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									3 September 2007

Mr Barclay O’Brien
Honorary Consul
Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius

By fax to: 02 9953 7981

Dear Mr. O’Brien,

I am writing to you at the suggestion of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) regarding
the alleged criminal activities of Mr. Steven Pitcher, who is understood to be a South
African citizen, currently a resident of Mauritius after moving there from the UK late
last year.

Our complaint to the AFP was regarding the demanding of money with menaces and
Internet defamation; Mr Pitcher has conducted an aggressive campaign of defamation
for the purpose of obtaining money from our company, and has boasted that the law
cannot touch him because he is resident in your country and conducting business from
there. He is also under investigation in the UK by Department of Trade & Industry
and Companies House, regarding complaints made regarding funds missing from a
business known as Rock Star Lottery.

Attached (letter ‘A’) is a letter received from the AFP in January 2007, confirming the
acceptance of our complaint and referring the matter to Interpol. Attachment ‘B’ is a
fax sent to the AFP this month, requesting advice as to further action in this matter,
because of the continued criminal defamation on the part of Mr. Pitcher over the
Internet. Federal agent Mr. Matthew Wilson suggested that I contact the Mauritius
Trade Commission; he understood that some sort of investigation may have taken
place in Mauritius, but I should not have my hopes up about anything really happening

The reason I am writing got you is that Mr. Pitcher contacted me just this week
requesting the payment of money in order to cease defaming this company on his
website , a blog where he posts untrue allegations
about our company and its staff. When I declined, Mr. Pitcher advised that he would
continue his campaign (attachment ‘C’).

I don’t know that there is much you can do, but I would appreciate at least some advice
as to what could be done in this matter. The concern that the Republic of Mauritius
should have is that this campaign has now waged for eight months, and there are now
people all around the world who have become aware that Mr. Pitcher can do whatever
he likes out of Mauritius and boast about being free from any legal constraints.
Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Bernard O’Brien
Executive Chairman

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