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Search Engine Optimisation by toriola1


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                      Search Engine Optimisation
                                                                     By Justin

    Search Engine Optimisation by Justin

Search Engine Optimisation

By Justin Horth
First published 13 Oct 2003

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!

I'll let you in a little secret, time stands still for no man!! Especially when he's got an ezine to publish,
websites to build, is moving to the US in 4 weeks time, and doesn't exercise enough!!

Enough already.

How about optimising your website for a search engine? Do you know enough about that?

The best advice I've ever read came from Sumantra Roy. He publishes a nice 5 part email course that
is really worth reading. The first time I read it, I couldn't wait for the next part to arrive in my inbox.

The basic idea is to make sure you optimise each page for a specific keyword phrase that is likely to be
typed into a search engine, but to make sure it's not a phrase that is too popular and not give your site
a chance at getting listed.

Then you will put that phrase in you html title tags and in the h1 tag and then again mention the phrase
as much as contextually possible throughout the page.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

You can also think about naming the page as yourphrase.html and even create it in a directory of your
website called yourphrase.

Here's an example:
I recently joined a program called morehitsmoreincome, and decided to quickly put together a
mini-sales page for it.

All I did to get the text was basically copy and paste a bit of it from the main site itself, the faqs etc.
then I made sure I named it as moreitsmoreincome.html

The site is listed in Google if you type in 'morehitsmoreincome'

My first 4 keyword are:
morehitsmoreincome,more hits more income, business o.pportunity leads,p.rofit leads.

I could probably have used a better keyword for this site actually, as you can imagine not a lot of
people will be typing that keyword into a search engine, but you get the idea. I've used this same idea
for several other a.ffiliate programs and have had some really good results so far!!

There are all sorts of interesting things about keywords that you find out about, for instance, in the
metatag keywords you don't need a space after a comma, and you should only repeat your main
keyword a maximum of 5 times.....isn't that interesting?

There are many more 'tweaks' to optimise your page for the engines like apparently Yahoo like you to
have a contact address on the page. alt tag descriptions in images, and page layout....

If you want an in depth email course that will teach you the very best way to optimise your site and give
you some tools to help with your keywords, I recommend Sumantra Roy:

You'll see a little subscribe box on the right of the page which will start the 5 part email course.

Justin Horth is the publisher of "AcewebZine, Internet
and Network Marketing Newlsetter" He has helped many
individuals succeed online. Visit his site to find out
how you can get a free consultation. or

 Justin Horth is the publisher of "AcewebZine, Internetand Network Marketing Newlsetter" He has
helped manyindividuals succeed online. Visit his site to find outhow you can get a free
consultation. or

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                            Building An Optimised Web Site That People Will Stay On
                                                        By Mr John Seatree

 You may think that search engine optimised websites are going to basically be websites that are
poorly written, difficult to read, unnatural sounding and full of content that isn't very useful. True, there
are a lot of websites like that out there, but if you are looking to get your website search engine
optimized, you do have a choice to make it totally readable and totally accessible to your customers.
Here is what you have to keep in mind to get a search engine optimised website that is still going to be
attractive to customers.

You may not know this, but search engine optimisation is totally customizable, and you can do it to
different levels. You can have your whole site fully optimised or you can choose to just do a partial
optimisation. Sure, a full optimisation is going to give you better results, but doing something is
definitely better than doing nothing.

If you are really concerned about the way your text is going to sound if it's optimised, you may want to
start out with a partial optimisation, which is just going to fix the side of your website that most people
don't look at. It is going to change the HTML tags and descriptions that usually fly under the radar for
most web surfers. In fact, you can get a partial search engine optimization done to your website
without even changing a word in the text of your website.

If you are worried about how your website is going to sound and think that it is going to be unnatural to
have the keywords spaced at a specific interval or to have them repeated over and over again, you
may want to talk with a good firm.

An SEO firm is going to be able to make everything on your website sound as natural as possible, but
at the same time get visible results. Plus, an SEO firm is going to give you enough keywords to use
which means that you will have variety in your text and readers won't even know what hit them
because it will still sound natural.

Another thing that people worry about is that their websites are just going to be filled with words, and
any content that they had already written is just going to be thrown away by their search engine
optimisation firm.

Sure, you have probably seen these websites that are just filled with keywords and links, and have
absolutely no information on them, but you may not know that these websites are used primarily to
make fast money, not to sell a product or service. If you want a good business website, you are going
to have to sell your product or business or service, not just sell ad space.

It is possible to get a search engine optimised website that is easy on your shoppers' eyes. In fact, it is
going to be essential to get one of these websites if you want to succeed. There is a lot of competition
out there, so search engine optimisation services are absolutely crucial if you want to gain in the
search engine rankings. Getting your website higher in the search engine rankings is going to really be
important for business owners, and is something that you want to prioritize when starting a new

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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