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                                         Suite 316                   Phone Work : 041-3634149
                                         Greenacres Hospital         Fax Work : 041-3637815
                                         Rochelle Road               E-mail
                                         Port Elizabeth

Dr Hendrik Jan de Jonge

Personal       Marital status: Married,2 children aged 22 and 19
               Nationality: Dutch
                Date of birth: 28 February 1954
                Place of Birth: Haarlem, The Netherlands

 Education     1973 : Matriculation
               1973-1974: 1 year law at the University of Leiden, Holland
               1975-1981 : MBChB at the University of Leiden, Holland
               1990 : MMed Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of
                     Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Professional   1982: Medical officer, Anaesthetic Department; Medical officer
experience     Orthopaedic Department.
               1983-1984: Medical doctor Military Services, Holland.
               1985: Medical officer Orthopaedic Department Tygerberg Hospital,
               South Africa.
               1986-1990: Registrar Orthopaedic Surgery, Tygerberg Hospital.
               1991: Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, Tygerberg Hospital.
               End 1991 to date: Private Orthopaedic surgeon, Port Elizabeth, South
               1991 to date: Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, Rheumatology Clinic,
               Provincial Hospital, Port Elizabeth.
               1995 to date: Secretary of the Eastern Cape branch of the South African
               Orthopaedic Association.

Power Plate
               2002 to date : Opened the first Power Plate centre in South Africa ,in
               Greenacres Hospital, Port Elizabeth for rehabilitating patients post-
               Operatively and starting patients on the Power Plate for osteoporosis
               2003 to date : Developed a very successful programme for osteoporosis
               Patients. Confirmed and followed up with bone a density test which is
               based on weight increase up to 10kg while the patients are training on
               the Power Plate.
               2004 to date: Involved with the Power Plate at the University of Port
               Elizabeth Biokinetics Department to train and educate the biokinetics
               students in the Power Plate philosophy.

Research       1978: Gastroscopic examination and results of 50 patients.

               1981: Congenital hip dislocation and Hip dysplasia.

               1983: Electromyographic examination in cycling.

               1984: Scheuermann disease in Military Service personnel from 1950-1981.

               1988-1989: Anterior cervical fusion follow-up of 35 patients.

Professional   Member of the South African Orthopaedic Association.
               Member of the South African Spine Society.

Congresses     1999 :
               1. British Spine Society congress in Manchester, United Kingdom.

               2.European Spine Congress in Kos, Greece

               3. Operated together with Dr. Mehedian in Nottingham, U.K.-spine
               surgery with Instrumentation.

               2000 :

               1. World Spine Congress in Berlin, Germany.

               2001 :

               1. February 2001-MSD University Programme in Sun City.

               2. April 2001-8th International Congress on surgery of the Shoulder,
               Cape Town, South Africa.

               3. May 2001-Spine Arthroplasty-International Symposium on
               intervertebral disc replacement and non-fusion technology, Munich,

               4. May 2001-3rd Annual congress of the South African Spine Society,
               Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I was congress organiser at this event.

               5. September 2001-South African Orthopaedic Association Congress at
               Sun City.

               6. September 2001-South African Knee Society Congress at Sun City.

               2002 :

               1. May 2002-Spine Arthroplasty-International Symposium in Montpellier,

               2. June 2002-South African Spinal Congress , Durban.

               2003 :

               1. 12-14 June 2003-South African Spine Society Congress,

               2. September 2003-South African Orthopaedic Association Congress,
               Cape Town.


          1. May 2004-Spine Arthroplasty Congress, Vienna, Austria

          2. June 2004-South African Spine Society Congress, Windhoek, Namibia.

Hobbies   Tennis – was twice seeded 4th in the Netherlands under 18 years



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