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The importance of quality service delivery to the public at the

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The importance of quality service delivery to the public at the Powered By Docstoc
					                                                                        Caught between the President and
                                                                                         your residence?
As President Thabo Mbeki has said in his             Service delivery is an outcome of interdependent processes and resources. Government
address to the National Council last year, we        organisations are asset intensive organisations where service delivery is directly linked to
need "municipalities that serve all our people       the asset performance and this includes all asset classes from plant to transport, facilities
and have the requisite capacity to provide           and IT assets.
regular and reliable services to citizens as well
as being at the forefront of the reconstruction      The key attributes that encompass service delivery:
and development of our country".                        Service Management (Client interface)
                                                        Asset Management (Service Support engine)
Government has received a clear mandate by              Work Management (Internal operations driver)
the constituency to keep up to its promises to
deliver quality services.                            Investments in point solutions are creating an unmanageable environment where business
                                                     information and processes are spread across multiple disparate systems. This neutralises
From the people’s point of view, government          the ability to provide effective customer communication such as status feedback through a
agencies have two types of service delivery          closed loop process from the initial request, up to service restoration. The impact on client
challenges to respond too:                           relationship management is obvious. As agencies, battle to control this environment the
                                                     tendency is to outsource. Initially this seams to be a solution but the management of
    Basic service rollout through infrastructure    contractual SLA’s becomes a new challenge.
    Service assurance through effective             Mandatory requirements for effective service delivery are indicated in the diagram below:

In this context, service rollout focuses on the       reporting systems                    service delivery                specialised systems
provisioning of basic services such as housing,                                                system
water, electricity, primary healthcare and basic                                             operations
infrastructure. The method of delivery is in the                                            management
form of turnkey projects delivered through                     citizen                                                         geographical
contractors. At project completion the new                  relationship                                                        information
services move to the next level, of service                 management                                                            system
assurance.                                                     business                                                        asset health
                                                            intelligence &                                                      monitoring
Service assurance has proven to be                               KPIs
challenging and complex as the agency
                                                             financial                    Government                            document
generally takes ownership and responsibility for                                                                               management
upholding the services and maintaining the
                                                            management                     Agencies
infrastructure involved. Paying consumers                      human                                                             computer
further expect high service levels, and the                  resources                                                         aided facility
challenge government faces is putting processes             management                                                         management
and structures in place for effective operations             fixed asset                                                        fuel/fluids
management to coordinate and channel                        management                                                         management
available resources as efficiently as possible to
service restoration and maintenance activities.

The question remains whether government              Local company IST Data offers MAXIMO™ an Asset & Service Management solution that
intervention and directives are steering agencies    provides an ideal platform for Government’s efforts to enhance service delivery.
to the public’s call for improved service delivery
in the right direction. Policy makers determine      MAXIMO’s unique multi-organisation and multi-site architecture allows for the deployment of
the focus of government agencies through             one single unified Asset & Service Management solution, for all assets. The MAXIMO suite
directives and legislation. Compliance to these      of products is fully web architectured ensuring access to information from all levels - from
becomes the main strategy of agencies and            constituency to government officials and management.
these initiatives consume resources, focus, and
effort. Until now, legislation such as the FMA
and the MFMA resulted in a myriad of “Asset
Register” Tenders being published. Intrinsically
“Asset registers” are static in nature and are
merely an inventory of assets held. Continuous
spending on auditing processes is required to
ensure validity of these lists. The result is that
organisations procure low cost asset register
systems or financial driven systems used by
financial management for the sole purpose of
reporting. To affect service delivery, a
mechanism is needed to close the loop between
the allocation of resources and assets and the
actual delivery of required services.

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