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NEWSLETTER OF CAPE TOWN MASTERS SWIMMING CLUB                                                MARCH / APRIL 2006

                                                               champs were a huge success. I‟m sure you have had
                                                               loads of positive feedback from all the other troops.

                                                               Secondly, a big congrats to all the swimmers….. I went
                                                               though the results yesterday and 8 of the 10 SA relay
                                                               records that were broken were by CTM teams. That
                                                               shows we really are in our own league!!!!

                                                               Well done to the following relay teams on those SA
                                                               records and 1 world record:
Perry Cadiz writes
                                                               WORLD RECORD:
What an exciting month March has been! It started with            200-240 women freestyle: Celia, Di C,
4 days swimming at nationals and ended with some                    Sanderina and Gail
serious skiing in the Alps. I am definitely not
complaining!!! Nationals came and went by in a flash           SOUTH AFRICAN RECORDS:
but not without an awesome display of athletic talent by           200-240 women medley relay: Celia, Di C,
the 77 CTM swimmers that attended.                                  Sanderina and Gail
                                                                   200-240 mixed medley relay: Celia,
We are the proud winners of the overall trophy for the              Sanderina, Tim and Paul B
most points scored, as well as the winners of the trophy           200-240 men medley relay: Tyrone, Tim, Paul
for the most new members attending nationals. Pretty                and Nigel
good going I think. We lacked a bit of spirit this year,
                                                                   200-240 mixed free relay: Tim, Celia,
but since a large majority of our members were busy
                                                                    Sanderina and Paul
with the organization of the event, it is more than
                                                                   160-200 women free relay: Perry, Marcelle,
understandable. Maybe next year we can aim for the
                                                                    Lucy and Marianne
spirit bowl and give the Wahoo crowd a run for their
money.                                                             240-280 men free relay: Peter Bales, Mike
                                                                    Clark, David Mclachlan and Ralph King
Firstly well done and thank you to Allen, Judy and the             160-200 men free relay: Patrick, Nigel, Alex S,
rest of the WP committee on their great effort – the                Graeme Vd Vlugt

                                                                                YOU GOT NEWS?

2      WRISTY BUSINESS                                                Newsletters need news. If you've
                                                                     got some or some thoughts to share
                                                                      please pass them on to me (Peter
       MAKE NEWS                                                         Brandt on (082) 562 4623 or
4      FACES OF THE ACES / FROM THE WEB                                     peter@tincrow.co.za)


                                                         SPLOSH 1
SAMS colours were awarded to the following 12             The Brian Curtis Mile was held at a new venue-
swimmers: Clara Aurik, Celia Stanford, Jean               Misverstand dam. We had a fairly good turn out for
Degenaar, Sanderina Kruger, Di Coetzee, Marianne          both the 1km and 3km swims although less than the
Kriel, Sandy Reeves, Gail Mcarney, Doug Howieson,         previous years. CTM co-hosts this event so keep it in
Tyrone Tozer, Paul Blackbeard and David Mclachlan.        the back of your minds for next year. It would be great
                                                          to see many more of you suoorting this swim. It is
The Colin Cable trophy was won by Tricia Rix _it is       worth the drive as the venue really is very pretty with
awarded to the swimmer over 60 that scores the most       loads of facilities.
points for the toughest races.
                                                          I missed the Fish Hoek Mile but the women outdid the
The Victrix Ladorum was awarded to Sanderina              men again!!!! Congrats to Noon Nurse and Anne Marie
Kruger for the best female competitor at the champs.      Odendaal who came 1st and 2nd in the ladies 50+.
                                                          Doug Howieson swam to victory and Mike Winfield
My next time consuming task was to look at all the        came 3 in the men‟s 50+.
long course records broken in the last season. I hope I   Carina Bruwer successfully crossed False Bay without
haven‟t left anyone out but there could easily be some    being chowed by a great white!!! What a great
human error here. Well done on these fantastic            achievement . We will hear more about her
achievments:                                              expereince in the next newsletter.
SA RECORDS:                                               The new season starts on may 1 . We will be having
    Celia Stanford:                                      the CTM AGM on the 18 May at Woodside Village in
      100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 freestyle                  Rondebosch at 7.30pm. Please make every effort to
      50, 100, 200 backstroke                             be there.. Swimmers planning to participate at Worlds
      100 fly                                             need to register at the AGM. The rest of you have until
      200, 400 IM                                         1 September but it is much easier to get it over and
    Clara Aurik: 400, 800 freestyle                      done with at the AGM. I will let you know the new fee
    Doug Howieson: 1500 freestyle                        for the 2006/2007 season before the AGM. Watch out
    Bob Garnham:                                         for the e-mail.
      1500 freestyle                                      If there are any members keen to sit on the committee,
      50 fly                                              please let me know asap.
    Jean Degenaar: 200 IM                                All the odds and ends get sorted out at the AGM so if
    Paul Blackbeard: 100 fly                             you are missing winter fitness things, or medals or kit,
    Lucy Barlow: 200 backstroke                          this is the place to be. See you there.
    Marianne Kriel: 50, 100 backstroke
                                                          Hope you are all well.
    Perry Cadiz: 50, 100, 200 backstroke
                                                          Love Perry
    Lenchen Zundorf:
     50, 100 freestyle
     50, 100 breaststroke                                 WRISTY BUSINESS
     100 backstroke                                       by Steph Goedhals
    Ralph King: 800, 1500 freestyle
    Hester Brusser: 1500 freestyle                       We‟ve often heard that it doesn‟t really matter what
    Anthony Sneath: 1500 freestyle                       happens on top of the water but rather what goes on
    Noon Nurse: 50 fly                                   beneath the surface. But surely the one leads into the
    Gail Mcarney: 200 breaststroke                       other…
    Alex Skinner:
     50 fly                                               When it comes to speed it helps if everything works in
     200 freestyle                                        the most efficient way. In freestyle the stroke is a
    Bob Garnham: 50 backstroke                           continuous motion where the fingers lead going into
    David Mclachlan:                                     the water, followed by the hands and wrist catching
     200, 400 IM                                          the water. Often swimmers don‟t get an effective pull-
     100 fly                                              through because their wrists basically “give way” as
    Lucy Barlow: 100 freestyle                           they enter the water. The trick is to keep them strong
    Perry Cadiz: 50 freestyle                            so that they allow the elbow to produce a good, hefty

                                                    SPLOSH 2
If you think about it – as soon as your wrist gives way       LYDIA GOLDSWAIN
or your hand position is not ideal, it‟ll actually slow you
down because it adds resistance to your arm action.           Some of you may recall an article that appeared in in
So how do you improve your wrist strength? Here are           the Sept / Oct 2004 edition of SPLOSH!, that dealt with
2 simple exercises:                                           the accomplishment of Lydia Goldswain, a 42 year old
                                                              with spastic diplegia (which makes the legs weak and
       Take a piece of newspaper in one hand. Keep           clumsy), who swam from Robben Island to Big Bay in
        your hand and wrist very still and use your           6hrs and 23 minutes.
        fingers to scrunch it up into a tight ball. Do the
        same thing with the other hand. Repeat a few          Well, she upped the stakes in the beginning of March
        times.                                                by becoming the first disabled person to swim from Big
       Whilst sitting in front of the TV, rest your          Bay to Robben Island and back – this time at the much
        forearms on your thighs so that just your             improved rate of eight hours and twenty-six minutes.
        hands reach over your knees. Hold a light
        weight (or beer or a can of food – whichever          Although she only learnt to swim three years ago, this
        you prefer) in both hands and, keeping your           is Lydia‟s third long distance swim. Her next challenge,
        arms on your thighs, curl your wrists up              she hopes, will be the English Channel in August.
        towards you. It‟s not meant to be a bicep curl
        – it‟s just in the wrist…see how many you can
        manage and gradually increase your number
        of reps. You can do a similar thing with your
        palms facing downwards and curling the top of
        your hands towards you. As your wrists get
        stronger you can also increase the weight (or
        move onto wine bottles or larger cans of food
        – whichever you prefer).

It is obvious that CT Masters have the fitness bug,
Pete [3hr 43min] Steve Johnson, Tim Shead and
Marianne Kriel were spotted peddling for their lives!              Lydia's caregiver Joyce Klaas embraces her as a group
Congrats to all who took part.                                              of friends get close to congratulate her.
                                                                                        Pic: Cape Times

DURBAN SEA MILE                                               CARINA BRUWER CROSSES
Julie de Vries has mailed us about the brand new              FALSE BAY
Durban Sea Mile on Easter.
                                                              In his Open Water Report in our February edition of
It is backed by the city of Durban, and have a goal to        SPLOSH!, Peter Bales mentioned Carina Briwer‟s
break the record of 1000 entries for a sea swim. The          intention to swim the 35 kilometers across False Bay.
Sharks Board are on board, as are the NSRI and
Lifesavers.                                                   At the end of February, after a wait of a month, she
                                                              became only the third person to complete the swim
Jiulie mentions: ”there will be boats all the way, and        from Rooi Els to Millers‟ Point.
Easter the water is always clean, warm, flat and
friendly – also the section of sea near Ushaka is great       Despite hypothermia and some difficult moments in
as it is protected by the harbour wall and is usually flat    GPS-defying mist, she completed the swim in just
like Mauritius!”                                              short of eleven hours.
For details, phone Julie at 083 644 7879

                                                        SPLOSH 3
I don‟t think anyone guessed who our last ace
was! I‟m talking, of course, of the young lad, with
arms folded, in a disturbingly proportioned cozzie.

Well, it‟s none other than Bob Garnham, looking
ready (as ever!) to conquer the world. Thanks for
the pic Bob – don‟t be surprised if the ladies start
buying you drinks at the next socials.

No Face of the Ace this edition, folks, but please –
kepp sending the pix in!

Meanwhile, here are some faces from the recent
Nationals Ball in Malmesbury. For those who are
unaware, the theme was “Cape Country Carnival”,
and our team styked themselves after our very
own Kaapse klopse.

Tto view the entire gallery, visit:
.html                                                                      Gary Bristow and Gail MacCarney,
                                                                           showing that they have „the styles‟

                                                             FROM THE WEB
                                                             This excerpt taken from a report by Jack Milner – Sapa
                                                             Posted on http://www.swimsa.co.za on Mon, Mar 27 2006

                                                             Invest in our stellar athletes, says Mashishi

                                                             South Africa needs to ask itself whether it is investing
                                                             sufficiently in the country's athletes. This is the
                                                             question posed by South African Sports Commission
                                                             and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) president Moss
                                                             Mashishi when a large contingent of the South African
          Tricia Rix – I kid you not! That shiny thing
           in her hand is the Colin Cable award for          Commonwealth Games team arrived back from
         the swimmer who shows the most courage              Melbourne on Sunday evening.
      at Nationals. Amazingly enough, Tricia has won
       this before, at the 2003 Nationals, in Durban.        The athletes returned with 38 medals in total -
                                                             including 12 gold - and finished in fifth position overall
                                                             on the medals table. This is the best-ever performance
                                                             by a South African team and eclipses the sixth-place
                                                             finish at the 2002 games in Manchester.

                                                             "Other countries such as Australia and England put
                                                             millions into their sportsmen and women, so when you
                                                             consider the disparity of investment, our athletes have
                                                             performed miracles," said Mashishi.

                                                             Chef de Mission Gideon Sam did not hold back when
                                                             giving his assessment of the financial constraints of SA
                                                             athletes. "We were given promises after Manchester
       Okay, I give up – I have no idea who this is…         that banks would be broken into in order to find

                                                          SPLOSH 4
                                                   sufficient funding for our athletes.
                                                   "Obviously their security is very good because the
                 st                 nd             banks still have their money, and the athletes have
Karleen Scott 1 ; Carol Gilbert 2 ; Irena de
       th                th               th       nothing," said Sam.
Kock 7 ; Liz Brunette 19 ; Clara Aurik 26 ;
Ernie Cedervall 24 ; Jjean Degenaar and Ilva
May Fferreira 29
                                                   CAPE TOWN CHRONICLES
Fred Upham 1 ; Darryl Smith and Anthony
          th                   th
Sneath 6 ; Claire Amner 19 ; Adrian van der        With Nationals having come and gone, Garry Bristow‟s
            st                    nd
Merwe 21 ; Dave Chapman 22 ; Nigel                 been at it again… to view this year‟s Cape Town
Cones and John Green 23 ; Michael Winfield         Chronicles, go to the CT Masters Web site, and click
27                                                 on the links found on the Home page:
                                                   Here are some excerpts:
18 May – Cape Town Mmastes Swimmin
AGM, at Woodside Village, Rondebosch, at

To all who swam at Nationals, and especially
to our world record-breaking relay team of
Celia, Di Coetzee, Sanderina and Gail

          YOUR CLUB
Chairman: Perry Cadiz
797 7320 pcadiz@ct.stormnet.co.za
Member & Minutes Secretary: Marcelle Strauss
976-5069 marzi.s@mweb.co.za
Treasurer: Bez Bezuidenhout                        Britt Stott of Dolphins is currently under investigation by the
9766165 tjbez@iafrica.com                          Masters Disciplinary committee, as she was caught red handed
PRO & website: Peter Brandt                        getting a “little help from a friend”
785 7610 peter@tincrow.co.za
Stock and kit, Coordination: Di Hau                Despite being caught in the act she refused to give a urine
7944133 bramasol@iafrica.com                       sample and must now face the full wrath of the committee.
Galas and socials: Anne-Marie Odendaal
9765569 aoden@telkomsa.net
Champs co-ordination: Lenchen Zundorf
785 1406 lenchen.z@absa.co.za


                                                     No wonder girls are attracted to men who swim. John Green
                                                    doing a little stretching before his race on day 1 of the champs

                                               SPLOSH 5

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