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                                                      YEAR PLAN – 2009
  TERM 1
Duration    Activity             Objective            Indicator            Resources

14/01/09    School re-opens      Update media         Updated database     Libwin Library
14/01/09    Registrations of     centre names on                           System
            new learners on      database
            library system
14/01/09    SBST meeting         Find out a list of   List compiled        Progression schedule
                                 learners who                              SBST file
                                 needed support
                                 in the last year
                                 Discuss the          Kids identified      Minute book
                                 importance of
                                 learners with
                                 learning barriers

14-23/01    Identify learners    Diagnose the         Diagnosed problem    450 forms
            with learning        problem
            barriers             Fill in the 450
            Inform parents       forms
            about their kids
            learning dev.

14/01/09    Meeting briefing     To discuss with
–31/01/09                        parents in F.P. on
                                 learner safety to
                                 &from school

19/01/09    Athletics House      To fine tune         Successful hosting   Staff members shot
            training commences   house teams for      of inter-house       put, field,
                                inter-house        athletics meeting   batons, pupils,
                                athletics                              mattresses
15/01/09    Environmental       Establish the      Club formed         Minute book
            committee meeting   environmental
                                club to start
                                Identify key
                                to be addressed

19/01/09    Staff briefing on   To inform staff    Efficient           Stationery ,
            field events        members on         officiation on a    facilitators,tape
            officiation         their duties on    successful          measures boardroom
                                interhouse field   interhouse field
                                events meeting     events meeting
                                and hand out

I9/01/09    Purchase & sowing   Social                                 Money
            of seedlings        responsibility                         Garden equipments

20/01/09    Theatre show        Supplement                             visitors

19/01/09    LTSM distribution – Distribution of                        Loan form textbooks
-23/01/09   loan forms signed by textbooks                             Field,mattresses ,pit
            parents and text     election                              pupils, officials,tape
            books issued Gr.1-7 committee                              measures

19/01/09    HIV&AIDS comm.      Identify &         Care & support      phone
            Meeting             understand the     provided to
                                needs of           identified ones
                                learners &
                                educators living
                                with HIV
21/01/09    Interhouse field      To identify top     Successful hosting    Pupils, teachers , sta
            events meeting        athletes for        of event and          room
                                  schools field       availability of
                                  events team         school field events

21/01/09    Cultural committee    Purchase of         Outfits bought
            meeting               cultural attires
                                  games practice
                                  Cultural practice

22/01/09    Staff briefing on     To inform staff     Efficient             Posters &rules
            field events          on their duties     officiation on the
            officiation           of the              day
                                  track event
22/01/09    Finalization of       for circulation     Updated bases         Libwin library system
            media centre          purposes

22/01/09    Library orientation   Educate learners    Books will be
-13/02/09                         about rules         returned on time &
                                  &regulations of     rules will be
                                  media centre        followed

23/01/09    Interhouse track      To identify top     Successful hosting    Field, whistles, pupil
            events competition    athletes for the    and availability of   staff members
                                  school track        school team

23/01/09    Returning borrowed    To achieve 100%     100% retrieval is     Distribution records
            library books         retrieval rate      achieved
26/01/09    Athletics training   Fine tune          Training              Observation book
            begins               athletes for       programme & time
                                 cluster meeting    table

26-27/01    Discuss learner      Collect evidence   Sufficient            Field &athletics
            problems with the    Get ideas from     information           equipment, pupils
            Grade Heads(SBST)    colleagues         gathered

27/01/09    Halfway House PS     Assist staff       Successful hosting    Field, pupils,& field
            Field events         members on how of cluster                equipment
            meeting              to officiate field athletics meeting

27/01/09    Selection of media   Keep order in     Organise book          Badges
- 30/1/09   centre prefects      media centre and shelves &restore
                                 perform other     order
30/01/09    Learner Portfolios   Evidence of                              Flip files
                                 formal activities

1/02/09     Policy amendment     To re-visit        An all                School policy docume
                                 schools safety     encompassing
                                  Policy – deal     policy
                                 with issues
                                 raised by WSE

05/02/09    Submit 450 forms     Check forms        Forms filled in       Notices book for the
            to the Coordinator                      properly              Intersen educators

06/02/09    Cluster schools      Identify and       Successful hosting    Halfway house prima
            athletics meeting    select top         of the availability   school ground
                                 athletes for the   of a cluster team
                                 cluster team
09/02/09    Chess & ball games   Identify players   Assembled teams       Midrand primary sch
            training commences   for teams in       for different         ground, equipment,
                                 chess, soccer ,    sporting codes        pupils
09/02/09    SBST meeting          Feedback on 450                         Minute book

10/02/09-   Committee meeting     Set up school     Submission of         District IQMS
6/03/09                           IQMS              school IQMS plan      nagement plan 2009
                                  management plan   to GDE
                                  for 2009

09-15/02    Referral to SBST      Implement the     Improvement           Worksheets
                                  intervention      effected              Referral forms

11/02/09    Media centre          Implementation    Minutes of
            committee meeting     of new media      meeting typed and
                                  centre            distributed to
                                  resolutions       members

11/02/09    Cluster team          Fine tune         Availability of a     Halfway house groun
            training              athletes for      competitive team      equipment, pupils
                                  district finals

13/02/09    Cluster team          Fine tune         availability of a     Halfway house prima
            training              athletes for      competitive team      grounds, equipment
                                  district finals

16/02/09    Training of newly     Training of newly Completion of         IQMS collective
            appointed educators   appointed         IQMS training         agreement of 2006
            on IQMS processes     educators on                            document
            & procedures          IQMS processes
                                  & procedures

23-27/01    SBST interventions    Refer kids to     Kids assisted         Phone, forms

17/02/09    Cluster team          To finalise our   List of athletes to   Halfway house prima
            training              prep. With the    compete               grounds , equip. pupi
19/02/09   District athletics     Identify and       Successful hosting    JHB Stadium, pupils
           meeting (primary      select top          and availability of
           schools)              athletes for        team

20 -24     Identification of     To set up DSG`s     Composite DSG         Blank DSG forms
/02/09     DSG`s for all         for all educators   list – verified by
           educators             - 2009              SDT –filed in
                                                     IQMS file

23/02/09   Work reports Gr.1     Control of work     Book control          Assessment form
-          LSEN

25/02/09   Baseline assessment   Conduct baseline    Composite scoring     Lesson observation
-          of newly appointed    assessment for      sheet of baseline     instrument (LOI) fr
27/02/09   educators             newly appointed     assessment to be      collective agreement
                                 educators           signed by educator    2006 and summative
                                                     , DSG, Principal –    scoring sheets
                                                     filed in IQMS file
                                                     and educator

1/03/09    Drafting of policy  Draw up school        Healthy food –        School policy docume
31/03/09                       vending policy        healthy learners      on health
                               for vendors
           Drawing up of PGP   Set up projected      All PGPS to be        Blank personal growt
3-         for all educators   plan of personal      filed in IQMS file    plan sheets
6/03/09    from summative      development           as well as
           scores for 2008     programme             educator`s
           educators &baseline based on areas        personal file
           assessment of newly that need
           appointed educators development

02/03/09   Work reports – Gr.2   Control of work     Book control          Assessment Form
09/03/09    Work reports Gr.3      Control of work   Book control         Assessment form
-12/03/09   Rough mark             Assessment        Complete             Rough mark schedule
            schedules                                Schedules

12/03/09    Stats to GDE           Statistics        Complete stats       Assessment stat for
13/03/09-   Circulation of         Promote culture   Learners know how    Books & other learni
20/03/09    library books &        of reading &      to read & write      material
            other material start   learning to
            for first term         learners
16/03/09    Update support         Support forms     Gr. Heads check      Support forms
            forms                  for learners

16/03/09-   Moderation – Term1     Monitoring                             Flip files
20/03/09    Learner Profiles       activities
            verification           (quality
17/03/09    LTSM Retrieval         Stock control     Text book            LTSM retrieval & st
                                                     collection           form

18/03/09    LTSM retrieval &       Stock control     Collecting ,       Retrieval form
            quarterly report to                      counting &checking
            GDE                                      books
            Reports to office

19/03/09    Moderation             Principal`s                            Report cards
            ofTerm1 . Formal       signature
            assessment & marks

23/03/09    Submit SBST            Update the        Submitted report     transport
            quarterly report       district

23/03/09    Reports to go out       Monitoring       Submission           Formal assessment &
-5/03/09                           activities                             mark sheets

27/03/09    Sign outstanding       Update info.      Forms signed (all)   forms
            450 forms
27/03/09                           Parent Perusal    Issuing of reports   Reports , envelopes

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