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                        LKE KI ND SPE A AL I S!!
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Dear Parents,

Welcome in the new year. We hope that you had a well deserved holiday. A special
welcome to our new children and parents – we look forward to a long and prosperous road
with you.

1.     The planning for the year has already been done and here are the important dates
       for the first term:

       11 February              Parents Evening
                                16h00 – 17h30

       26 January               Visit: Tripidipiti Productions
                                I’m special (My body and senses)
                                Cost: R15

       11 March                 Photos

       School close             27 March
                                Crèche stays open

2.     Themes:

       We follow specific themes every week and invite you to send anything interesting
       to school. Find attached the themes for the first term.

3.     Toys, sweets, food and cold drink:

       PLEASE DO NOT SEND any toys, food, sweets or cold drink to school. There are
       a lot of tears when the other children want to share in it. I know we can count on
       you to support us with this decision.

4.     Supplies:

       Herewith the list of everything to be sent to school as soon as possible:
     Babies:      own bedding (to be taken home once a week to wash)
     Eileen       2 dark face cloths
                  1 soap
                  jar fissan paste
                  1 box of tissues (200)
                  packet wet wipes

     2 years:     2 facecloths
     Hanlie       ball
                  Jar fissan paste
                  1 box of tissues (200)
                  small thin blanket
                  packet wet wipes
                  500 pages copy paper

     3-4 years:   2 facecloths
     Lara ball
                  colouring book
                  scissor (left hand if the child is left handed)
                  (take note that a scissor with one big hole and one small hole works
                  the best!)
                  8 or 12 thick crayons
                  1 box of tissues    (200)
                  small thin blanket
                  small bottle ponal glue
                  500 pages copy paper


5.   Marking of possessions:

     We have an urgent request to mark all the clothes, shoes and underwear. A lot of
     children have the same clothes and get mixed up. Please make sure that all the
     Woelies shirts are marked!!!

6.   Fees:

     Here follows an explanation of the fees for the year:
     Monthly fee:        R1150-00 full day 3-6 years (includes music)
                         R1125-00 full day babies to 2 years
                         R 900-00 half day everybody

                         R60-00 per day full day
                         R55-00 per day half day (till 14h00)

                         R2125-00 full day two children (R100 discount for second child)
                                  (1 child younger than 2yr and 1 child older than 2yr)

                         R2100-00 full day two children (R100 discount for second child)
                                  (both 2 years and younger)

                         R2150-00 full day two children older than 2 years
                                  (R100 discount for second)

                            Take note: There is no discount for children attending the
                             school only few days per week.

                    The fees are payable before the 3rd of every month.

     The fee for December is R650-00.

7.   Crèche hours:

     I bring it urgently under your attention that the hours of the school are as follows:

                                           07h00 tot 17h30

     There is only supervision from 6h45 for the parents who made arrangements. If
     your toddler is fetched later than 17h35, there will be a fine payable. I depend on
     your co-operation in this regard.

     Fines for picking up children late:

     A fine of R30 for every 15 minutes or a part of it for children picked up late, will
     be charged and is payable in cash. If you are only 10 minutes late, the fine will still
     be R30 and is immediately payable in cash.

     There is a book wherein records will be held.
8.    T-shirts:

      We have a school shirt with our logo on which is worn every Friday and on
      excursions and visits to the school. All the children from Hanlie’s class must have a
      shirt. The shirt is lime colour but some of the girls asked for a pink shirt.
      Unfortunately I can only find light pink – please indicate if you are interested in
      this. Please complete the slip below to order the t-shirt.

9.    Tuck shop:

      As from February, there will be a tuck shop every Friday when your child will get
      something to eat. The cost is R200-00 for 10 months or R100-00 for 5 months and
      is payable at the class teacher.


10.   Personal information:

      Find attached a form to be completed and return it to school as soon as possible.
      We want to update our information and there are new rules and regulations.

11.   My school cards:

      There is a “my school card” available which you can use at some shops and then
      they give a certain percentage of what you spend to the school. There are no
      costs!! You only present the card when buying, even if you buy on account. (Some
      of the shops are Woolworths and Mugg and Bean). Thank you to those parents
      who remembers to use their “My school” cards.

      Please complete the form to receive your card.

12.   Advice for healthier children:

      There are parents who gave us the advice how to keep children in a crèche
      healthier. They believe in CRECHE GUARD. It is syrup which you can get at a
      chemist. The parents say that if you start giving it now, it will them for the winter
      ahead. Please try this so that we can see the results for a healthier crèche.

13.   Activities:

      The following activities are available at school during school terms:

      Monkeynastix       R300 per term       (1-6 years)
      Playball           R220 per term       (2-6 years)

      Swim               R185 per month      (3-6 years)
                   Or    R555 per term

      Golf               R330 per month      (3-6 years)

      Computers          R130 per month      (3-6 years)
                   Or    R340 per term

      Ballet             R90 per month       (4-6 years)

      Cricket            R110 per month
                         R275 per term       (4-6 years)

      Sport Kick Start   R110 per month      (4-6 years)
                  Or     R275 per term

      Pottery            R330 per term       (3-6 years)

      English classes    R100 per month      (3-6 years)

      Rugby              R120 per month      (3-6 years)
                   Or    R300 per term

      There is a new activity – modern dancing. We are first going to see if there is
      enough interest before we will start this activity here. Please indicate if you are

                   All application forms are available in the office.

14.   Long weekend:

      I urgently want to bring it to your attention that the school will be closed on
                                 Monday, 15 June 2009
                              Friday, 25 September 2009
15.   Personnel:

      We want to welcome Ysanne Jackson at the 4-year class in the morning and
      Lara van Heerden at the English class in the morning. We also welcome Lize Fourie
      at the babies in the afternoon. The children are already deep in their hearts.
      Please let them feel welcome like just our Woelies parents can do.

16.   Personnel birthdays:

         January: 18     Christina (babies)
                         27    Eileen (babies)
                         30    Maggie (3-years)

         February:       25    Solomon

         March:          13    Sonja

         April:          13    Hanlie (1-2 years)

         May:            9     Cynthia (babies)
                         11    Ysanne (4-years)
                         15    Naomi (5-6 years)
                         21    Margaret (3-years)

         June             23   Christina (1-2 years)

         Augustus         26   Lize    (baies – afternoon)

         September       20    Anna (kitchen)
                         23    Lara (English class)

I want to invite you to come and talk to me if there are any problems. We do not only
strive to have happy children – we want happy parents too. Together we can build a
better school.

Woelies Greetings
Sonja du Preez
January 2009
                   THEMES FOR THE FIRST TERM

14 - 16 January           MY SCHOOL

19 - 23 January             MY BODY

26 - 30 January             SENSES

 2 - 6 February       GOOD HABITS /HEALTH

9 - 13 February       COLOURS AND SHAPES

16 - 20 February          THE DENTIST

23 - 27 February    FRUITS AND CITRUS FRUITS

  2 - 6 March              POULTRY

 9 - 13 March              FAMILIES

 16 - 20 March              SPORTS

 23 - 27 March            THE SIRCUS
                                      T-shirt orders

                             Please complete and return on or before
                                  Monday, 2 February 2009.

I, __________________ parent of ___________________ in

____________________ class hereby order ______ (quantity) shirts.

                   Sizes :        2-3    _____
                                  3-4    _____
                                  4-5    _____
                                  5-6    _____

Colour:     Lime green _____             Pink _____

Amount included: R_____ (R65 per t-shirt)

_______________________                                _________________
PARENT SIGNATURE                                       DATE

                                     Modern dancing

I, _____________________ parent of ___________________ in

____________________ class am interested in the classes.

Fees: R300 per term               Registration: R100

_______________________                                _________________
 PARENT SIGNATURE                                      DATE

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