to help us
      assess your book proposal and how we can make the most of your book.

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