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1.     The Analytical Technique for Provisioning (Chapter 5 of                          
       the LOGIS I, and Treasury Regulation 10.1.1(b))(Chapter 6)

1.1    Are the lead times (delivery periods) maintained with the
       change of supplier on the item records? (LSLG) (LSRM)

2.     Maintenance of Item Records                                                      

2.1    At the end of the financial year all the outstanding transactions
       should be closed and cleared on the system. Indicate whether
       the designated official used the following reports and
       selections to check outstanding transactions to close the open
       transactions for the relevant financial year.

2.2    RM003 – Requisitions older than X months

2.3    RR022 – Transaction history report

2.4    RW013 – Outstanding PA’s PA’s Not yet approved

2.5    RR008 – Status of PA’s

2.6    ENAS & RCDY

2.7    RQ011- consolidated stock discrepancies

2.8    After the permanent reclassification run, the stock for the
       newly classified C-items must be removed from the
       warehouse and redistributed in accordance with the policy on
       redundant stock.

2.9    To ensure uniformity and ease of application every store
       should have a detailed catalogue of all A, B and D items that
       are held in stock. An internal store control list for the specific
       financial year or Report RR002 must be used. (Note: C-items
       will also be displayed in this report). This catalogue must be
       updated annually.

2.10   The bin numbers must be maintained on the system at the end
       of the financial year to ensure that only valid bin numbers will
       be used in the warehouse. Use ENBN to enquire on which
       item(s); bin(s) were allocated.

2.11   The closed off tally cards, VA11A must be filed in the bin
       number sequence in a fireproof cabinet.

3.    Requisition for Stores and Services                                        

3.1   Is the contract administration maintained on Logis (LSCT,
      LSLG) so that he relevant contract number defaults on the
      printed Procurement advice? (Logis I Chapter 6 Par. 9 3 )

3.2   Print catalogue for all items, and do spot of classifications etc.
      of at least 50 items.

3.3   Does the Head of the Institution/Office ensure that payments
      are made within 30 days from receipt of invoices and items?
      (Treasury Regulation 8.2.3) Print RR103 and verify

4.    Record Keeping                                                             

4.1    Are vouchers filed and updated in numeric order in
      accordance with the relevant financial year in a LOG 10
      Combination file? (Logis I, Chapter 6 9 par 3.2.)

4.2   Are records in respect of issued assets kept up to date?
      Selection ENIN.

4.3   Are all receipt and simultaneous receipt and issue vouchers
      immediately posted onto Logis via selection RCCP and RCRI?
      (Logis I Chapter 6 & 8 7 par 8.3 ).

5.    Asset Management                                                           

5.1   Are separate room lists drawn up for each office?

5.2   Are all mark able office furniture and equipment suitably
      marked (bar coded)? (Logis I Chapter 4 5 par 5 3.2 Logis 11
      module 6)

5.4   Do spot check to ensure that assets of other hospitals and
      clinics in complex are captured on LOGIS. (Visits to other)

6.    LOGIS/BAS Reconciliation                                                   

6.1   LOGIS reports (A3, A4, A5,A6 etc.)

6.2   BAS reports (Detail etc.)

6.3   Are journals done to rectify incorrect FORIPS? BAS forms and
      detail reports as proof.

6.4   Check for R1.00 and R0.00 assets and explain procedures to

6.5      Check asset register for non assets

7.       Payments                                                            

7.1      Are all LOGIS transactions paid via LOGIS?

7.2      Are sundry payments done to pay LOGIS transactions?

8.       Financial year end procedures                                       

8.1      Are store officials informed regarding the year end

9.       User Profiles                                                       

9.1      Are the user profiles maintained on SASP (e.g. officials
         removed that left, etc.)

10.      BAS reports                                                         

10.1     Request BAS reports to verify sundry payments – Register of

10.2     Are system controllers registered on BAS?


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