11-22 Cover Letter to Dimon-Response to Fannie Mae by crookedcounty


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James Dimon                                               Kimberly A. Kirkland
JPMorgan Chase & Co.                                      Fannie Mae
Office of the Secretary                                   Policy Analyst-NSO Operations
270 Park Avenue                                           International Plaza II
38th Floor                                                14221 Dallas Parkway
New York, NY 10017                                        Suite 1000
                                                          Dallas, TX 75254-2916
Jottrell Henry
Executive Resolution Group                                Fannie Mae Board of Directors
Chase Home Finance LLC                                    3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
3415 Vision Drive                                         Washington, DC 20016-289
Columbus, OH 43219-6009

November 22, 2009

Dear James Dimon & Jottrell Henry,

Please find the attached packet, which contains a letter from Fannie Mae dated October 30th. In this letter,
Fannie Mae clearly makes it obvious that it was never their policy or requirement that any payments
during a trial plan were to be reported to the credit bureau as “not received” or “late”.

Now to the list of property tax increases and financial hardships I am enduring, I am also the recent victim
of a home invasion; where I was attacked by a violent intruder in my own home. If not to solicit from you
some much-needed sympathy, I think that this matter also proves that I’m in no mood for any more stupid

I know that you’re in the business of making money on interest. But people are suffering, and you’re
making my life ten times harder than it needs to be by citing HAMP/Fannie Mae program requirements
that simply do not exist rather than to tell me that it is Chase Home Finance who is being petty and
vindictive when it comes to credit reporting.

I know I’ve said this before, but what exactly is your plan for growing, or even sustaining, the Chase
mortgage brand when you are soliciting anger and confusion from those who are coming to you in need?
And how, exactly, are you making a case for greater market share when current Chase customers are
being treated like I am?

This conversation has gone on since March. Isn’t it time we drop the charades? What I’ve been asking
you for is very reasonable, and costs you no additional money other than what you’re going to lose


David N. Jenkins

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