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					                                        Ivory Hi Build Stipple
                                                  Epoxy Coating


                     DESCRIPTION                                                       PROPERTIES
A chemical resistant solvent free high build epoxy                N° of components:        2
stipple coating suitable for walls or floors.
                                                                  Mixing Ratio:              Mix kit as supplied
Durable floor or wall coating in process factories,               Pot Life @ 20°C: 30 minutes
change houses, prisons, kitchen walls, police stations,           Cure time @ 20°C:        Practical Cure 12 hours
mortuaries and hospitals.                                                                  Full Cure        7 days

                      ADVANTAGES                                  Apply by:                  Sponge foam roller
o     Better wear and scuff resistance than smooth
      surface finishes.                                           Coverage:                  2.5 - 3m²/ℓ
o     Easy to clean and bacteria resistant.
o     Non staining and resistant to all industrial cleaning       Application:    Primer + Base Coat + Stipple Coat
o     Good acid and alkali resistance.                            Application Temperature:            Minimum 10°C
o     Resistant to spillages of most industrial solvents                                              Maximum 30°C
      including ethanol, methanol, Xylene, mineral
      turpentine, lacquer thinners, Xylene and petrol.            Temperature Resistance:             Wet      60°C
o     Improves aesthetics of uneven plaster or floor                                                  Dry     80°C
o     Less slippery than smooth finish flooring.                  Cleaner:                            Epoxy Thinners
o     Solvent free.                                               Thinners:                           Do Not Thin
                                                                  Colours:                    Available - see colour chart

1.0     Preparation:     All surfaces must be clean, sound, laitance and dust free and have a maximum moisture content
                         of 4%. Concrete surfaces to be prepared by abrasive blasting or grinding to achieve a profile
                         similar to medium grit sand paper. The use of Ivory Concrete Etchant should only be considered
                         as a last resort and should be discussed with Ivory’s Technical department as to the suitability
                         and procedure.
                         Badly pitted or eroded surfaces may require equalising with an Ivory scraper coat or alternatively
                         Ivory 1000. Blow holes, omegas or cracks can be filled with Ivory 319 or Ivory 319TAQ quickset
                         epoxy compound.
2.0     Priming:         Prime floors and walls with Ivory 307 at a spread rate of 6m²/L.
3.0     Application:     Apply one coat of Ivory Hi-Build Stipple textured high build epoxy coating undercoat thinned with
                         10% Ivory Epoxy Thinners at a rate of 4 - 6m²/L and one coat Ivory Hi-Build Stipple textured high
                         build epoxy finishing coat at a rate of 2.5 - 3m²/L.

Prepare, prime surfaces and apply Ivory Hi-Build Stipple all in accordance with the manufacturers detailed instructions.

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