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                         Sign Language Education & Development
                                 A Non-Profit Organisation Registration Number: 015-801
                                               Vat. Reg. No. 4470199706

                       Re: South African Sign Language Course Stage One
We are delighted to inform you that we will be starting our weekly Stage One Sign Language
Course on the 21st July 2009 for the Tuesday evening class or the 25th July 2009 for the
Saturday morning class. Please could you let us know if you are interested in joining the class
as soon as possible? SLED is an ETDP accredited training organisation. For more information
please phone or fax us on (021) 448 2520 or email us at nodumo@sled.org.za.

           Information on the weekly two-hour SASL Stage 1 classes at SLED’s office at
                           66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
The weekly lessons will run over 21 weeks. Each lesson is formally structured with South
African Sign Language DVDs, games and activities used to make learning easy and enjoyable.
The lessons are taught by a choice selection of experienced Deaf teachers. Students are
expected to complete assignments during the week. These Self Study Assignments will take
approximately 2 hours to complete and are a vital and integral part of the course. There are
feedback sessions, two formative assessments and one summative assessment. Students are
given a 140 page manual and 2 South African Sign Language DVDs to support their learning.
Secure parking is available.
The course is taught through receptive, productive and interactive lessons. The course is built
around two SAQA Unit Standards at Level 4
 115074 – Engage in short conversations with a Deaf person on a familiar topic using SASL
   (6 credits)
 115079 – Perform everyday communicative tasks using South African Sign Language (4
Lesson topics include first meetings, understanding and using classifiers, non-manual features,
location, description, SASL sentences, SASL questions and the use of time in SASL.
Total SASL Course Stage 1 Investment – R1, 995.
Tuesday from 5.30pm – 7.45pm
Saturdays from 10.00 am – 12.15 pm

To allow us to register you for our course, please complete the attached form.
Once you receive your invoice please pay your non-refundable deposit of R995.
This will secure your place on the course. The rest of the course fee of R1, 000
must be paid at or before your first lesson.
   You will receive a discount of 10% if you pay the full amount a month or more before the course starts.
   Full time students with a current student card or letter from the school will receive a discount of 10%.
   We are offering a special discount for family members and students. If you come with one family member we
    will give you a discount of 10% for yourself and each family member.
   Please note you may only qualify for ONE of the above discounts.


Kindest regards

Nodumo Same (Course Coordinator)
SLED’s SASL Course Stage One
First name:                                       SLED # S L 1
Surname:                                          Date form received
                                ID number:
Telephone (w)                         Telephone (h)
Cell number                           Fax number
Email                                        Other contact
        Physical address                                 Postal address

Occupation:                                 Student #
 How did you hear about                      Studying
         SLED?                                where?

Why do you want to learn South African Sign Language?

      Which classes would you prefer to attend? Please indicate clearly.
                          Tuesday 5.30 pm to 7.45 pm
                         Saturday 10.00 am to 12.15 am
   Have you studied SASL before? If yes, with which organisation, what was the
  duration of the course and what were your final results? Please attach certified
                            copies of your certificates.

Do you qualify for a discount?      Yes    No
If yes, please provide supporting evidence.
Please provide full details of the person/company responsible for payment –


Contact details:
Company VAT registration number:
For Office Use:
B                   W                 I               C                    O
Full information entered on Learner Database     Y / N Signed:
Full information added to register               Y / N Signed:
Please enter record of sent and received emails, sms calls, phone calls, face to face meetings
etc on the back of this form, dated & signed.
                       Cape Town SASL classes 2009
Lessons            Dates and Times for Tuesday Stage One Classes
    1     21st      July     Tuesday
    2     28th      July     Tuesday
    3      4th    August     Tuesday
    4     11th    August     Tuesday
    5     18th    August     Tuesday
    6     25th    August     Tuesday
    7      1st   September Tuesday            Formative Assessment
    8      8th   September Tuesday                  Feedback
    9     15th   September Tuesday
   10     22nd   September Tuesday
                                             Please note: This class is during the school
  11      29th   September    Tuesday                         holidays.
  12       6th    October     Tuesday
  13      13th    October     Tuesday
  14      20th    October     Tuesday
  15      27th    October     Tuesday               Formative Assessment
  16      3rd    November     Tuesday                    Feedback
  17      10th   November     Tuesday
  18      17th   November     Tuesday
  19      24th   November     Tuesday
  20       1st   December     Tuesday
  21       8th   December     Tuesday               Summative Assessment
Lessons           Dates and Lessons for Saturday Stage One Classes
            th              Saturday
   1      25        July
   2       1st    August    Saturday
   3      15th    August    Saturday
   4      22nd    August    Saturday
   5      29th    August    Saturday
   6       5th   September Saturday
                 September                        Formative Assessment
                            Saturday    This lesson starts at 9 am and should finish
 7&8      12th                                  between 12.00 pm and 12.30 pm
  9       19th   September    Saturday                       Feedback
                 September    Saturday       Please note: This class is during the school
  10      26th                                                holidays.
                              Saturday       Please note: This class is during the school
  11      3rd     October                                     holidays.
  12      10th                Saturday
  13      17th    October     Saturday
  14      24th    October     Saturday
                  October     Saturday               Formative Assessment
                                           This lesson starts at 9 am and should finish
15 & 16   31st                                   between 12.30 pm and 1.00 pm
  17       7th   November     Saturday                       Feedback
  18      14th   November     Saturday
  19      21st   November     Saturday
  20      28th   November     Saturday
  21       5th   December     Saturday              Summative Assessment
Directions of how to get to SLED office Cape Town

From the N1
  1. Take Lower Church Street, Woodstock off ramp
  2. At Albert Road robots/traffic lights turn right into Albert Road
  3. Pass the stone church, then immediately after the pedestrian crossing on the left hand
     side there is a building called Woodstock Industrial Centre 66 Albert Road
  4. Drive into the building where there is secure parking right at the back. We are in the back
     block on the fourth floor

From the N2 or M3
  1. Take Roodebloom Road, Woodstock off-ramp towards Woodstock.
  2. Go under the motorway and turn left into Roodebloom Rd, and then at the traffic
     lights/robots on Victoria Road turn left.
  3. After Victoria Food Centre on the right turn right into Plein Street.
  4. At the T-junction on Albert Road turn left.
  5. Go through the robots/traffic lights.
  6. Pass the stone church then immediately after the pedestrian crossing on the left hand
     side there is a building called Woodstock Industrial Centre 66 Albert Road.
  7. Drive into the building where there is secure parking right at the back. We are in the back
     block on the fourth floor.

Office number: 021 448 2520 phone and fax

SLED’s (Nodumo’s) cell: 076 341 5943 SMS only

Kirsty’s cell: 082 955 6910
Cara’s cell: 082 375 3075

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