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									                              Babcock Africa SHEQ Policy Document

SHEQ Policy
Internal Document Number BG 021
Revision 3

This document supersedes BG 000.


     REQUIREMENT                                           ISO 9001   ISO14001    ISO18001
 1   Index
 2   Group Organisation Chart                                6.3        4.4.1       4.4.1
 3   Company Profile
 4   Scope and Application of the SHEQ management system      1.0        1.0          1.0
 5   Exclusions                                               1.0        1.0          1.0
 6   Normative Legal, Regulatory and Other Requirements    1.0& 2.0   2.0 & 4.3   2.0 & 4.3.2
 7   Vision
 8   Mission
 9   Core Values
10   SHEQ Statement
11   Quality Policy Statement                                5.3
12   Environmental Policy Statement                                     4.2
13   Environmental Aspects                                              4.3
14   Health and Safety Policy Statement                                              4.2
15   Business Objectives and Goals
16   Quality Objectives and Goals                           5.4.1
17   Environmental Objectives and Goals                                 4.3.3
18   Health and Safety Objectives and Goals                                         4.3.3
19   Defined SHEQ Processes
20   Stop Work Authorisation



     Babcock Engineering is the engineering and project management division of Babcock Africa Services
     (Pty) Limited, a multi-disciplined, multi-product company which is a subsidiary of the Babcock
     International Group PLC, headquartered in the United Kingdom. (Refer to Group organisational
     chart, see Section 2 above).

     The Babcock International Group’s long and enviable record as a world leader in the design and
     supply of large fossil-fuel fired power station boilers, heat recovery steam generators, materials
     handling plant, marine and shipping engineering, petrochemical installations and the nuclear power
     industry ideally positions Babcock Engineering to provide a world class service to all elements of the
     energy industry in Africa.

     Babcock Engineering is capable of providing turnkey packages with through-life support,
     incorporating design engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication, construction and
     commissioning of energy and related process plant, together with a full range of repair and
     maintenance services. The Company specializes in niche in construction-only contracts in the
     petrochemical and other process plant sectors.
     Alignment with our customers’ objectives has developed a responsibility for managing and minimising
     their risks by setting and sustaining high professional standards aligned to a non-confrontational,
     long term relationship dedicated to providing quality products and services on time and within budget.

     Babcock Engineering is fully committed to managing the supply of products and services which meet
     or exceed the specified needs of all stakeholders in terms of the organisational core values, culture
     and commitment to the policies and concepts described in this Policy.

     To facilitate this Babcock Engineering implements a wholly integrated quality, health, safety and
     environmental management system which is formally accredited in accordance with the requirements
     of SABS ISO 9001, and which conforms to the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. This
     system is known as the Babcock Engineering Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality
     Management System (SHEQ).


         4.1. Quality – ISO 9001:2000 (Certificate No. 140046)
              Provision of turnkey packages with through-life support,             incorporating engineering
              management, design engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication,
              construction and commissioning of large multi-disciplinary, engineering and construction
              projects, together with a full range of repair and maintenance services throughout Africa.

         4.2 Environment – ISO 14001:1996;
             Environment impact management for offices, projects, designs and sites to prevent pollution
             and to protect our natural environment.
             Legislative requirements and information about environmental aspects and impacts over
             which this company can maintain control.
       4.3 Occupational Health And Safety – ISO 18001:1999;
           Management and control to eliminate the impact of the risks associated with the Babcock
           Engineering activities to employees and other interested parties, and to ensure compliance
           with legislative requirements.


       5.1 There are no exclusions from the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996 or ISO

       5.2 Should there be a requirement in the future for an element of ISO 9001:2000, ISO
           14001:1996 or ISO 18001:1999 to be excluded, this will be implemented with reasonable


       6.1 Babcock Engineering is committed to complying with all legal, normative and statutory
           references and regulations as listed in the B.E. Legal Register BG 026 Part 1.

       6.2 The B.E. Legal Register is maintained and updated periodically as appropriate in accordance
           with the B.E. Legal compliance and maintenance procedure BG 026 Part 2.


       7.1 “Growing towards 200 years of service excellence”


       8.1 “We will continuously improve stakeholder value by providing world class solutions and
           services, maximizing the potential of our people and technologies in a safe and healthy


       9.1    Integrity              We strive for open, honest and fair relationships with
                                     everyone and maintain highest standards of ethical
                                     behaviour at all times.
       9.2    Motivated People       We have passion for growing and empowering our people
                                     who are confident, motivated and have pride in their work.
                                     We create an environment where people and their ideas are
                                     valued, rewarded and team work is encouraged.
       9.3    Customer driven        We instill trust and confidence in our customers by
                                     responding to their needs with speed, professionalism and
       9.4    Passion for Excellence We strive to be the best in meeting or exceeding customers’
                                     expectations and we seek effective solutions in all we do.
                                     We act in a safe and responsible manner within a framework
                                     of sound governance.
       9.5    Continuous Improvement We continuously and proactively strive for stretch targets
                                     and challenge the boundaries to find innovative solutions.
                                     We invest energy, training and support in achieving this.

      Babcock Engineering considers our motivated employees as its most valuable asset and undertakes,
      arising from any of the operations associated with its business to:-
              Safeguard them as far as is reasonably possible from injury or damage to health.
              Compile, implement and communicate integrated business management systems to ensure
                 compliance with statutory and company regulations in the field of:-
                    o Health & Safety management
                    o Environmental management
                    o Quality management

      The employer’s obligation is to provide the opportunity for training and progressive awareness of the
      SHEQ management systems and associated regulations.

      The employees’ obligations are to be aware of and comply with the above management systems and
      associated regulations.

      Both Babcock Engineering and the employees commit to continuously find ways of improving the
      overall business management systems.


      Babcock Engineering is;
            committed to supplying products and services of consistent quality that conform fully with
               company and statutory requirements and in meeting our customer’s documented and
               implied expectations in terms of technical, budget and time compliance.

               dedicated to the continual review, development and improvement of all aspects of its
                business, in particular :-

                   The development and improvement of the Company’s products and services in line
                    with customers’ needs and expectations.

                   The development of an efficient and effective Quality System based upon ISO
                    9001:2000 and generally accepted best practices in the management of technology
                    and projects, a system which not only ensures that product and service quality is
                    consistent, but also helps to ensure minimal wastage in all our processes.

                   The evaluation, training and development of its employees in order to meet the
                    company’s objectives.

                   The ongoing development of the corporate culture that incorporates constant problem
                    solving and continuous improvement, encouraging all employees to take total pride in,
                    and responsibility for, their work and the development of better working practices.

                   Establishing and reviewing quality objectives for all levels that are realistic, achievable
                    and measurable taking into cognisance preventive action for outside influences that
                    could prevent the achievement of the objectives.

                   Management will communicate this policy to all employees and staff in such a way that
                    it is properly understood.

      Babcock Engineering maintains an environmental management system that ensures conformity with
      national statutory legal and other environmental requirements. We will plan, manage and deliver the
      required environmental aspects.

      The fundamental concepts underlying the Environmental Management Policies of Babcock
      Engineering are:

                Conformance and operation in accordance with ISO 14001, which ensures that
                 environmental requirements are consistently met.
                Setting and reviewing company’s environmental objectives and targets, legal compliance
                 and other requirements ensuring continued business growth and improvement.
                Communication, training and development of employees in order to develop awareness of
                 all company environmental legal and other requirements and meet the company’s
                 environmental objectives and targets.
                Ongoing development of the corporate culture of an environmental friendly way of life that
                 incorporates constant problem solving and continuous improvement, encouraging all
                 employees to take total pride in, and responsibility for, their work and the development of
                 better working practices.
                Plan and execute work in such a way the adverse effects on the environment from possible
                 pollution and wastage are avoided.


          13.1        Environmental aspects are any activities, products or services that can interact with
                      the environment.

          13.2        All significant aspects are addressed in a Register. The Register contains significant
                      background, legal requirements, objectives/targets and specific actions.

          13.3        Environmental initiatives are all those planned activities that exist for the purpose of
                      developing realistic waste minimisation objectives and targets to reduce:-
                             Energy use
                             “Process” waste output
                             Implement “Green” Initiatives, applying “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”


      Babcock Engineering demonstrates it’s care for the health and safety of all people associated with the
      activities and processes of the company by eliminating all risks to health and safety by implementing
      and maintaining a documented health and safety management system, to ensure;

                Conformance and operation in accordance with the requirements of ISO 18001, which
                 ensures that occupational health and safety management requirements are consistently
                Setting and reviewing company’s occupational health and safety objectives and targets
                 ensuring continued business growth and improvement.
                Management of and compliance with the requirements of the Occupational, Health and
                 Safety Act 85:1993 and regulations and other requirements as deemed appropriate.
                Communication, training and development of employees in order to develop awareness of
                 all company occupational health and safety requirements, objectives, targets and personal
                Availability of records and information to all interested parties.


          15.1       The Babcock Engineering business goals and objectives are aligned with the strategic
                     plan which is embodied in the Balanced Scorecard

          15.2       The Balanced Scorecard summarises on an ongoing basis, the degree to which the
                     key business objectives have been attained, it is categorized as follows:-
                           -      Financial
                           -      Customer / Stakeholder
                           -      Internal business processes
                           -      Organisation & learning

          15.3    The business goals and objectives are reflected in the objectives and goals of the SHEQ
                  management system.

          15.4    All employees and staff are encouraged to understand and practice the following
                  business precepts:-

                          Excellence and competitiveness are totally compatible with honesty and
                          Each employee is encouraged to be proactive and to take charge of his / her
                           own work environment, to accept accountability and responsibility to evaluate
                           any potential problem in a logical manner.
                          Embrace innovation, recognise good, ideas, distill them and implement them,
                           be prepared to be either the teacher or the student.
                          Respect clients, suppliers and each other.
                          Always seek the competitive advantage, be demanding of service excellence.


      The following quality goals and objectives are aligned with the overall business goals and objectives
      of the company and synchronised in terms of development and implementation.

          16.1     Customer satisfaction / awareness programmes.

                   Customer satisfaction / delight is a declared business priority and is a measurable
                   attribute of the success of our business strategy.
                   The measurement of our customers’ awareness and satisfaction with our products,
                   services, commitment and helpfulness is coordinated in response to regular feedback
                   from all project and sales managers.

          16.2     Employee satisfaction & training. (“New” Skills)
                   Takes cognisance of:
                       potential changes in personnel,
                       the direction taken by the company,
                         first world business methods,
                         the adoption of progressively advanced reporting and communication systems
                         the integration of training requirements and skills enhancement programmes.

         16.3     Process Measurement & Improvement
                  This applies to all business processes; prioritisation will be selective and implementation
                  progressive. The reduction in the cost of non-conformance is implied.

         16.4     Safety Health & Environmental Management
                  The progressive development of ISO 18000 & 14000 Safety, Health & Environmental
                  programmes with certification and beneficial implementation as the objectives.

         16.5     Development of documented business systems.
                  Documenting internal business procedures are developed in phase with the growth and
                  direction of the overall business.


      The following environmental goals and objectives are aligned with the overall business goals and
      objectives of the company and synchronised in terms of development and implementation.

         17.1.         Environmental Management.
                       To establish, implement, maintain and to continually review environmental
                       management standards that meet statutory, community and company

         17.2.         Management of Incidents.
                       Develop and implement risk assessment, preventive action and contingency plans
                       for the control of potential incidents associated with environmental aspects and
                       their associated impact.

         17.3.         Communication.
                       To inform Babcock, contractor and supplier personnel of their responsibilities in
                       relation to the environmental issues listed in the Babcock environmental aspects

         17.4.         Continuous improvement.
                       To regularly audit business activities and standard practices to identify
                       opportunities to improve levels of confidence that planned objectives are met.

         17.5.         Environment.
                       To reduce waste and pollution associated with the Environmental Aspects.
                       Progress towards achieving environmental objectives may be measured by
                       assessing the increasing environmental awareness of staff and employees and the
                       reducing frequency or impact of environmental incidents and environmental


      The following health & safety goals and objectives are aligned with the overall business goals and
      objectives of the company and synchronised in terms of development and implementation.
        18.1   Progressive training and awareness
               Provide training to Babcock personnel, contractors and suppliers as appropriate for the
               purpose of raising awareness of the Babcock, customer and Occupational Health and
               Safety Act 85:1993 requirements.

        18.2   Elimination of Health & Safety incidents and accidents
               To progressively eliminate the occurrence of disabling Health and Safety incidents or
               accidents through continued compliance with, and the application of, the regulations and
               requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85:1993.

        18.3   Monitor and maintain records
               To provide demonstrable compliance with statutory requirements and regulations by
               documenting and maintaining health and safety records.


        19.1   It is recognised that all business activities are processes. All processes are controlled
               by documented procedures and instructions where it is judged that the absence of such
               documents would adversely effect the quality of Babcock products or services and
               environmental, health and safety responsibility.

        19.2   Enabling SHEQ processes that contribute towards the effectiveness and continual
               improvement of the business are;
                       Management reviews
                       Audits
                       Corrective and preventive actions
                       Continual improvement of management systems
                       Customer Satisfaction Index
                       Product control and improvement
                       Monitoring, measuring and benchmarking
                       Environmental management
                       Emergency preparedness and response
                       Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
                       Occupational health and safety management

        19.3   The effectiveness of the SHEQ management requirements processes is determined and
               evaluated by management review of;
                        Quality audits
                        Environmental audits
                        Occupational health and safety audits
                        Legal compliance audits
                        Environmental aspects assessments and impact evaluations
                        Occupational health and safety hazard identification, risk assessment and
                           risk control
                        Process validation and statistical analysis reports
                        SHEQ corrective and preventive action results

        19.4   SHEQ aspects and considerations are carefully evaluated when preparing tenders and
               during the design or initiation stages of projects or contracts.

        19.5   All other requirements for SHEQ management process controls which may be unique to
               specific contracts or applications are timeously identified and documented.

        20.1    The SHEQ department is hereby given the authority to order the cessation of any
                activity at any stage when circumstances arise that are :-
                           detrimental to the quality of the product or services or,
                           where the health and safety of any person is endangered or,
                           where the protection of the environment may be compromised.

                And which

        20.2    Cannot be rectified by normal repair procedures.

        20.3    Continue to occur in spite of previous non-conformance reports.

                The work shall not continue until suitable preventive and corrective actions have been
                agreed between Quality Assurance Management, Project Management and where
                required, the Client. The manner and the responsibility for instituting the corrective and
                preventive actions shall be similarly agreed.

        Neil C. Penson
        Managing Director - Babcock Engineering (Pty) Ltd

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