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                  Name of student _______________________________________________________

                  Name of Parent/Guardian________________________________________________

                                     The above party or parties hereby declare that:

1. I have acquainted myself with the contents of this agreement and the registration forms and confirm hereby that the
particulars furbished by me in the registration form are true and correct.

2. I fully understand and accept that Jocath Photography Training is entitled to cancel my registration should it become
apparent that any of my particulars supplied in the registration forms are untrue or incorrect.

3. I shall be liable for payment for all damages caused by myself to the property of Jocath Photography Training.

4. I will comply with all rules and regulations determined by Jocath Photography Training. Failure to do so may lead to
disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion with no repayment of fees. Please note that if Jocath Photography
Training have to go to these extreme measures, the fee-paying party will still be liable for the full outstanding course
amount due and also for any legal action on attorney and client scale, should legal action become necessary. The full
outstanding course amount will become due immediately with no exceptions.

5. I hereby authorize Jocath Photography Training, in the event of me requiring urgent medical treatment, to get
medical assistance and declare that I will be responsible for the payment of this cost.

6. In the event of any fees due by me being unpaid on due date, the full balance of such fees remaining unpaid shall
become immediately payable and in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, and interest shall be charged by Jocath
Photography Training on the amount due from due date of payment at the rate equal to 2% per month on the full
outstanding amount.

7. I undertake not to bring any claim of any kind against Jocath Photography Training or any employee of
Jocath Photography Training and hereby indemnify Jocath Photography Training against any risk, loss, injury or
damage of any nature or kind arising out of any claim which may be proffered against Jocath Photography Training as
a result of any happenings of any nature which may take place on the premises of Jocath Photography Training or on
any trips away from the office/s.

8. I furthermore undertake to be liable for all legal costs, on attorney and client scale, in the event of my failure to comply
with any duty relating to the payments mentioned in clause 6 above.

9. Jocath Photography Training will not be held liable for the failure of any of their equipment used by students. The
provision of equipment is a value added service and students cannot claim compensation for any reason relating to failure
of equipment.

10. If a student leaves Jocath Photography Training for whatever reason after registration or during the course, he/she
remains liable to pay for his/her seat at Jocath Photography Training for the duration of the course. Since it is too late
for another student to fill that seat after commencement of the course, the student or fee-paying party will remain
responsible for the full fee, regardless of his/her attendance or lack of attendance.

11. Copyright and ownership for all work undertaken and handed out to students during the course shall vest in Jocath
Photography Training. These material/s may not be used or published in whatever way without the written consent of
Jocath Photography Training.

Signed at __________________________________ on this ____________day of ______________20_____________

___________________________________________                ___________________________________________________
Student                                                    Fee-paying party

__________________________________________                 ____________________________________________________
Mother/Guardian                                            Father/Guardian

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