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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                             Essentials of SEO
                                                            By sanjeev pandey

   Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the amalgamation of a number of activities, and
forms the subset of Search Engine Marketing(SEM). It is a technique through which you can effectively
enhance a website's organic search engine ranking and pave in for further increments in number of
online visitors to your site. This is achieved by incorporating various changes on and off the website.
But its imperative that you have a properly planned SEO campaign along with you.

It is essential that you should plan your web site's SEO before creating the site. Right from the start,
focus on creating search engine-friendly websites. One has to ensure that all the pages in the website
should also have text, links and other popularity components.

Text components are comprises the major part of your pages. Most of the search engines usually build
lists of words and phrases on URLs, and follows accordingly. So to make your web pages searchable,
you must place these words on your webpages in the strategic HTML tags.

Link components forms another vital aspect in making your web site, more search engine friendly. A
good combination of links and the way your web site is linked to other websites, has a lot of weightage
in deciding your search engine positions. But one should be careful about the problematic areas such
as like; poor html coding on all navigation schemes, too much usage of flash and etc.

The third aspect to boost your search engine rankings are effective incorporations of Popularity
components, which consists of other sub components, namely, Link popularity, Click through popularity
and Web page popularity.

These were the some of the key points which can have tremendous impact on you SEO campaigns.
But, there are other activities as well, which comes under the above mentioned aspects. They can be
enlisted as :

1.Targeted Keyword Research : this forms the backbone of any SEO campaign. One can effectively
use google suggest, overture keyword suggestion, wordtrackers and many others to research on
keyword building.

2.Competitor analysis: this includes analysis of competitor's target keywords, role business model and

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

optimization strategies, which can be beneficial in redesigning our campaign.

3.On page Optimization: website pages are tweaked and optimized for better search engine rankings.
It includes, meta tags revision, use of heading tags(h1/h2), image optimization, file renaming and
optimizing the over all website architecture.

4.Off Page Optimization: Inbound links from thematically similar websites can make your website more
favorable for search engines and corresponding higher rankings.

5.Technical Optimization: these are the technical factors that can help you boost your search engine
rankings. Some of them are such as canonical indexing, custom error pages and etc.

These are some of the essentials one has to complete it earnestly so as to fetch a better rank in
Search engines. The whole process of increasing the rank of the website in popular search engines
can take time, but pays off good, eventually.
Hence SEO is a necessity for your Internet marketing but more than that, it's rewarding!

Sanjeev Pandey is associated with kneoteric. Kneoteric as an seo company india offering organic seo
services, pay per click (ppc) management India, internet marketing, seo consulting, link popularity.

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                           SEO - Search Engine Optimization You Can Do
                                              By J. Ratliff

SEO - Search Engine Optimization You Can Do by J. Ratliff

 We all know what SEO is, and it seems like it has kind of an "executive" sound to it doesn't it? The
truth is, thousands of webmasters spend millions of dollars every year on SEO services. Now, I am not
discounting the importance of these services.

Indeed, SEO is very important not only to the big website portals, but to your website as well.

However, I do believe that a lot of the people who spend thousands annually, do so without needing to.
I have done SEO work on a dozen websites for businesses, and about 20 of my own. My secret? It's
all in the software.

If you have not checked out this software, I highly reccomend it. Internet Business Promoter(IBP) for
short. I use it everyday, not only for my websites, but also for any SEO work I do.

It does costs around $200, but it is worth every penny plus some.

Save money and do your own SEO work.

 J. Ratliff is a webmaster, part time SEO guru, and affiliate guru. He has achieved certified SEO status
from ExpertExam.

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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