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July 2006
                                        From the desk of Bernard O’Brien
                           THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW – BUT SHOULD.

                           I hate to see any entrepreneurs waste any time, effort, opportunity, cost, or emotion on fruitless
                           surplus fundraising efforts.

                           The fact that this continues to happen to Entrepreneurs worldwide was driven home to me
                           recently, when I attended the Business Startup expo in London where our UK Office had a booth.
                           This is an annual event and a start up exhibition in the UK attracting something like 30,000
                           entrepreneurs this year.

                           It was a great event with a whole host of seminars being run on both days primarily on managing
                           and funding a startup. What was driven home to me at that event was that everyone was doing
                           the same as all the presenters were doing – pitching the same line that has sent entrepreneurs up
                           the wrong path for decades! And on top of that, during 2 days on our booth, I found myself
                           talking to a continuous stream of entrepreneurs who all have the same frustration… their inability
                           to raise adequate funding. Yet everybody continues to do it the same old way, which bought to
                           mind the definition of insanity: “continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a
                           different result.” Why is this happening to entrepreneurs all over the world? Simply because no
                           one is offering an alternative… until now.

                           So, on the balance of probability if you are looking for money and you are continuing to look for it
                           in the way that everybody has told you it should be done in the past, the odds are that you are
                           going to produce either no result, or at best, an inadequate funding result.

                           Imagine being able to look at your project or business through a different prism, and using an
                           innovative “reality check and analysis” process, and your ideas turned into tangible money makers
                           that generate funding and revenue without wasted time and the emotional stress… wouldn’t you
                           be happy. That is the promise that we make to you – what we do at Discovery Beach works. It is
                           as simple as that!

                           It is very important to realize that what we know and teach is totally, dramatically and profoundly
                           different from the fundamental fund raising methods that you are used to. Not only have we
                           changed peoples lives many times over the years, we are making extraordinary gains for
                           entrepreneurs and our partners on a global basis this year. Not only that, the basis of what we do
                           is not only attracting more and more private investors to the cause. It has also attracted a
                           number of capital investments funds in the UK with whom we are now building relationships.
                           Those relationships are being built by writing business… new deals for new ideas and existing
                           innovative SME’s, on equitable terms, because these managed funds are now seeing the value of
                           the DBA system. So we are clearly changing the way the world invests in innovation.

                           This London connection is very important, since it gives entrepreneurs who graduate through our
                           system access to funds exceeding 7 billion pounds primarily for 2nd and 3rd round funding. What
                           this means is that with these funds sitting at the end of the pathway, confident with startup
                           funding, private equity investors are more inclined to invest.

                           By working with us, you will learn something that will dramatically and immediately transform your
                           business life. Give us a call at Discovery Beach Australia or attend our next totally FREE telephone
                           seminar to learn more about how we can achieve this transformation for you.

                                                                            Bernard O’Brien

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