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Roche Diagnostics - Data Warehouse Implementation


Roche Diagnostics - Data Warehouse Implementation

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Roche Diagnostics - Data Warehouse
Published: 12 January 2004

After embarking a project to replace their current ERP system with SAP, Roche
Diagnostics needed to maintain a reporting infrastructure to support historical
and current informational analysis requirements. With the inherent risk of not
being able to combine reporting between the new and the old systems, data
warehousing was fast becoming the best choice to build a single consolidated,
subject specific reporting system.

Inobits Consulting provided a full functional data warehousing solution. Due to
the complexity and the limited time involved it was decided to build only one
functional area. The sales functional area was thought to be of most importance

Situation                                                                         Customer Profile
                                                                                  Roche Diagnostics is one
Roche South Africa has recently completed an IT project to replace their          of the leading distributors
current ERP system, BPCS, with SAP/R3. A spin off of this project was for         of health care diagnostic
Roche Diagnostics to implement a historical data warehouse that would             equipment in South
contain both historical information and current information for analytical        Africa as well as Africa.
                                                                                  Business Situation
The main business requirement from Roche is to integrate reporting between        Roche Diagnostics
                                                                                  embarked on this project
the two systems. This reporting functionality would provide relevant              to provide the sales team
information to users.                                                             with historical and
                                                                                  current data analysis.

Feature Sets Implemented
Designing and developing a complete data warehousing solution will provide        “The plan was to
the users with relevant reporting requirements as well as maintain a historical
                                                                                  conceptualise the
data store. By combing historical information from the old ERP system, BPCS,
and up to date information from SAP/R3 users are able to analyse and create       warehouse through a
statistics. Inobits provided services in the following areas:                     holistic approach and
          Analyze business requirements
                                                                                  then to build each
          Data Warehouse Architecture
          Conceptual Data Modeling                                               functional area one at a
          Reporting & Analysis infrastructure design                             time.”
          Data and Dimension Modeling                                            Chris Benson
          Data extraction and cleaning systems (ETL Process)                     Consultant
          Knowledge transfer to staff and end-users (training)                   Inobits Consulting
          Building an OLAP environment for use in reports, data analysis.
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Technology areas that required special attention

Roche Diagnostics decided that they would like to warehouse the data on       “Data Integrator from
Microsoft SQL Server 2000, while providing a rich front end using
Microsoft Analysis Services 2000, Microsoft Office XP, and Proclarity.        Business Objects was
                                                                              the Star of the Team.
One of the main challenges was extracting data from SAP. SAP does not         Extracting data from
provide a standard data access layer except at database level. Roche
acquired an ETL tool that provides an interface to access SAP systems         SAP was made easy
through the SAP APIs.                                                         using this powerful
                                                                              ETL tool.”
Downloading data during the day was prohibited due to slow and limited
bandwidth from South Africa to Germany. This did not help the process of
identifying the correct tables (and SAP has thousands) and filter options     Chris Benson
during development. Time became a problem and most of the data cleanup        Inobits Consulting
processes ran after hours as did the team.

Technologies implemented:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000– Relational Database
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – Analysis Services
    Data Integrator (Business Objects) – ETL Tool
    Multi Dimensional Expressions ( MDX ) – Solving business
    Excel XP Pivot Tables
    Proclarity Professional

Migration Day
29th October 2004 we began the migration of the warehouse components to
the live environment. With no major problems during the migration, users      “The main objective
were able to gain access to live data on the 30th of October.                 was to get the data
                                                                              warehouse on line one
                                                                              month after SAP went
                                                                              live. With the help of
Inobits Project Team
                                                                              Inobits we managed to

The project started July 2003 with the first migration from the development   achieve this goal.”
environment to Live towards the end of October 2003. The following            Knowledge Manager
members from Inobits took part in this project:                               Egon Schrenk
                                                                              Roche Diagnostics
      Chris Benson

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