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        Proposer:   The Rt Revd P Lee

        Seconder:   Rev Canon Reginald Gerbach

This Synod

1.      Noting that:
1.1     The CPSA was a party to the Declaration of Intention to Seek Unity in
        1974, including the following undertakings:

1.1.1      to seek agreement on a common form of ministry of Word and
           Sacraments, with due regard to those patterns of ministry and
           oversight to which God has already led us;

1.1.2      to admit to the Lord's Table communicant members of all our
           churches as an immediate and visible sign of our common quest;

1.1.3      to work for increasing co-operation in all areas of church life;

1.1.4       to signify our solemn acceptance of this pledge by participation,
           throughout our churches, in service of commitment to the search
           for union;

2.      Provincial Synod in 1989 and 1995 agreed to the mutual recognition
        of members of CUC Churches

3.      The CPSA has supported and participated in consultations regarding
        the ministry of oversight in the respective churches of the CUC,
        especially in March 2004;

4.      The CUC has agreed to make the following proposals to the churches

4.1        that each member Church appoint three representatives to a task
           group, whose convener will be appointed by the CUC, and which
           will study and report on three matters originally put forward by
           the Consultation ( on the Ministry of Oversight, March 2004)

4.1.1      The member Churches of the Church Unity Commission should
           prepare and use a common ordinal for ordinations to the ministry
           of Word and Sacrament.

4.1.2      Designated representatives of each member Church should share
           in the laying on of hands at all future ordinations to the ministry
           of Word and Sacrament in our Churches as a sign of the mutual
           acceptance of one another's ordained ministries. The hope is
           expressed that this practice may lead in time to a fully reconciled
           and interchangeable ministry. The Church Unity Commission
           should seek to establish whether this is, in fact, a possibility.

4.1.3      At present ministers from the non-episcopal member Churches
           who wish to transfer to the Church of the Province have to be
           ordained by a bishop in the historic episcopate. The Church Unity
           Commission should ascertain the procedures for the acceptance of
           ministers on transfer in each of its member Churches and prepare
           a rite for use in all these Churches which explicitly recognises the
           ordination of the person and receives that person into full
           communion with the receiving Church.

4.2      The CUC's Doctrine Committee should be asked to make a study
         of oversight/episcope in the context of the ministry of the whole
         Church, which takes account of present structures of oversight in
         our Churches and proposes a form of oversight that will further
         the mission of a united Church in Southern Africa, as
         recommended by the Consultation.

4.3      The Churches should be asked to appoint three representatives
         each to a task force, chaired by' the General Secretary, which will
         consider and propose forms of partnership in ministry and mission
         at local, regional and national levels.

5.    Resolves:

5.1      To greet the member Churches of the Church Unity Commission,
         thank them for their fellowship and support, and assure them of
         our continuing desire to work together and pursue unity;

5.2      To respectfully request the Metropolitan to appoint the
         representatives to task groups envisaged in points 4.1 and 4.1.2 of
         the proposals above; and

5.3      Especially in light of section 5 01: Provincial Synod's resolution
         of 1995 (namely: to negotiate the terms on which ministers of one
         church may exercise their ministry in any of the other churches;)
         supports in principle the CUC's proposal that the Doctrine
         Commission be asked to make a study of oversight/episcope in the
         context of the ministry of the whole church.


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