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									                                      CTFL SETA NEWS
                                               DECEMBER 2005

ATTENTION:               Managing Director / Training Manager / Skills Development Facilitator /
                         Senior Shop Steward / Skills Development Committee

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Conditions pertaining to all CTFL SETA Discretionary Grant Applications

All applications are subject to the policies and procedures as determined by the CTFL SETA Council.
All applications are subject to approval by Council or EXCO.
The CTFL SETA reserves the right to allocate grants proportionately to ensure a fair distribution of grants.

The following categories of discretionary grant funding are available:

                                          ABET Bursaries (ABET Level 4)

              1360 ABET bursaries are available @ R3000 per bursary (including VAT) for ABET Level 4 initiatives
              through accredited / approved training providers. The bursaries are only for ABET Level 4
              programmes that commenced/will commence during the period April 2005 – March 2006.

              Who can apply?

Companies employing more than 50 employees, who are registered with the CTFL SETA and up to date with their
skills development levy payments.

How to apply?

Standard applications forms can be obtain from Elmine at the CTFL SETA Head Office (see KZN contact details
below or e-mail elmine@ctflseta.org.za.)

Companies must submit proof of registration with the relevant training provider before payments can be effected.

Companies must sign an MOU with the CTFL SETA that will regulate the management of the bursaries. Closing
date for applications: 30 January 2006

                                       NEW VENTURE CREATION GRANTS

20 New Venture Creation Grants are available @ R5 000 per grant (including VAT). These grants are aimed at the
development of entrepreneurial skills and the establishment of new business ventures in the CTFL SETA sector.
The grants are for programmes/learnerships relating to the establishment/management of new business ventures
presented by accredited institutions.

Who can apply?

Youth / Unemployed or retrenched people in the sector that are establishing new business ventures in the CTFL
sector can apply. Applicants must use an accredited training provider. Successful applicants must submit proof of
registration with the relevant provider before payments will be effected.

How to apply?

Standard application forms can be obtained from Elmine at the CTFL SETA Head Office (see KZN contact details
below or e-mail elmine@ctflseta.org.za. Closing date for applications: 30 January 2006
Update on Learnership Implementation Grants

The CTFL SETA had a limited number of learnership grants available for the 2005/6 financial year for 18.1
(employed) and 18.2 (unemployed) learnerships for companies employing more than 50 employees. These grants
have been allocated in full and therefore no further allocations will be made during this year. Applications that were
received during the year that have not yet been allocated, will be considered once additional funding becomes
available or will be carried over to the next financial year.

At the Council meeting held in August 2005, it was decided that, with effect from 1 April 2006, learnership grants will
not be paid upfront but in three payment tranches: 40% upon registration, 40% upon completion of 50% of the
credits and the remaining 20% on successful completion of the learnership. This will also be applicable to other
grant types such as ABET Bursaries and Management Bursaries.

Council further decided that all grant applications for the 2006/7 financial year, must be submitted by 31 May 2006
after which Council will allocate the available grants for that financial year.

Companies are reminded that they are only allowed to apply for learnership & apprentice grants from SETA
discretionary funding to a maximum a 10% of their workforce, once off i.e. a company employing 100 people will
qualify for a maximum of 10 grants from SETA Discretionary Funding, once only.

REMINDER: Companies who have received learnership grants, will be required to replace learners that dropped out
of the programme at their own cost or refund the grant to the CTFL SETA on a pro rata basis.


Companies employing 50 employees and less are encouraged to apply for the available grants as advertised in the
CTFL SETA Newsletter (November 2005) and the Sunday Times of 30 October 2005. The closing date for
applications is 30 January 2006. Kindly contact Elmine at the CTFL SETA Head Office should you require a copy
of the advertisement.


All going well, the SETA will make its first grant payments to companies that submitted a
Workplace Skills Plan for the year 2005/6 before 15 December 2005. Kindly note that Remittance
Advices will only be faxed out in the New Year.

Companies are further reminded that their next Workplace Skills Plan for 2006/7 as well as their Annual
Training Report for 2005/6 are due for submission on 30 June 2006. The grant regulations do not permit the
SETA to extend this deadline and companies who do not comply will regrettably forfeit their grants.


The Council at their meeting held in November 2005, reiterated that companies/training providers that have
received a copy of the ILO Assessment Instrument, are only allowed to use the instrument within companies
registered with the CTFL SETA and that the Instrument should not be used for financial gain. All materials
developed as a result of the ILO project is under copyright to the CTFL SETA and the ILO.


Private colleges offering Further Education and Training (FET) programmes are required to register with the DoE.
Workplace Training Providers offering learnerships leading to National Qualifications at NQF levels 2 to 4 and
accredited with the CTFL SETA fall within the definition of private colleges in terms of the FET Act and are thus
required to register with the DoE.

For more information about the process of registering private FET Colleges, the DoE can be contacted on (012) 323
8817 or email: RegistrarFET@doe.gov.za. The application forms can be accessed on the DoE website:
www.education.gov.za/FETregistration. The closing date for applications for registration with the DoE is 30 May
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The CTFL SETA Council and staff wish you all a peaceful and restful festive season. The CTFL SETA offices are
closing on 15 December 2005 and will reopen on 9 January 2006.

                                           Please update your details!

We want to update our Information Database! Kindly supply us with the following details, by no later than 30
January 2006:

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        Skills Development Levy Number : L __________________________________________________
        Designated Contact Person: ________________________________________________________
        E-mail address: __________________________________________________________________
        Tel area code: _______________________ Tel number: _________________________________
        Fax area code: ______________________ Fax number: _________________________________
        Postal address: __________________________________________________________________
        Core Business: __________________________________________________________________
        Workforce size: _______________________________________(as at end December 2005)
        Sector:         ________________________________________

        Kindly return to: Vishern Debiky                  PO Box 935, Pinetown, 3600
        Fax: (031) 7024113                                E-mail: vishern@ctflseta.org.za

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