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The City of Cape Town is looking for an experienced project


The City of Cape Town is looking for an experienced project

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11 December 2003
Die Kaapse Instituut vir Handwerk & Ontwerp  IZiko Lasekapa Lobuchule Nobugcisa,
Faculty of Built Environment & Design, Room 2.413, Admin. Building,
Cape Technikon, P O Box 652, Cape Town, 8000,
Telephone: 27 (0)21 460-3982 Fax: 27 (0)21 460-3553       E-mail:

INDEX                                                                                BEAUTIFY A SHELTER IN LANGA

    Incredible digital camera offer                                            Would you like to be part of beautifying the new
    Could you develop a Visual Literacy Training Module?                       reading room of a shelter for abused women and
    Beautify a shelter in Langa                                                children in Langa?
    Entries invited for the Design Indaba Expo
    Intellectual property rights – let your views be heard!                    To commemorate the 16 Days of Activism against
    Needed: Project Manager: Hearts & Hands Craft Fair
                                                                                Women and Child Abuse campaign, Ms Bridget Bam
                                                                                (Chief Director of Finances in the Department of
Dear Crafters,                                                                  Cultural Affairs and Sport, has announced the
                                                                                donation of this new reading room, and has invited
In this last newsletter of 2003, we wish you a                                  kind donors to give what they can to make it a
prosperous and successful festive season. We                                    pleasant environment. Library books,
can’t wait to see you all again next year. Travel                               furniture,computers and printers are being sourced
safely, wherever you go!                                                        from various provincial departments. Two private
                                                                                companies are donating paint and overalls.

                                                                                It would be much appreciated if some craft items,
    INCREDIBLE DITITAL CAMERA OFFER                                             such as a wall piece, vase, rug or anything
                                                                                decorative could be donated.
Looking for a great digital camera? A highly
affordable price, great picture quality, many                                   Bridget Bam can be contacted directly at: (021)
features - 4 Mega Pixel, video & voice, built-in flash,                         488-2113 or (021) 483-2972 (office); (082) 462-
16 Mb memory (max 512 Mb!), TV out port,                                        1158 (cell); and/or 24 Whale Street (office
4xdigital zoom, preview display, USB PC interface,                              address).
lots of software. The competitive cameras are
selling at R2000+. This camera is selling for
R1350. Contact: David on 082-33-99-881 or
Yaron on 083-444-1279.                                                           ENTRIES INVITED FOR THE DESIGN
                                                                                INDABA EXPO

                                                                                The International Design Indaba has, over ten years
 COULD YOU DEVELOP A VISUAL                                                     since its inception, become a leading South African
LITERACY TRAINING MODULE?                                                       brand and national asset. The aim of the Design
                                                                                Indaba Conference and the Design Indaba
"CCDI is looking for a trainer to develop and                                   Magazine is to expose the delegates to cutting edge
implement a two week-long visual literacy/basics of                             design trends, opinions and techniques. The
design module at an NQF 2 level for the week of                                 Design Indaba and an accompanying Design Expo
26-30 January and 16-20 February 2004. The                                      will be held from 25 - 29 February 2004 in the
module is part of a year-long Learnership for                                   Cape Town International Convention Centre.
Beaders being run by Maradadi. The deadline for                                 The Expo will showcase only the very best of South
expressions of interest is 5 January 2004. For                                  Africa "design for sale" to the local and international
copies of the brief and the unit standards please                               market.
email Erica at before 12 noon,
Friday 19 December 2003.                                                        Entries for the Expo are being invited in Two
High-end Homegrown – entries that can carry              the authors of these works and receive benefit from
their own costs. Potential exhibitors will be            profits generated by the works. IP law therefore
required to submit their work for analysis by an         provides guidelines for regulating how IP rights can
advisory panel representative of the creative            be established and how original creative works can
industries in South Africa. Floorspace only costs R 1    be used by others. To varying degrees, IP law can
100 per m2. The exhibitor package including              protect rights to original ideas, traditional
shellscheme, carpeting, four spots, fascia               knowledge, brands, industrial manufacturing
nameboard, 15 amp power point per 9 m2, and free         designs, methods and processes, artworks, music,
listing in the award-winning, internationally            books, films and so on. Mechanisms for protecting
distributed Design Indaba magazine costs R1 250          IP include copyright, performance rights, patents,
per m2.                                                  trademarks, industrial designs etc.

Foundlings - These submissions can take the form         Please answer these questions if you have the time
of contact details and a mini motivation/biography       as it will help to make the information on the
of the proposed Foundling. The Foundlings'               website relevant to people in the industry. Let me
expenses and exhibition space will be fully              have a short blurb about yourself with your
sponsored; all that is required is their submission of   answers, and let me know if there is anything you
one piece of work, and their time at their stand at      send me that you do NOT want to appear on the
the Design Indaba Expo.                                  website and be read by the world at large, or of
                                                         there are comments or incidents you'd like to
Submissions are required by 15 December; please          publicize but in which you would like to be
forward the details via e-mail to fax (021) 418-6667     anonymous. Items received without conditions
or email Should you         attached I'll assume you want to be publicized. The
need any assistance, feel free to call +27 21 418        general idea is to get opinions and stories from
6666. The contact people are Emma Wright                 people to put on the website so others can learn
(manager and creative content of Design Indaba           about the ramifications of IP law and practice.
Expo); and Annette
Nortje (logistics and planning of Design Indaba          1. what are the major problems facing you here in
Expo)                    SA as a creative worker?

                                                         2. are there any issues specific to IP (e.g.
                                                         copyright) that have affected you?
LET YOUR VIEWS BE HEARD!                                 3. Do you take any steps to establish your
                                                         intellectual property (e.g. copyright) over your
Harriet Deacon from Cape Town is doing a website         work?
for the HSRC on intellectual property (IP) issues for
people in the creative industries, which includes        4. are there any examples of problems you or
video and film, publishing, heritage, music, art and     others in the industry have faced concerning
craft. She is doing a quick survey of people with        copyright etc?
email or fax access before the end of the year to
get some sense of what issues are most critical in       5. can you refer me to other people in the industry
the different sectors.                                   who may be able to give me a few comments?

Contact her by fax: 0866 720388 or e-mail: to respond to her
questions.                                                NEEDED: PROJECT MANAGER: HEARTS
                                                         & HANDS CRAFT FAIR
What is Intellectual Property?
                                                         "The City of Cape Town is looking for an
Intellectual property (IP) is a legal term               experienced project manager to manage the Hearts
representing the idea that people acquire rights as      and Hands Craft Fair which will form part of the
a result of their creativity and innovation.             Cape Town Festival. The Festival runs from 14-22
Intellectual Property Rights give the creative           March 2004. If you are interested you need to
worker a qualified monopoly over the ways in which       submit a proposal to Carl Johnson by 13 January
their work might be used to make money.                  2004. The briefing document is attached and for
Underlying IP law is the general idea that people        further queries contact Carl at or
who create original works should be recognised as        021 465 1166."
Craft Fair 2004

The Cape Town Festival invites suitably qualified and experienced project managers and/or companies to submit
proposals for the following project.

1    Project Title    Hearts and Hands Craft Fair
2    Basic Brief      To organize a craft programme for the Cape Town Festival with a view to achieving
                      the following objectives:
                      - adding value to the core event creating marketing, networking and sales
                          opportunities for craft producers and other programme participants
                      - building capacity amongst participants through relevant experience
                      - providing a showcase for craft from the broader Metropolitan area
3    Dates and        14 to 22 March 2004 from 10:00 to 19:00 daily
4    Set up from      Morning: Friday 12 March 2004
5    Break down       Mid-day: Tuesday 23 March 2004
6    Location         In Paddock Area above lawns surrounding pond below front entrance of South African
                      National Gallery to the south of the South African Museum.
7    Supplied by      Security, Public Liability Insurance, Marquees, limited single phase power, lighting,
     Cape Town        bins and rubbish removal, clearing up of shared areas, toilets and shared water points,
     Festival         marketing and ongoing activities in the Company Gardens.
8    Organised by     Participants fitting the basic brief, assurance that all health, cleanliness and safety
     Project          regulations of the city are met, ongoing quality assurance, collation of material
     Manager          pertinent to marketing, the facilitation of a series of regular demonstrations, general
                      décor and dressing of the space. The paddock area should be surrounded by a fence
                      made up of recycled and/or alien species materials. Liase with project manager of the
                      Children’s Festival to investigate the potential and realisation of craft activities suitable
                      for children.
9    Payments         The project manager will be paid a negotiable fee. Participants will not be charged for
                      facilities but will operate at risk with 5% of turnover accruing to the Cape Town
10   Other            The project manager may be asked, and should occasionally be available, to be
                      interviewed by print and electronic media.

Respond to: The Cape Town Festival, P.O Box 12528, Mill Street 8010, Cape Town, South Africa.
Ph: 021 465 1166; Fax: (021) 689 4044; Email :; Website :

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