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1.   The purpose of this document is to clarify the management model for the above
     campus. However this must not be seen as the final word on the matter, the
     model will be adjusted if and when it becomes necessary.

2.   Points of departure

     (a)    A dual reporting system will form the basis of the management and
            coordination of the Vista Campus.

     (b)    The management system should provide for on-site control of the day-to-
            day operations of the Vista Campus.

     (c)    Management and administration must be organised so as to enhance the
            sense of belonging to a single integrated institution.

     (d)    Vista Campus should be managed in terms of specified powers delegated
            by Council with accompanying responsibilities.

     (e)    Coordinators on Vista Campus should be sufficiently empowered to
            function with confidence and efficiency within the rules, guidelines, policies
            and procedures of the University of the Free State.

     (f)    Managers and coordinators should then be held responsible and
            accountable in their specified areas of jurisdiction and according to the
            issues at hand.

     (g)    UFS administrative policies and procedures as well as delegated powers
            and responsibilities must be clearly spelt out.   All such rules, guidelines,
            policies and procedures should be communicated with Vista Campus staff
            (in English), and where such do not exist, operational guidelines should be
            drawn up by line managers and communicated to Vista officials.

     (h)    Line management and coordinating functions and responsibilities are to be
            clearly specified between equivalent sections or departments on the UFS
            Main Campus and the Vista Campus.

     (i)    Administrative policies, procedures and systems must be aligned between
            the UFS Main Campus and the Vista Campus.

     (j)    Management control and level of approval rest with the official one level
            higher than the staff member concerned.

     (k)    The experience of the Vista Campus of being a satellite campus in a
            multicampus institution should be acknowledged and built on for the future
            effective functioning of the Campus. This means that the Main Campus
            should also learn from this experience.

3.   Dual Reporting System

     The dual reporting system implies that Vista staff will report to the relevant line
     managers at the Main Campus as their primary line of reporting as well as the
     coordinators and Campus Head/Principal at the Vista Campus on certain campus
     specific issues.

     The broad distinction is that the coordinators of the Vista Campus will report to
     the Main Campus line managers in all aspects, such as indicated in the next

     paragraph, except for those that are specifically delegated and operational and
     disciplinary matters that are campus specific.

     It is the responsibility of the Campus Head/Principal and the coordinators on the
     Vista Campus to see to the day-to-day smooth running of the Campus, whether
     all personnel have reported for duty, whether lectures are taking place, whether
     students grievances are attended too, etc.

     Continuous and reciprocal communication between staff and managers on the
     Main Campus and between Vista and Main Campus staff regarding the
     operational implications of decisions or directives from line managers on Main
     Campus is crucial for the effective functioning of the management structure.
     The effectiveness of management on the Campus hinges on successful
     communication of all decisions and assignments.

4.   The Campus Head/Principal

     Prof Talvin Schultz has been seconded on a full-time basis to the Main Campus
     of Vista in Pretoria for the first 6 months of 2004. However, he has also been
     granted leave to be available to the University of the Free State in order to assist
     with the repositioning of the Vista Campus and to perform the functions of
     Campus Head/Principal, when available.

     It has therefore been agreed with Prof Schultz that, for the time of his
     secondment, his main focus will be on the strategic repositioning of the Vista
     Campus and that he will therefore not be involved in the day-to-day operational
     management, except when requested by the Rector. This of course does not
     mean that his advice may not be sought in all matters pertaining to the Vista
     Campus. It does mean, however, that the designated coordinators will have
     the responsibility of helping to “manage” the campus in the context of the
     dual reporting system during his absence. This system implies that when
     Prof Schultz is not on campus there is no acting Campus Head/Principal.

The following table sets out the reporting structure.
                     1. Some of the Vista staff members may have responsibilities
                        falling under more than one line manager at the Main Campus.
                        In such instances staff carry on with their present duties and
                        liaise with the relevant line manager on the Main Campus.
                     2. The Vista organogram has been used as a point of departure
                        for this proposed management structure.

             FUNCTIONS                                  REPORT TO
                                         Main Campus        Vista Campus

Campus Head/Principal                    Rector & Vice-
Prof TG Schultz                          Prof FCvN Fourie   N/A


         VISTA COORDINATOR                              REPORT TO
                                         Main Campus        Vista Campus

Faculty of Humanities                    Dean               *Campus Head/
Dr EJ Mohatlane                          Prof GW de Klerk   *Prof TG Schultz
Faculty of Economic and                  Dean               *Campus
Management Sciences                                         Head/Principal
Mr AC Neethling                          Prof MJ Crous      *Prof TG Schultz

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural     Dean                 *Campus
Sciences                                                     Head/Principal
Prof TM Acho                            Prof HD van          *Prof TG Schultz

Faculty of Law                          Dean                 *Campus
Prof J Baloro                           Prof JJ Henning      *Prof TG Schultz
School of Education                       Head School of     *Campus
                                            Education        Head/Principal
Dr SP van Tonder                         Prof GS Niemann     *Prof TG Schultz

Please note that according to the dual reporting system the academic staff report to the
Head of Department on the Main Campus.


CAMPUS REGISTRAR/SUPPORT      Registrar Student    *Campus
SERVICES COORDINATOR          Academic             Head/Principal
Mr MT Sekoto                  Mr VF Collett/Prof   *Prof TG Schultz
                              DA Viljoen
   Policy implementation
   Administrative records
   Student records
   Service contracts
   Student enquires
   Examinations
   Registrations & Records

Mr W Gordon
Mr PJ Modiko
Miss LR Mohatlane
Mrs VVA Seape
Mrs SP Tau
Mr LJ Thebe
Miss ME Wesi

FINANCE                               Director Financial   *Campus
                                      Administration       Head/Principal
                                                           *Prof TG Schultz
Mrs L Potgieter                       Mr CR Liebenberg     Support Services
                                                           Mr MT Sekoto

   Financial policy implementation
   Financial records
   Asset management

CAMPUS LIBRARIAN                      Registrar:           *Campus
                                      Information and      Head/Principal
                                      Technology           *Prof TG Schultz
Mr A Arko-Cobbah                      Director Library     Support Services
                                      Mr CR Namponya       Coordinator
                                                           Mr MT Sekoto

   Books
   Periodicals
   Service

PUBLIC RELATIONS                Head: Marketing   *Campus
                                                  *Prof TG Schultz
Ms TBJ Nxumalo                  Dr I van Rooyen   Support Services
                                                  Mr MT Sekoto

   Projecting positive image
   Liaison & promotion
   Function organizer

HUMAN RESOURCES                 Director Human    *Campus
                                Resources         Head/Principal
                                                  *Prof TG Schultz
Miss BB Lupindo                 Mr LS Geyer       Support Services
                                                  Mr MT Sekoto

   Staff recruitment
   Process staff benefits
   Represent in disputes

STUDENT SUPPORT         Acting Dean          *Campus
                        Student Services     Head/Principal
                                             *Prof TG Schultz

Mrs A Prins             Dr N Luyt            Support Services
Mr P C Mokoena.
                                             Mr MT Sekoto
   Counselling
   Academic skills
   Sports & Culture
   Admin Officers

FIN AID                 Registrar: Student   Assistant
                        Academic             Registrar:
                        Services             Finance
Miss CA Mallett         Mr VF Collett        Mrs L Potgieter
   Bursaries
   Loans

ASSET CONTROL           Director Financial   Assistant
                        Administration       Registrar:
Mr MG Mboyana           Mr CR Liebenberg     Mrs L Potgieter
   Distribution
   Inventory Control
   Arena

MAIL                  Assistant Director:   Assistant
                      Logistic Services     Registrar:
Mr A Foster           Mr PC Ryan            Mrs L Potgieter
   Mail
   Courier

P’COPYING             Director: Financial   Assistant
                      Administration        Registrar:
Mrs PP Thebe          Mr CR Liebenberg      Mrs L Potgieter
   Printing
   Facsimiles

Switchboard and fax   Assistant Director:   Support Service
                      Logistic Services     Coordinator
Mrs ME Mohai          Mr PC Ryan            Mr MT Sekoto
Mrs L Preite

IT Network            Director:             Support Service
                      Computer              Coordinator
                      Services              Mr MT Sekoto
Mr HJ Stadler         Mr ET Altona

ASSET CONTROL                     Director: Financial   Assistant
                                  Administration        Registrar:
Mr GP Selebano                    Mr CR Liebenberg      Mrs L Potgieter

ACAD ADMIN                        Registrar: Student    Support Service
                                  Academic              Coordinator
Various                           Mr VF Collett         Mr MT Sekoto

TECH SERV                         Manager Physical      Support Service
                                  Resources             Coordinator
Mrs JM Combrinck                  Mrs MC Deysel         Mr MT Sekoto
   Maintenance
   Car fleet
   Structural improvements
   Gardens

SECURITY                          Manager Security      Support Service
Contracted out                    Mr WJ Frankim         Mr MT Sekoto
   Secure precincts & property
   Protect persons

5.    Committee representation

In view of the envisaged review of the committee structures at Main Campus, a final

decision will be taken when this process is concluded.

Until then Vista staff members will be represented in the following committees:
    Senate: all full professors as specified in the Senate’s Constitution
    Institutional Forum: matter will be taken up with the chairperson
    Executive Management: Campus Head/Principal or his representative,
    Faculty Boards: All qualifying members of academic departments, as determined
     by each UFS faculty’s rules,

6.    Allocation of operational budget

      Budgets have been allocated to the Managers on the Main Campus for the
      operational expenses of the Vista Campus. Line managers at UFS, and their
      relevant colleagues at Vista Campus must see that procedures are in place to
      ensure the smooth running of the campus.

      It is suggested that the sanctioning of operational expenditure should be
      delegated to the relevant Vista staff member, but that the capital expenditure be
      controlled by the line manager at the Main Campus. What constitutes capital and
      operational expenditure will differ from department to department but it is
      extremely important that every line manager ensures that there is no
      unnecessary confusion on this matter.

7.   Leave of absence

     Leave of absence for Vista staff must be recommended by the Campus
     Head/Principal or the relevant coordinator when the Campus Head/Principal is
     not available and approved by the line manager at the Main Campus.

8.   Courier Service

     A daily courier service will be operational between the Main Campus and the
     Vista Campus.


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