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Suggested answers to                                  UNIT AS04
Self-Assessment 01

Instructions    The following is only suggested answers to the self-assessment
                Your unit’s procedures must always be taken into consideration

Question 1
It is important to clean the floors and carpets properly and safely. Follow the
following safety rules:
     Bend your knees when lifting anything heavy like a bucket.
     Stand up straight when using a broom or mop.
     Use your arms not your back muscles to swing the mop.
     Never use electrical equipment near water.
     Never touch electrical sockets with wet hands, you may get shocked.
     Always display the appropriate warning sign.
     Mop up spills immediately.
     Report any loose wires or faulty equipment to maintenance or your
     Do not pull vacuum cleaners by the cord.
     Do not leave electrical equipment switched on when not in use.
     Take all damaged/faulty equipment out of service immediately and label
       them as faulty to prevent anyone else using it.
     Service all equipment regularly.
     Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Question 2
Hazard signs are designed to warn fellow staff and customers about an area that
is unsafe. Wet floors are slippery and can cause serious injury to a person,
therefore people must be warned about the immediate danger.

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Question 3
It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions when using chemicals so as
not to waste products or exceed budget costs. This occurs when incorrect
dilutions are done or the product is used on the wrong surface. Excessive fumes
or burns can also occur if you have not followed the safety instructions and worn
protective clothing.
When the dilution is too weak it will not clean effectively and more products will
have to be used. This is a waste of both time and money. If the dilution is too
strong it can damage the product and/or cause a build-up of the cleaning agent
which will have to be cleaned thoroughly later. Once again a waste of time.
Damage to the product will mean that the item has to be replaced, meaning a waste
of money that was not budgeted for.

Question 4
When operating electrical equipment near water electrical shock will be caused to
person operating the equipment. The person will not be able to work for some time
and will either have to be replace by another person, or the work divided amongst
fellow staff members.
Damage can also be done to the equipment, which means it will be out of order for
some time and has to be serviced/repaired – unnecessary costs not budgeted by

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Self-Assessment 02

Instructions    The following is only suggested answers to the self-assessment
                Your unit’s procedures must always be taken into consideration

Question 1
     The following procedure should be followed when a customer slips on a wet
  Step                                        Action
   1.        Evaluate the situation and administer First Aid ONLY if you are a
             qualified First Aider
   2.        Make the person comfortable
   3.        Call for help ( When telephoning make sure you give accurate details)
   4.        Call your supervisor to the accident
   5.        Check to see if there are any remaining hazards
   6.        Do not move the victim unless their life is in danger
   7.        Make sure the accident is recorded in the accident book

     When equipment become faulty or broken, the following should be done:
  Step                                     Action
 1.       Report all unexpected situations to your supervisor immediately
 2.       All breakages or damaged goods should be removed from circulation
          and particulars recorded
 3.       Faulty equipment must be turned off or unplugged
 4.       Attach a warning note to the item advising people of faulty equipment
 5.       Fill out a maintenance requisition form and inform your supervisor

Question 2
In a restaurant, the floors and floor coverings would be cleaned in the following

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                              Cleaning floors in a restaurant
    1.     Cleaning is to be done in between service times, when the restaurant
           has got no guests and it is empty and quiet
    2.     Assemble all necessary equipment
    3.     Place the hazard sign in the appropriate position
    4.     Pick up any food particles lying around and discard of them in the
           rubbish bag
    5.     Chairs must be placed upside down on tables so that all the floor
           areas can be cleaned
    5.     Sweep tiled floors and mop them using the two bucket system.
           Allow to dry
    6.     Vacuum carpeted areas, moving furniture to clean underneath them.

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