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Welcome to Extreme Africa, and this, our first newsletter. The response to the site
since it has gone live has been unbelievable and we, the Extreme Team, thank you
all for your comments and words of encouragement. We are still busy adding to the
site and ironing out the odd bug so please bare with us and visit us regularly so as
not to miss anything.

Especially exciting is the Extreme Africa range of top class fishing clothing which you
will soon be able to view and purchase over the website.
On the fishing front, the end of the ‘off season’ is in sight, and even though we have
had some really good fishing action through the colder months we are all looking
forward to the warmer weather and the awesome fishing which it brings.

We have already secured top class bait for the coming season and can’t wait to put
our clients into some of the huge bronze whalers which should start arriving in False
Bay within the next 6 weeks.

Once again we thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you.

See you on the beach,
The Extreme Africa Team


At the recent Western Province prize giving our guides achieved some brilliant

Charl was the Overall Champion Angler for the second year running and was
selected for the Western Province A side.
Robbie finished just behind Charl in second place and was chosen as the convenor
of selectors for Western Province. He was also captain for his team, Two Oceans,
who walked away with the trophies for the winning B team, winning A team, and the
Overall Club Champions.
Greg finished in seventh place and was selected for the Western Province A side. He
was selected as beach manager for the Western Province Ladies side for the second
year running and was awarded a Western Province record for his Bronze Whaler of
227.1kg landed in April this year.


Recently SASAA (South African Surf Angling Association) has decided to recognise
separate ladies shore angling records. So with these records up for grabs Tish
Yelland, Chairlady of Woman’s Angling in South Africa arranged a trip with Greg on
the 8th of August.
Because of the prevailing conditions it was decided to head up the West Coast to
Ganzekraal, where we would fish a deepwater ledge called Kabeljoubank. The target
species were to be Soup fin Sharks (Tope) and Seven Gill Cow sharks.

On arrival we were joined by a few other club anglers. The perfect conditions raised
our expectations and soon we all had baits in the water.
First cast and Tish was into a small cow which she played brilliantly off the tricky rock
ledge before it was landed without too much fuss. Although it was only a small cow of
around 13 kilos it filled a blank space in the books and Tish had her record.

After this the cows really started biting well and soon everyone had fish. The action
continued throughout the day with some nice cows being landed and many more lost
due to the hooks pulling out of their soft mouths. The best fish of the day went to
Malcolm Paul with a cow of 71kg.

Tish persevered throughout the day determined to get a better fish. On literally her
last cast she got the pull and hooked what was definitely a better cow. Once again
she played the fish expertly. This fish measured 124cm precaudal length with a
weight of 24.26kg.

At the end of the day we had tagged and released ten cow sharks up to 71kilos and
lost count of how many were hooked. It is this sort of action that just keeps you
coming back for more.

              For lots more pictures from this trip check out our gallery!


With summer just around the corner be sure to take the correct measures to avoid
sunburn. Besides the permanent skin damage caused, excessive sunburn will
definitely put a damper on a fishing trip.
By wearing a wide brimmed hat you can keep the sun off your face. Always wear a
water resistant high SPF sun block on your face, lips and any other exposed skin.
It is a good idea to wear a long sleeve breathable shirt with a collar.
Also don’t forget to reapply your sun block. Even if it says waterproof, it will wash off
with continuous wading (or sweating while fighting a monster).

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