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Newsletter AugustSeptember 2006

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                                            Newsletter August/September 2006
We have had a flood of Nanny placement inquiries during the winter months! It seems that many Moms are opting to take
their little ones out of daycare in favor of leaving them with a trained Nanny during the day because they are fed up with
having a permanently sick child due to the high rate of infectious illnesses picked up in the day cares and schools! Most
pediatricians will agree that until a child has reached the age of about two, their immune systems are just not able to cope with
the barrage of germs that sometimes assaults the immune system in a crowded play group, especially when little ones are
drooling everywhere and on everything! If you do take this step, PLEASE make sure that your child still gets the intellectual
and social stimulation needed for their age. A well trained Nanny or Au Pair will go a long way towards ensuring these
requirements are met. EduCare offers a WONDERFUL Development Stimulation course.

             How the brain develops:                                   Did you know….Bite wounds account for 1% of all
           Do you know that a baby is MOST                             emergency room visits, with dogs accounting for 85%
           receptive to learning during the first 18                   of all wounds, cats for 10% and although human bites
           months of its life, and that 80% of brain                   account for less than 3%, they account for the most DEATHS!
 growth takes place during the first 4 years of life!      In fact, more people die from human bites than snake bites annually in SA!
 After age 4, the brain does not get much bigger,          Dog bites become infected in less than20% of the cases, while about 50%
 but due to the brain networking: the neurons and          of cat bites become infected, and a whopping 80% of human bites may
 their branchlike dendrites thickening, and getting
                                                           become infected! Due to the higher prevalence of HIV + children now in
 ‘bushier’; the brains density increases. This
                                                           play schools, biting has become even more of a problem than in the past.
 intense period of brain growth happens only
 ONCE IN A LIFETIME, and a deprivation of                  Children do tend to bite, and the problem is that if a toddler is teething,
 appropriate stimulation in this phase has an              and therefore has bleeding gums, he will have direct transmission of the
 IRREVERSABLE effect on the child’s intelligence           virus if he bites another child so as to cause bleeding! Because of this,
 (as was seen in the tragic outcomes for many of           teachers have had to be very strict with children that bite, and this
 the Romanian orphans). Building ones brain                sometimes causes upsets in a classroom situation. If a child is bitten,
 power can be compared to building muscle power            take the following First Aid steps: Remove the child from the situation,
 – both need exercise… the difference is that when         and if there is bleeding, apply pressure. Wash the wound well with an
 you stop going to gym, the muscles will return to         antiseptic soap and water, pat dry and apply an antibiotic cream and, if
 normal, and to regain the muscle power will mean          necessary, a plaster or bandage. Call for help or go to an emergency
 starting from scratch, but with brain development,
                                                           room in the following circumstances: The wound is deep or gaping, you
 the gift of early appropriate stimulation is a gift for
                                                           cannot stop the bleeding, there are signs of infection, the victim has not
 life! A child has a natural desire to learn through
 exploration, which is why it is not peaceful to have      had a tetanus booster in the last 5 years, or if you are worried or do not
 a toddler around! It can be exhausting, but               know what to do. Prevention is better than cure, teach your child not
 remember that by limiting his exploration or              to approach an unfamiliar animal unsupervised, and to be gentle with
 restricting his movements, you will be stunting his       your own pets. Do not disturb a sleeping or eating dog.
 brain development. Rather encourage exploration,
                                                             Tip: Many children do not want you to touch the ‘eina’ place and scream when
 talk to him, read to him and provide him with
                                                             you try to wash or disinfect a wound or graze. Buy a small spray bottle and
 opportunities to learn new things! This is one of           mix some antiseptic solution with some warm water and spray the area well.
 the best gifts you can give your child!

   Easy-Peasy Muffins                                 Nanny placements available:               Remember the routine 4 emergencies
   2 cups self raising flour                          ●Mavis Koza: Domestic and
   1 teaspoon mixed spice
   ½ cup (100g) brown sugar (firmly packed)            childcare experience, good ref.          HAZARDS: check for danger to
   ½ cup (80g) raisins                                ●Gladys Sulu: Good cook, dom              yourself and the victim. Hazards
   1 cup milk
   1 tablespoon butter, melted                          and childcare exp. Good ref.            include blood, moving the victim,
   1 egg, beaten lightly                              ●Dorothy Baartman: Frail care             environmental dangers, etc
   Grease a small 12 hole muffin pan and set           experience, very sweet.                  HELLO: Access your victim by
   the oven to 180ºC. Mix all the ingredients,        ●Sylvia Mtshelu: age 30, well             looking for an injury, asking how they
   but do not over mix. Stir only until ingredients
   are combined. Bake for 15 min or until light        spoken, neat, avail to sleep in.         feel and accessing the seriousness
   brown.                                             Many more great prospects on              HELP: Decide whether or not you
   Many more delicious easy recipes in our            our books! Just give us a call.           need help, and if you need help, call
   Cooking4Tots2Teens course!                                    for help or send someone to call

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