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									                                          National Report April 2007
                                                     VDP (Bundesverband Deutscher Privatschulen)
     1. Name of Association
     2. Country
     3. Year
                                                     Julia Schier, Martin Kunze
     4. Prepared by
                                                     School law is a federal matter in Germany. Therefore, there are many
     5. New national legislation for                 different legislative initiatives going on in the 16 different “Länder” in
        independent schools:                         Germany (all of them would not fit in this report).

                                                     But nevertheless - some basic information:
Please describe new laws which are in
                                      In most of the German “Länder”, there is a threefold school-system:
force or are being prepared.          Grammar school, junior high, and secondary school. Recently there is
                                                     much discussion about putting together junior high and secondary
                                                     schools. In the end, that would mean a comprehensive school (leading
     6. National discussions:                        to O-level) at the one side and a grammar school (leading to A-level).

                                                     Other important topics in the field of education have been:
Discussions about the situation of the               Improving the chances for migrants at school, strengthening the primary
                                                     education and pre-schools, implanting national evaluation systems,
independent schools.                                 introducing “central” exams, giving more freedom to schools to shape
Does the discussions take place in the               their individual profile etc.
media, if yes, which questions are     One important question for private schools has been the financial
raised.                                aspect. Private schools are asking for more financial aid by the state in
                                                     order to raise only such school fees that everyone can afford.

                                                     The raising importance of private schools in Germany is supported by a
                                                     overwhelmingly high interest in the media. As the results of PISA have
                                                     shown that the German school system has to be improved, private
                                                     schools seem to be seen as a good alternative concept.

     7. Situation of the Association:                                 Number of VDP-members grows. Actual we
                                                                       have about 500 members with 2.000
Progress, stagnation, decline.                                        New structure: Independent federal
                                                                       associations tied together by a national
Problems, challenges for the                                           umbrella association.
                                                                      New bureau in the Capital Berlin of VDP

LF/Sept. 2003
     8. Independent schools in
                                                     Number of independent schools grows. Actual there are
                                                     4.500 indepent schools (including vocationals schools, but
                                                     no language schools etc.) in Germany. A problem for many
Growth or decline?                                   of them is that they get too little government grants.
                                                     Therefore school fees often have to be too high. Since the
The schools’ financial situation?                    number of pupils in Germany will decline in the future,
                                                     some ”Landesregierungen” (state governments) try to
                                                     downsize the number of independent schools in their
                                                     ”Bundesländern” (states) or at least prevent new schools
                                                     from being opened.

     9. Special initiatives:
                                                     No special initiatives besides the usual work (lobbying,
                                                     public relations etc.)
Has the Association during the past
year made any particular initiatives in
order to promote the work in the
independent schools?

     10. Other relevant information.

LF/Sept. 2003

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