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No 9, 2009                                      RDSD Grants Newsletter                                                   June 2009

GrantEd – the 9th edition
South African research grants managers and                                       FP7 news UPDATE
administrators recently attended a national SARIMA                       If you haven’t heard the latest buzz, the European
workshop, during which knowledgeable presenters from                     Union’s 7       Framework Programme (FP7) offers
as far as the NIH (US) and Southampton University                        significant project funding opportunities for established
(UK) facilitated exciting sessions.                                      researchers, in collaboration with EU partners.

During this workshop, the important new intenational                     The official call has not been published yet, but a
drives in research funding were emphasised and this                      newer version of the draft WORK PROGRAMME for
may also be of great use to researchers planning to                      FP7 is now available – please contact Dr Tania Botha
apply for funding.                                                       (RDSD) if you haven’t yet received this by the normal
                                                                         routes of distribution.
The knowledge generated by research should ideally
benefit society and/or economic development; the                         Please see page 2 for an update!
new forms of funding are much more targeted,
performance-based, competitive and according to the
themes following government’s focus;           research                         Post-graduate Office NEWS!
activities should preferably involve large-scale,                        POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS, we want to know…
collaborative and interdisciplinary co-operation, with
regional and international networking becoming
increasingly important; lastly, funding bodies are more
and more focussing on outcomes-driven research                                       …your research funding needs
and want to be assured of proper management and                                   …your bursary needs
accountability of grantees.
                                                                                 …your training needs
It does help to know your funder’s needs and write your
                                                                                 …and we will attend to it! Please contact the
grant around those needs for improved success.
                                                                             Post-graduate Office (5th floor, Teaching block),
                                                                               Liesel Esterhuizen at
Warm regards, The RDSD team


                                                                                  Ed’s tip of the month
1         GrantEd – the 9th edition
                                                                         Funders look for reasons to say NO rather than
1         FP7 news update                                                YES to grants, so make sure yours gets into the
                                                                         pool forwarded to reviewers by having it
1         Post-graduate Office news                                      technically correct and complient!
1         Ed’s tip of the month

2         FP7 opportunities update                                   2          Research-Africa

2         Recent awards                                              2          SA-Japan funding opportunity

2         FHS post doctoral fellowships                              2          NIH funding opportunities

               Research Development and Support Division (RDSD), Faculty of Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University
    5 Floor, Teaching Block, Tygerberg Campus. Tel: +27 21 938 9150  Fax: +27 21 931 3352  Email: Tania Botha -

          FP7 opportunities UPDATE
The final version of the Work Programme 2010 for the                           FHS POST DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS
Health theme is expected to be published on 30 July 2009,
                                                                         Subcommittee C, Faculty of Health Sciences
but will be broken down into several calls running in parallel,
                                                                             - at Tygerberg campus
with different closing dates:
                                                                             - from January 2010 (for 1-2 years)
                                                                             - R120,000 (tax free) per annum
FP7-HEALTH-2010-single-stage call, with an indicative
                                                                             - Contact Dr Tania Botha
budget of EUR333m.
                                                                             - Deadline: 27 July 2009
Deadline: 19 November 2009

FP7-HEALTH-2010-two-stage call, with an indicative budget
of €205m.
Deadline: 29 October 2009                                                          Research-Africa
A call for a 'joint research initiative Commission-COLIPA' on            The most comprehensive database of global funding
alternatives to animal testing, with an indicative budget of             opportunities with an Africa focus can be found at
€25m from the EC, plus €25m from COLIPA (found in the          
'Responding to EU policy needs' in the work programme).
Deadline: 3 February 2010.                                                      Did you know?
                                                                              Stellenbosch University has a license for free access!
There is a special call for Africa, in which 6 topics are included             Log in: ENTER on Campus access
under the heading 'Better health for Africa', with a budget
of €39m.                                                                      You will only see funding opportunities that ALL South
Deadline: 14 January 2010                                                      Africans AND foreign nationals working in South
                                                                               Africa are eligible to apply for (calls have been pre-
There will be the horizontal call for ERA-NETs, in which 3 CA                  screened)
topics are included, with an indicative budget of €6m.                        You can refine and customise your funding search to
Deadline: 19 January 2010                                                      specific topics and/or dates for funding

In addition:
Special call on emerging diseases in coordination with the
Food theme. For this coordinated call, an extra topic (2.3.3-
4) has been added to the work programme
under the heading 'New and Re-emerging Epidemics'.                                   SA-Japan funding opportunity
Deadline: 29 October 2009

The preparation of the implementation of one area ('The
Brain and Brain-related Diseases') is still ongoing. A budget
of €43m has been set aside for this. Once the approach has               CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Issues of global concern
been finalised, an amendment to the work programme will
be made subsequently to publish the topics.
                                                                         Theme 3 – Infectious diseases
                                                                         Sub-theme: Research on measures to address infectious
Please note that this is still a draft document and that                 diseases attuned to the needs of developing countries
there may be small changes in the final version
scheduled to be published in July 30th. I am distributing                     Separate proposals in SA and in Japan are submitted
                                                                              BUT prior coordination is required – only proposals submitted
this version to give you an idea of what may appear so
                                                                               by both countries will be considered
that you and your partners can start preparing
                                                                              SA proposals are pre-selected by DST
yourselves.                                                                   Japanese collaborator should submit a total budget
                                                                               (up to US$1.5m per year for 3-5 years to cover SA side)
Iqbal Parker                                                                  Further information can be obtained from
South African National Contact Point for FP-7 Health                           Ms Eudy Mabuza
                                                                              Deadline for applications: 31 August 2009

           Recent awards                                                           NIH funding opportunities
We would like to know about any major awards
                                                                         International Research Collaborations on HIV/AIDS and Drug
received. Please e-mail us the detail!
                                                                         Use (R01) (RFA-DA-10-008)
Congratulations to Dr Monique Zaahl who received an                      National Institute on Drug Abuse
                                                                         Application Receipt Date(s): November 18, 2009
award for her research on disorders resulting from
iron overload.
                                                                         Dissecting the Early HIV Immune Response: A Systems Biology
Prof Amanda Lochner was nominated and is a finalist                      Approach (P01) (RFA-AI-09-018)
for the NSTF award for a lifetime of research into                       National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
                                                                         Application Receipt Date(s): December 01, 2009
heart disease – we will keep our fingers crossed!              


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