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									                          Limewire to iPod Converter
     Want to download your favourite videos or music from Limewire and put them
on your newly bought iPod so as to enjoy them anywhere and anytime you like. The
article will give you a clue on how to download videos or music from Limewire and
import them on your iPod.

     What is Limewire?
     Limewire is a very popular P2P file share program which supports a wide variety
of languages and can be run on both Windows and Mac OS and other platforms.This
programs makes users' access to sharing files such as videos, music, image,
documents, software etc across computer networks possible. It is a really convenient
tool for resource sharing.

     What is iPod?
     iPod is a kind of small-sized portable media players designed by Apple for
playback videos and music. The product series mainly include iPod Classic, iPod
Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Unlike a traditional Walkman or portable
CD-player, the iPod can store huge amount of tracks and playback for a long long
time with a single battery charge.

     How to search and download files from Limewire?
     Just a few steps and then you will know how to do it.
     Step    1:   Free     download   Limewire     from      its   official   website   at

     Step 2: Run Limewire, go to search and search type on the top of the panel, such
as, type avi and its corresponding type: videos, press the "magnifier" icon you will get
lots of search results.
    Step 3: Select the right file, right click it and select "Download As..." to browse
your computer hard disk and specify a location to save the downloaded file.
     Can Limewire files be imported/put to iPod directly?
     Almost all kinds of file formats either video or audio can be downloaded from
Limewire, sometimes you can put your downloaded files to iPod directly via iTunes if
the files you downloaded happenly to be recognized by it. But things doesn't always
goes well.

     Sometimes, you just can't put these downloaded files to iPod. To put it simply,
the files downloaded from Limewire are in some formats which can't be supported by
iPod directly, iPod, as in may knowledge only support several file formats like MP4,
H.264, MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF etc. Then you may need a program to convert these
files to the mentioned file format at the first time.

     iOrgsoft video converter is just the ideal program for you
     iOrgsoft video converter is a simple-to-use software that can do what you
required. Not only you can view your downloaded Limewire files on it, but also you
can convert these files to MP4, H.264, MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF that compatible with
iPod with fast conversion speed and best output quality. If you want the downloaded
files to be put on other portable devices, like iPhone, iRiver, BlackBerry, PSP etc, this
application can also allow you to convert them to other file formats like AVI, WMV,
     iOrgsoft video converter can also assist you in editing the files according to your
specific program needs. The built-in editing features such as crop, trim, effect can
help you make your personalized files. Besides, you can also set the output
parameters such as Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder and Bitrate for video and Sample
Rate, Channel, Encoder and Bitrate for audio in order to accommodate various types
of iPods like iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle etc. All this with a
few mouse clicks, fell free to try.

     Note:You       can      also     turn   to    iPod     Video      Converter      at It is also a profession application
which can give you exactly what iOrgsoft video converter delivers.

     How to convert Limewire files to iPod compatible MP4, H.264, MP3, AAC,
WAV, AIFF files.
     The following compact picture will give you a simple and clear guidance on how
to convert downloaded Limewire files to iPod MP4, H.264, MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
files. Just come round and have a look.

     Note: To know how to use iPod video converter, you just need to have a review
of what the above picture tells you, it is almost the same way as iOrgsoft video
converter does

     After conversion, you can import the files to iPod via iTunes by connecting your
iPod to iTunes with USB cable and then drag them to your iPod.

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