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					                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                How Google Can Help You improve Your Search Rankings
                                                                 By Denise Nuttall

   Search Engine Ranking is the most essential ingredient for free traffic. Every body knows that
search engine optimization, quality back links and original content are the key ingredients for good
search engine rankings. Whether it is a niche one is competing in or a highly competitive keyword,
these are a must.

Search Engine Optimization is a highly competitive keyword and a search in Google brings up 93
million search results (93,400,000 to be precise). Sites compete with each other to bring the best
search engine optimization services. There are those who guarantee results though not always with
legal means.

Ask anyone in which search engine they would like to rank at the top. Eight out of ten would vote for
Google. This does not come as a surprise because Google gets most of the search engine visitors. So
if Google gives the search engine optimization tips, what could be better than hearing it right from the
horse's mouth? Yes, Google has a whole lot of tools to help us with search engine optimization and
they are absolutely free.

To use this facility one needs to first to set up an account with Google after which one can go to Once here, the "webmaster help" section needs to be selected. From
there one can go to the "webmaster guidelines" section where Google gives guidelines on design,
content, quality and other technicalities. Once a website is ready, its URL can be submitted at (this is a very slow process as it may take at least six weeks for the
website to be crawled)

A Google Sitemap is a very effective tool to enable Google to study the structure of the website and
increase the number of pages indexed. A Google Sitemap maker tool can be downloaded for free at It’s an excellent tool and a Sitemap is created within minutes. Once a Sitemap
is submitted Google searches for the Sitemap and displays a message after checking the Sitemap. If
there are any errors it will indicate as to what those errors are and the same can be rectified and the
Sitemap can be resubmitted.

Google also outlines the various do's and don'ts of search engine optimization. Some black hat tricks
like link farming, cloaking, doorway pages are a strict no-no. One can also find an abundance of

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

information on creating Google friendly sites.

So with Google on ones side, the chances of a good search engine ranking increases. With these tools
one does not require expensive search engine optimization tools to increase search engine rankings.

Denise Nuttall owns the "Home Business Resource Directory" where you can find everything you'll
ever need to start, run and grow a home business at:

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                 The Benefits of Google SearchWiki
                                                                By Cliff Posey Jr

If you need to customize your search results with your rankings, deletions and notes, then you need
Google SearchWiki. Additionally, you can see how people use Google to tailor their searches. By using
SearchWiki, you can promote or demote search results and add new web pages to your search results.
You can also post comments or read other people’s comments too.

 Google SearchWiki is actually a feature provided by Google, which allows logged-in users to annotate
and re-order search results. The annotations and modified order only applies to what the user is
searching for. However, it is possible to view other users’ notes or comments for a given search query.

 With this feature, Google allows users to personalize their search results. For instance, users can
decide which search results are the most relevant to what they are searching for, plus that, they can
share the findings with other users. This new feature is more transparent for users to personalize their
search results. Instead of bookmarking the results or saving them in Google Notebook, you are able to
make them visible on a search results page and you can easily find them when you search later.
Google SearchWiki is a great feature that enables you sharing your insights with other searchers.

 It is obvious a link from your site to another site is the most important thing. So, as a website builder,
how can you benefit from Google SearchWiki? One thing is for sure, based on the annotations and the
comments made by other users, you will be able to improve your site. You will get to know what users
want, likes and dislikes. You can do an analysis on your own to use them to your advantage.
Moreover, you will know how and what users are searching for, thus, you will know what are the
keywords users use to do their searches. With this knowledge, it may help you with your rankings and

 Google SearchWiki might become a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factor, so the more people
who rank or vote your site in a higher rank, the better your overall search engine rankings will be. On
the other hand, if your site is ranked lower, it will bring down your traffic, and rankings. Taking all these
things into account, using Search Wiki can be either an advantage or disadvantage.

 Now that there is a way to reorder and remove your search results, and also leave comments on
specific links, website owners will have an option of seeing how other users do their rating and reorder
their search results. This will change a lot in the way SEO affects a site. Prior to this SearchWiki tool,
the webmaster was the only one who could have an influence on where their site will be listed in the
results, but now each and every Google user has the ability to decide where their site will be listed.
This feature might be used to your advantage or not. Your competitor might use the features to bring
you down.

Cliff Posey, owner of CRP Marketing, owns and operates Cliff has
also operated several other successful web businesses including Love Song Cards and Radio Career
Consultants. The content in this article was developed from his experience in these businesses and his
continual research into further business improvements. This Blog is for discussion about web sites and
web site traffic therefo

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