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Polokwane Vaulting is up and running

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									Polokwane Vaulting is up and
On the 8th of September Nicole de Villiers, Sebastian Andrews and Martli de Kok hit the
road and travelled to Broadlands Stables in Polokwane to give a vaulting clinic. Marna de
Lange introduced the idea to the yard, and the clinic was set up by the owner of
Broadlands, Lynne Cocks.
About 20 very enthusiastic children attended this clinic, and the group showed huge
potential and talent.
The day started with a warm up and stretching session. When the kids were well warmed
up (or worn out!) it was time to move onto the barrel session. It was not long before all
the kids were able to do the E grade compulsory exercises, which meant it was time to
move on to the horses.
We tried two horses, one was a bit spooky and nervous, but the second one seemed
quite happy with vaulting. Everyone managed to repeat what they had learnt on the
barrel on the horse.
Next we tackled the freestyle exercises. Martli and Sebastian demonstrated their
sequences, and everyone was very keen to try it. The kids learnt not only the basic
movements and exercises, but also coming up with their own ideas.
4 Polokwane vaulters attended the Riverpark show on the 29th and 30th of September,
only 2 weeks after this clinic. They had only managed to train on a horse once before the
show, but despite this they all did very well.
This is a very exciting development, meaning that Limpopo would be able to send a team
to the inter regional competition! Hopefully we will soon have teams from all the regions
competing at this show.
We would like to thank Lynne Cocks and Marna de Lange from Broadlands Stables for a
wonderful day, and congratulate them on getting vaulting up and running in Polokwane!
We are very excited to have them as part of our community, and look forward to many
shows at their beautiful venue!

                      Agata Pekala returns to Poland
 It’s a sad goodbye from us all to Agata Pekala who has left Riba Stables and
 returned to Poland for a holiday. This is a great loss to South Africa as Agata
   played a huge role in vaulting in South Africa, coaching the Riba Stables
  vaulters and the team that represented South Africa at the World Equestrian
Games. We wish her well, and thank her for all she has done for vaulting in our
Clinic and Show in
Steffi Waidmann and Nicole de Villiers travelled to Kimberley on the 21st of September to
give a vaulting clinic.
In the barrel sessions focus was on technical mistakes, and changing and choreographing
freestyles to music, with arm movements and unitards to match. These routines were
rehearsed on the horse, and when the Riverpark vaulters arrived on Saturday the 22nd,
it was all systems go for Kimberley’s first graded show.
Results from the show:
Children’s E Grade             1st Alexandra van As    5.844        2nd Zoe Liebenberg
Children’s D Grade—Male      1st Charles Tsanye       5.777      2nd Dylan Jones
Children’s D Grade—Female 1st Mildred Tsanye            6.163      2nd Abby Wynberg
5.860 3rd Alexandra van As 5.731
Open D Grade                  1st Demi de Villiers   6.142     2nd Monica Ferrel
6.141 3rd Tanya Cronje         6.114 4th Sebastian Andrews 5.926    5th Paige Jenje
Children’s C Grade—Male       1st Charles Tsanye      5.246
Children’s C Grade—Female       1st Mildred Tsanye      5.283      2nd Abby Wynberg
Open C Grade                  1st Monica Ferrel       5.549      2nd Martli de Kok
5.530 3rd Demi de Villiers    5.392
The trophy for the overall highest score went to Mildred Tsanye from Kimberley.
Other than a “small” fire in the arena ( Nicole did not know exactly how flammable
peanut husks are!) everything went well on the weekend and great fun was had by all.
We would like to thank Silke Ceruti for judging on the weekend, and Ilse de Villiers for
organising a great event. Our vaulters were spoilt with a wonderful sponsored braai, as
well as a farewell lunch. We will definitely see you again next year!

Vaulting reaches the DRC                                                             By
Jasyn Gertenbach

Le Cércle Hippique du Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo had asked Riba
Vaulting Club for help as they wanted to start a vaulting club. They had made a practice
barrel, and were ready to begin, so, on the weekend of 8-9 September, I went to start
them off.
They had two riding school horses that they thought might make good vaulting horses,
and one of them, a 16.1h chestnut, was a good size and seemed to have a suitable
I ran three training sessions for interested vaulters over the weekend: there were about
eight riders aged 12 t0 16 who were keen to vault. Since they could already ride, they
were familiar with horses and had good balance. In our first session we worked on the
barrel and introduced vaulters and horse to work at the walk. By the end of the session
everyone had gone through the E-grade compulsories.
On the Saturday afternoon we had another session with the horse. The vaulters were all
very keen and brave, and tried everything I suggested: by the end of Saturday’s work
everyone had managed to stand at the walk. On the Sunday we had a final long session,
on the barrel and then on the horse. This time we tried a little canter work as well. The
horse proved to be a good choice: although he still has a lot to learn about cantering
steadily and slowly, he let me stand on him at the canter without a fuss. The Congo
vaulters all managed to perform a half-flag at the canter, so we ended our weekend with
a feeling of achievement.
The vaulters in Lubumbashi will now continue with their stretching exercises, barrel-work
and practicing their compulsories. They want us to come again soon, and have asked us
to go back in October. We hope to have them ready to enter the Inter-Africa Cup Vaulting
next year, which is going to be a bigger competition than ever before.

Riverpark Show 29/30 Sept
Due to everyone doing the rain dance before the South African Derby, it was decided to
move the Riverpark Vaulting Festival into the Lipizzaner Hall. The show had a great
atmosphere with almost 40 vaulters competing over the 2 days, ranging from E to B
We would like to thank everyone who worked so hard in making this show a success, but
in particular Nicky Firer & Fiona Butcher for all their hard work.and support. Also a big
thank you to the judges, Silke Ceruti, Shelley Paveley and our out of town judges Helen
Anderson and Hilde Ocenasek for judging the event

Under 10 E Grade
1st Julia Pitchford 5.946   2nd Micheal van Wyk 5.530 3rd Ouma Ridard 5.486
Children’s E Grade
1st Zoe Mosiah 5.805        2nd Dylan Jones 5.691    3rd Ruth Gorven 5.606
Open E Grade
1st Tanya Cronje    5.949        2nd Sebastian Andrews 5.934 3rd Kensani Maluleke 5.540
Under 10 D Grade
1st Julia Pitchford 6.080   2nd Abigale Wynberg 5.719 3rd Micheal van Wyk 5.394

Children’s D Grade
1st Joelle Lismont 6.496    2nd KelseyJo Baumann 6.356 3rd Zoe Mosiah 5.889
Open D Grade
1st Tanya Cronje 6.020   2nd Sebastian Andrews 5.953
Child & Open C Grade
1st Imogen Baxter 5.620 2nd Abigale Wynberg 4.724
Child & Open B Grade
1st Megan Taylor 6.918   2nd Cara Frew 6.873        3rd Eleni Stais 6.863
                                       Congratulations to you all!

                                     VAULTING CLUBS
                                          RIba Stables—Kyalami
                                            Barbie Gertenbach
                                             082-453 3522
                                        Riverpark Stables—Sandton
                                             Nicole de Villiers
                                              083 3357476
                                     Southern Riding Center—JHB south
                                             Tanya Lewthwaite
                                       CSC Vaulting Club—JHB south
                                              Cheryl Smith
                                             072 115 3370
                                       Shya Moya Stables—Honeydew
                                             Nicole de Villiers
                                              083 3357476
                                         Equinet Stables—Pretoria
                                          Linkey & Warren Jones
                                      Broadlands Stables—Polokwane
                                               Lynne Cocks

Do you want to start vaulting, or would you like to start vaulting at your
If you are interested in starting vaulting at an existing club, give the club in your
area a call to set up a try out lesson. You will soon be hooked on this wonderful
sport! If you have a yard, and would like to offer vaulting, give Paula Taylor a call.
She will set up instructors to contact you and arrange a date to do a clinic at your

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