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									                           The Gauteng Natural Step Network
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                         Our topic for this open forum discussion:

                         Food Security in the City

                           Prof Michael Rudolph
                        Head of Health Promotion Unit at WITS

How will cities feed themselves as Climate Change and Peak Oil begin to impact
on our lives?

At present we rely on a food delivery chain that is unsustainable at all points but
is so remote from our awareness that we take it for granted and seldom question
its ethics or environmental impact. As prices rise we are only now beginning to
feel the concerns that our planet has been expressing for decades. We will
explore what steps are being taken in Gauteng and elsewhere to address this
challenge, and what more could and should be done. This challenge cannot be
the responsibility of just one sector - it concerns us all, across all disciplines and
in all aspects of life.

Professor Michael Rudolph is responsible for establishing the WITS Health Promotion Unit,
one of the leading units in SA in terms of teaching, training, research and community-based
activities. He developed, planned and introduced new and innovative teaching programmes
and courses at under- and post-graduate level, and facilitated the development of a new health
care clinic in Boipatong which included a four way partnership between Government,
Industry, University and the community.

Prof Rudolph initiated and manages the Siyakhana Food Garden project which serves as a
model for food production, training, education and income generation for communities in the
inner city of Johannesburg. Currently he is involved in a comprehensive survey of food
security in 11 cities in Southern Africa including Jo’burg. He was honoured in 2004 with the
University of Witwatersrand Vice Chancellor’s award for Academic Citizenship.

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