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                         RISK ASSESMENT:
                      NIEUWOUDT BELT-TRAP

1. Requirements for Installation of the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap

   All lifting and electric equipment must be in good working condition
   Heavy objects must be hoisted with lifting equipment
   The use and ware of safety belts, and other safety protective ware is
   No person(s) should pass under installation area during installation period
   The Mines/Clients Electrician is responsible for isolating the action of the
    conveyor belt into an inactive state during installation of the Nieuwoudt Belt-
   Area around and under conveyor belt area must be cleaned after completion of
    the installation of the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap
   Safety procedures for a lockout on the conveyor belt during installation must
    be adhered to.

2. Maintenance of the Belt-Trap

   The two idler rollers on the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap on which the belt runs must
    be visually examined and replaced on a regular basis.
   Dust and any solids have to be removed from the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap when
    conveyor belt is not running.

3. Precaution during use

   Do not remove or add-on weights to the counter weight after installation of
    the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap
   Recommend that the Mine/Client install a trip switch on the Nieuwoudt Belt-
    Trap to stop the belt when the counter weight of the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap
    comes into action.

4. Re-set instructions of Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap after stoppage due to belt

   Lift the Take-Up-Counter-Weight to release the tension on the conveyor belt
    before clamping the top and bottom conveyor belt after belt breakage
   Clamp the top and bottom conveyor belt behind the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap
    after breakage of the belt had occurred. Maximum tension must be applied to
    secure the belt.
   After securing the belt with clamping devices, release the top and bottom
    arresting component of the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap by pulling the clamping
    section of the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap into a forward position to release the hold
    on the belt. Insert lock-pins to hold catcher in open position
   After splicing the conveyor belt, lower the Take-Up-Counter-Weight. This
    action will tighten the tension on the conveyor belt. Remove lock pins.
    Ensure that the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap is in normal free running working
   Under no circumstances should there be any deviation from previous safety
    rules on conveyor belt systems.

5. When executing normal maintenance and the idler roller needs to be
   replaced the following procedure must be followed and adhered to:

   Two lock out pins on each of the top and bottom catcher arms were provided
    with the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap. The top catcher arm must be lifted and the
    bottom catcher arm must be lowered to the neutral position. The lock out pins
    must be inserted in the pinholes.
   The top conveyor belt must be lifted to clear the top roller. Both idlers rollers
    can then be replaced.
   After completion of the replacement of the rollers, the top and bottom catcher
    arms must be dropped to the normal operational position and lockout system
    pins must be removed.
   After completion of these actions, the Nieuwoudt Belt-Trap and conveyor belt
    will be back in operational mode.

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