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									National Science Week 2009
Science Centers invited to participate
The Department of Science and Technology (DST) hosts the National Science Week annually
during May in all the nine provinces. This is intended, among other things, to raise the awareness
of science, engineering, technology and mathematics in people’s daily lives.
DST regards science centers as important stakeholders in the development of a strong National
System of Innovation. As a way of improving the involvement of this important sector, DST is
making available grants to this sector to enable science Centres to integrate into their existing
annual programmes activities to celebrate the National Science Week 2009.
The maximum amount available per centre is R120 000.00. Projects, for which applicants are
applying, should be hosted where the science centre is located in the Province.
The funding in question is accessible through the South African Agency for Science and
Technology Advancement (SAASTA) which is serving as the national project manager of the
National Science Week. The focus week runs from Saturday 9 May 2009 to Saturday 16 May
Grant Information
Applications should be submitted on the official grant application form and applicants are urged to
consult the National Science Week Project Brief (2005 - 2009) which provides applicants with a
broader idea of the National Science Week.
       Read the Terms of Reference
       Read the Project Brief
       Download and complete the application form: PDF format | MSWord format | RTF format
The Science Center sector National Science Week 2009 grant round closes at the end of business
on Monday 6 October 2008.

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